Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 103 - Nine-Profound Mountain-Cleaving Fierce-Sabre

Chapter 103 - Nine-Profound Mountain-Cleaving Fierce-Sabre

Mu Yang had once said that although Wei Guohao didnt meet Wei Tiancangs standards, he was still a peak Li Tianming couldnt overcome.

Under the scorching sun, Wei Guohaos body rippled with a golden sheen, a product of both his imposing aura and rugged muscles pulsating with beast ki. As for the overbearing and fierce Eight-Winged Goldroc, its feathers reminded viewers of sharp blades that somehow invoked an image of impervious armour at the same time.

With such an overbearing combination, Wei Guohao was indeed one of the Heavenly Septuplets.

Wei Guohaos light-gold eyes locked onto Li Tianming. By the time the stone bridge vibrated, he had already transformed into a golden flash, all his beast ki concentrated on his fist as it hurtled towards Li Tianming.

It was an advanced source-ranked battle art, Vajra Fist. Wei Guohaos seven-star lifebound beast gave him seven spiritsources, and combined with his violent eighth level Vajra Beast Ki, gave his fist enough power to shake the air as it passed. His fist was too fast and gave no chance for Li Tianming to retaliate adequately. His right hand wrapped around Jiang Feilings waist, while his left, shot up to block the fist. A sonorous collision rang out a moment later, as if both hands were made of metal.

Its broken! Wei Guohao had never expected Li Tianming to be so daring as to use his own hand to block. With this, Li Tianmings arm had to be broken. However, the only thing that evidently did was to send Li Tianming spinning through the air, with a beauty in his arms. He landed a moment later, the picture of utter stability and grace, having bled off most of the force behind that blow.

Big brother, are you okay? Jiang Feiling asked.

Im fine. But damn, it tickles! Li Tianming smiled back.

However, how could such violent power be so easily dismissed? Although the left hand itself remained unharmed, the impact had shaken Li Tianmings organs. Li Tianming had almost been embarrassed in front of a beauty.

Linger, help me. Li Tianming frowned. He expected he needed another level to be able to beat Wei Guohao. While using Spiritual Attachment to win didnt fall under Mu Yangs requirements, he didnt have a choice now that his opponent was suppressing him. Wei Guohao continued to press the attack, while his goldroc circled around Li Tianming to flank him. They were not intending to let him escape.

No problem. For Jiang Feiling, being in Spiritual Attachment was safer. A moment of carelessness might lead to her death otherwise. She was too fragile, after all. As usual, when Jiang Feiling attached herself to him, the explosive and rejuvenating sensation coursed through him again.

So strong!

A similar feeling coursed through the little chick too. However, the boost to it wasnt as large as Li Tianming. If the two were to fight, the little chick wouldnt be Li Tianmings opponent.

However, it had its infernalsource ability, and the power of Infernal Blaze was very terrifying.

Wei Guohao, I have to actually thank you! See this sweet new weapon? I got it from the Vice-Potentate only because you broke my Thunderfire Chain. Li Tianming took out his grade five weapon, the Blazing Dragon Chainblade, and flaunted it for a while. It was a qualitative upgrade over his old weapons, due to a myriad of factors. One of them, in particular, was the sharp Blazing Dragon Fang at its tip, which allowed him to pierce through opponents. With it, Li Tianming now had more options in battle, beyond his original choices of constricting and whipping the opponent. Mu Yang had once said that this weapon was actually the combination of two individual weapons attached together. In fact, the Blazing Dragon Fang could be taken off to use as a dagger. Li Tianming had used the Crimson Blood Dagger before, so his ability with the Blazing Dragon Fang was rather terrifying too.

Daggers and chains were now Li Tianmings favoured weapons.

Malevolence flickered in Wei Guohaos eyes when the chainblade appeared. He had heard Mu Yang treated Li Tianming well, but to see it in action...it left quite the sour aftertaste, to be sure.

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All these years, Wei Guohao had felt that Mu Yang hadnt showed him enough concern, even if Mu Yang said it was because of Wei Tiancangs opinion. And he definitely hadnt gifted him with any weapons!

And yet, some outsider with a horrendous reputation had been bestowed an item.

What Wei Guohao felt wasnt envy. Weapons and spirit jades were something he had never lacked.

With Wei Guohaos identity, he should have become the future successor of Heavens Sanctum, surpassing Wei Tianxiong, his father. However, as time passed, what should have been rightfully been his had gotten further and further away. Hence, the sight of the Blazing Dragon Chainblade had dredged up all the gloom that had always been in his heart. This, combined with the beating Wei Lingxuan had suffered, made his vision redden.

His emotions infected his Eight-Winged Goldroc, turning it more savage.

If I can break your weapon once, I can naturally do it a second time, Wei Guohao said coldly. He took out his own weapon, which was also a grade five beastial weapon that wasnt any inferior to Li Tianmings own.

It was a golden sabre covered in green heavenly patterns, shaped like a golden feather. It gave off a golden lustre under the sunlight, and its oppressive might could be felt even from a distance. Ordinary people twenty metres away would feel a stinging pain on their skin. Called the Cryptic Goldfeather, it was made from a combination of metal-type spirit ore as well as a metal-type spirit hazard known as cryptic unyielding energy. Cryptic unyielding energy was powerful and sharp, capable of rending flesh with ease.

Wei Guohao hefted his Cryptic Goldfeather, bubbling with killing intent.

Li Tianming, Wei Clan blood may flow through you, but youre still trash! Wei Guohao roared, killing intent soaring as he wielded his Cryptic Goldfeather.

The stone bridge shook again as he launched himself at Li Tianming, unleashing the battle art, the Nine-Profound Mountain-Cleaving Fierce-Sabre. This fierce sabre art was capable of cleaving apart a mountain, a good fit for Wei Guohao. At the same time, the goldroc above him unleashed its spiritsource ability, and a golden spherical shield enveloped Wei Guohao.

Li Tianming had investigated Wei Guohao before. Generally, he made it a habit to have a certain amount of understanding about his potential opponents.

The translucent golden shield covered Wei Guohaos entire body, and its surface looked rather like a cicadas wing. The ability was called the Golden Cicada Shield, and was refined from the Golden-Shield Cicada, a wildbeast. As a seven-star beast, the Eight-Winged Goldroc could use seven spiritsource abilities, all of which were mighty. After using the Golden Cicada Shield, the goldroc turned into a whirling golden cone and charged at Li Tianming. This was another spiritsource ability: the Golden Drill!

Wei Guohaos style of attacking was actually quite effective. A slight slip in concentration would be enough for the defender to be suppressed and killed. However, with a beauty inside him and a brother beside him, Li Tianming was feeling incredibly hot-blooded now. What else did he need in life? He wasnt walking this path alone!

Ying Huo, what do we say now?

What do we need to say? Lets get em!

Beat them up! Li Tianmings eyes burned with passion.

The little chick and him charged at the opponents that were much stronger than them.

Courting death! Wei Guohaos Nine-Profound Mountain-Cleaving Fierce-Sabre and his lifebound beasts Golden Drill both targeted Li Tianming. Theyd ignored the little chick, as it was on the small side, which made it hard to land hits on.

Ying Huo, Ill tank it. Look for an opportunity! Li Tianming knew with Ying Huos specialties, it would have more destructive power if it waited in the wings for a good chance.

Just dont die! The little chick used the Flaming Shadow Flash to make itself even harder to track. Its small size was definitely an edge.

When coordinating together, a good strategy was needed.

Li Tianming endured the frenzied assaults of the enemy, remaining calm as Wei Guohaos cryptic unyielding energy burst out. The chainblade danced, ready to block his foes onslaught, clashing loudly with the incoming sabre a moment later, the resulting sound likely to alert many other people.

The Golden Drill arrived a moment later.

Chapter end

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