Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 65 End of the Year

Chapter 65 End of the Year

Ivan didnt remember how he exited Dumbledores office, he only knows his back was full of cold sweat.

Dumbledore sucks, he may have no malice towards me but it isnt a good feeling to have no secrets.

Ivan made it his new goal to learn how to shield his mind.

The school was very lively at that time.

He didnt know who told them but all the portraits are buzzing about the Chamber and all the things that happened. When he passed a portrait he was stopped and asked by the portraits how he and Harry beat the basilisk.

Ivan ignored the portraits and went straight to the school hospital.

In the next second, he heard a bang, Dobby appeared in front of him.

Sir, Harry Potter has freed me, he gave me a sock! said the elf with a shrill sharp voice, his eyes were wide open with tears falling from them.

Congratulations, Dobby! Whispered Ivan, he saw Dobby wearing Harrys slimy smelly socks.

Mrs. Granger told me you had something to ask me, said Dobby

I want to ask you, now that you have freedom, what are you going to do? asked Ivan.

Dobby will look for work that pays. said the elf but the suddenly became a little frustrated, But this is difficult, sir! People may not be willing to pay an elf.

I actually have a job for you if you would like, I would pay you to. So would you like to?

Ivan wanted to make the Hogwarts Magic bigger and bigger but to do this he needs to use magic but it will be summer soon so he needs either a grown wizard or an intelligent magical creature to help him.

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A house elf may not be able to write articles or edit but they can be helpfully in collecting news, newspaper printing, and other aspects of the work.

When Dobby heard Ivan would pay him for his work he wept with joy. Dobby stretched his arms around Ivans waist and hugged him tightly. Ivan went from being Harry Potters great friend to as great as Harry Potter.

In this way, Dobby has become a full-time employee of the Hogwarts Magic newspaper.

Considering the amount of work, Ivan planned to give him ten galleons and weekends off but Dobby said that so much money and leisure time was a horrible thing. He bargained with Ivan and the final salary was four galleons a month and one day off.

In addition to his work for the paper, he will also take on service work like a servant. If Malfoy knew about this matter, he might faint from the anger.

After finishing up with Dobby, Ivan came to the school hospital and with the help of Madam Pomfreys sleeping potion he had a good nights sleep.

It wasnt until the next morning that he work up.

The bed where Lockhart was in was empty, Ron told him that after the school found out Lockhart was hit with a powerful memory charm he was sent straight to St Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Dumbledore had come to see them but they decided not to wake Ivan. Looking at Harrys face, Ivan knew Dumbledore must have spoken to him alone. The expression on his face could only be described as someone being brainwashed.

Ron was completely back to normal and his mood had also improved by leaps and bounds.

The three of them happily ate the lunch that Madam Pomfrey had prepared. Ron described what it had been like under Toms control and Harry gave him a detailed talk of the two battles.

When Harry had finished his story, Hermione, Colin, and Ginny came into the hospital ward.

They brought good news and bad news, the good news was Dumbledore gave the three of them two hundred points at breakfast. This meant Gryffindor won the house cup.

The bad news was the exams and the Quidditch match where canceled which made Harry and Hermione frustrated.

The few people chatted for a while and when Ivan was about to tell them about the secret treasures, he saw Rons rat. He couldnt let Peter Pettigrew know about these things.

Come tell us, Ivan! What did you do in the statue of Slytherin? said Ron.

It was something dealing with the basilisk, it wasnt a big deal, said Ivan as he looked at the mouse, he decided to keep it a secret for now.

By dinner time, Cranilis Fudge came to the school with the award and Hagrids pardon. Ivan asked if Colin could take a picture of them, he made sure to put the rat in a clear spot.

Filch took the trophy carefully to the trophy room and Ivan combined the photos with the pictures of the basilisk Colin took in the common room before writing a story about the Chamber of Secrets.

Besides the article being on the front page, it would most likely be picked up by the daily prophet.

It would be perfect if Fudge brought the paper to Azkaban for Sirius Black to look at. It wont be long before the ministry of magic is busy with the escape of black.

The rest of the semester was peaceful.

Hogwarts has returned to normal, with only a few minor changes: the defense against the dark arts class was canceled, Lucius Malfoy was fired from the board of governors, and Draco was no longer acting like he owned the school. Draco instead had a gloomy face all day and he seems to be filled with resentment.

After the mandrake matured and the students recovered, the Hogwarts magic newspaper returned to its sales number before the Chamber of secrets. Ivan now had to find a new attraction to replace Lockharts novels.

He decided to write an introduction of Hagrid since he was wronged because of the chamber of secrets so many years ago.

For the novel section, Ivan decided to try to write one himself. He borrowed Lockharts complete works from Hermione and imitated his writing and wrote a book called, Me and the Basilisk at Hogwarts it was unexpectedly successful, many fans wrote to him every day.

In a blink of an eye, the semester was over, they are going home by the Hogwarts Express train.

Ivan, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Colin, Fred, George, and Ginny were alone in the compartment. They took advantage of the last few hours they could use magic. Fred and George set off their last few fireworks.

Ginny told them that Percy and Penelope were secretly dating. She saw them kissing in an empty classroom on Halloween night but it also explained why Ivan always felt Ginny was hiding something from him.

As the Hogwarts express slowed down, Harry wrote the Dursleys phone number but Ivan doubted that Harrys aunt and uncle would be willing to receive a call from a wizard.

When the train entered the platform, Ivan got up to get his luggage, he touched his pocket to make sure the potion was there. This summer he had to learn how to defend his mind and how to protect himself. He had a wry smile, it seems this summer will be very substantial.

Chapter end

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