Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 67 Animagus

Chapter 67 Animagus

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In the room, Ivan opened a thick magic book, he turned to the Animagas page, it showed ever step one must take.

After confirming everything, he took a deep breath and picked up the potion and drank it.

It was like a cup of strong liquor, dark gold syrup flowed down his throat, a powerful mana began to appear from his body, it grew stronger and stronger.

(Note: I know there is nothing like mana in the original works but that is what the author wrote.)

The Mana was like a surging river, it constantly gushed out of his body.

He breathed in, he could feel his body change.

His body was full of restless mana, the mana began to overflow from him uncontrollably. It gave Ivan the impression that he was capable of anything.

But the feeling was very short, he felt his body had reached its limit, the mana within his body felt very uncomfortable. He needed to use this mana on something or he feared he might die.

Animagus! said Ivan as he drunk another potion.

His body began to change as soon as his voice fell.

Powerful mana filled the room in an instant, under the impact of the mana, everything in the room was scattered.

Even the things that were kept outside the room where affected by the mana. Dobby quietly opened a small gap in the door, he was too terrified to go inside, his hands were holding the door handle firmly, two gigantic eyes where staring inside and looking at Ivan.

In the center of the room, Ivans muscles were cracking. It was as if he was a slime, his whole body was morphing.

When he used the Polyjuice potion last year, Ivan felt like his skin, blood, and bones were melting.

But the feeling was much stronger compared to the Polyjuice potion, the intense pain almost made him faint. Ivan bite his lip, he told himself he must insist, if I faint now I fail, then everything I have done will be for naught.

He concentrated and tried to control the spell.

In his insistence, his body shrunk, it began to change to an animal.

His bones morphed, black fur appeared on the surface of his skin and a pair of big furry ears grew on his head.

After about twenty minutes, there was a new shadow in Ivans bedroom.

The restless mana gradually calmed down, the effect of the potion gradually faded. Ivan knew he was successful, he shook his head, his hands now had claws and everything in the room had become gigantic to him.

Although it isnt clear what the animal was the size was certainly small.

Ivan remembered what the book said about Animagi: Animagus transformations are usually limited to non-magical creatures, this is because the wizards mana and magical creatures mana have a subtle but essential difference if you become something such as a Phoenix, Dragon, or etc, it will have unpredictable consequences.

In addition, Animagi cannot change into any random animal, the transformation is based on ones character and weight.

Ivans body was smaller so he turned into a smaller animal.

The key is personality, he is more cautious so he thinks he turned into an animal that is more cautious.

A small, non-magical creature with a cautious personalityGod, am I a mouse like Peter Pettigrew! Ivans heart sank, that would be the worst result.

He wanted to become a bird the most, it was the most convenient, but given his strong fear of heights, this possibility is not likely. But as long as he is not a mouse any other animal is ok. Because he came from China before crossing over he thought he might become a panda!

But based on his size, a panda is not possible, maybe

When Ivan was thinking, the house elf entered the room while trembling, he looked at Ivan in horror and cautiously approached.

Oh, my God, sir has turned into a black cat!

What, I became a black cat?Ivan sighed in relief knowing he hadnt become a rat.

A black cat was an unexpected result.

In the wizarding world, it has been a symbol of expelling evil spirits since ancient times and it has great significance. Black cats are widely believed to have strong mana, Ivan has looked through all the records of Animagi in the last millennium but no witch or wizard has turned into a black cat.

Mr. Ivan Massons magic has run amok, said Dobby. Stupid, useless, you could have done something, screamed Dobby loudly while pulling his ears.

Stop, Dobby, my situation is excellent, you dont have to do anything, dont punish yourself, said Ivan hastily, but no words came out, only a meow.

Dobby knows, Mr. Ivan Masson must go to St Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries! Dobby must save Ivan Masson

Hearing Dobby wants to save him made him think of last year when he wanted to save Harry, he didnt want to die at the hands of a house elf.

He can not change back to his original form for now but he saw the other wasnt going to wait for him to change back naturally.

Ivan jumped to the side to dodge Dobby.

Damn what can a black cat do besides be cute?! thought Ivan

With the reflexes of a cat, Ivan is very agile, he dodged Dobby a few times but he saw that the other was about to use magic, he knows if Dobby does he wont be able to escape.

Ivan suddenly jumped on the balcony through the open window.

This feeling is wonderful, Ivan is like a real cat, he then smoothly jumps down to the first-floors windowsill, he is not hurt one bit.

Seeing that the other is following him, Ivan did not delay one bit, he ran and after going around a corner, he hid behind a garbage can.

After a few seconds, he saw a large teary eye house elf running along the street.

Chapter end

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