Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 34 The House Elves’ Light

Chapter 34 The House Elves’ Light

Why did you attack Harry with a bludger? asked Ivan

What do you mean by that Ivan!

Harry became angry once more, Were you trying to kill me with the bludger?

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I would never kill sir! said Dobby, Dobby was trying to save Harry Potters life, you are better hurt than staying here.

Dobby wanted to hurt you enough so you would go back home! said Dobby with a little fear, But Dobby failed, Harry Potters friend attacked Dobby with a spell, so Dobby had to suspend the magic.

Luckily Ivan attacked you. said Harry angrily, Otherwise, I would most likely be sent home.

I wish Harry Potter knew! said Dobby with tears rolling down his face on to his tattered pillowcase, I wish he knew how much he meant to our humble, enslaved race in the wizarding world! Before the one who must not be named was defeated, we house-elves were treated like pests!

Ivan listened to Dobby and the tragedy that house elves are, he felt awful, he also saw Hermiones brow become even more wrinkled.

Of course, they still mistreat us. said Dobby as he wiped his tears on his pillowcase, But on the whole, our lives have improved greatly since Harry Potter defeated the one who must not be named. This was the light in the dark for the ones who thought the dark days would never end, Harry Potter shines like a beacon of hope within the dark.

But is this any way to repay your benefactor?

Harry Potter doesnt understand, terrible things are about to transpire. Dobby cant leave Harry Potter here because history will repeat itself since the Chamber of Secrets is open once more..

You said the Chamber of Secrets? shouted Harry and Hermione in unison.

Then Dobby apparated to a desk and begun fiercly inflicting pain on to himself, but Ivan soon stoped Dobbys self-harm.

Bad Dobby, Bad Dobby, Bad Dobby, Very bad Dobby muttered Dobby

How much do you know about whats in the Chamber of Secrets? asked Hermione eagerly.

Why am I in danger, I am not Muggle-born? asked Harry

Dobby can not say anymore, dont ask more, dont overthink it! stammered Dobby

In short, people are plotting things, things that will put Harry Potter and his friends in danger, Harry Potter must not stay here. Please go home, Harry Potter! Go home, Harry Potter! You must not meddle in this matters, they are too dangerous!

Who opened the Chamber of Secrets? Whos plotting the conspiracy?

I can not say more, I absolutely can not say more Screamed Dobby loudly, Go home, Harry Potter, Go Home Harry Potter,

I cant go, Ill stay here and not go anywhere. Two of my best friends are Muggle-born, Ivan, and Hermione, and if the Chamber of secrets is really open then they will..

Harry Potter is willing to risk his life for his friends! How noble, how brave! Cried Dobby with sadness and joy but he must make Harry and his friends go home.

Ivan suddenly had a bad feeling, he saw that Dobby stretched out his finger, everything in the classroom trembled.

What are you doing, Dobby? said Ivan as he pulled out his wand

Harry Potter and his friends must be sent home, even if Dobby is punished, I do not care! said Dobby as he waved his fingers forward causing the tables and chairs to shoot out at the three.

It was truly spectacular, it was like arrows raining down on them. Harry and Hermione were petrified, they didnt understand how a pitiful and humble, little house elf became so terrifying.


Ivans wand shot out a red light and hit a table that was flying toward them causing it to bounce backward and crash.

Dont just stand there, this is serious!

After hearing Ivan, Harry and Hermione pulled out their wand and started casting spells.

But this didnt work, over eighty chairs and tables were under Dobbys control, they were surrounded by them, the three young wizards casting spells didnt even manage to open a gap so they could not rush out.

A few seconds later, the three people were pushed tightly together, gasping for breath, casting so many spells were taking its toll on them, they looked like they had just run a marathon.

Dobby stop, you are going to kill us, begged Hermione

Harry Potter must leave Hogwarts, and there is no alternative to this, said Dobby as he stared at them with his big eyes, Promise, sir, promise you will leave, or you will be hurt and sent home.

Ivan never thought Dobbys request would be so lethal. There was no doubt in his mind when Harry refused, the table and chairs would fly over and hit them in the next second.

If you get hit, it is not as simple as being hurt.

Hes crazy, what should we do?

This is the Defense against the Dark arts classroom, maybe Professor Lockhart will hear the sound and come running to help us, said Hermione with great anticipation.

I would rather Snape!

Please, go home, Harry Potter. You can not stay at Hogwarts this year because of the plot, said Dobby once more in a shrill voice.

Damn it, who orchestrated this plot? Who let this Crazy house elf out? gasped Harry

Ivan had a bright idea and shouted, Its Malfoy, its Lucious Malfoy who sent you, right?

All the tables and chairs fell to the ground with a bang, Ivans words seemed to have frightened Dobby.

Do not mention the name of master, Dobby revealed the secret of masters family, Bad Dobby, Bad Dobby!

Dobby picked up a chair and started to intensely beat himself with it and disappeared from the threes sight.

Ivan, Harry, and Hermione looked at each other before they hurriedly ran out of Defense of the Dark arts classroom before Dobby had the chance to come back.

Chapter end

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