Martial God Asura – Chapter 125 - Pinnacle Confrontation

Chapter 125 - Pinnacle Confrontation

MGA: Chapter 125 - Pinnacle Confrontation

You are quite brave. You are actually the first person who dares to speak to me like this after my display of strength.

Ding Chous smiling expression did not change and it seemed extremely kind. However, people already knew that he was not a person who distanced himself from worldly matters. Rather, he was an extremely conceited person. It was just that he hid his conceit extremely deeply.

That meant that your previous opponents were a bunch of weaklings, or perhaps your Lingyun School doesnt even have any experts either. Chu Feng smiled mockingly.

In the Azure Province, you are also the first person who dares to say that my Lingyun School has no experts. Ding Chous sword-like brows slanted inwards and strands of cold glint surged within his gaze. He seemed to quite mind people saying bad things about his Lingyun School.

Just saying the truth. Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders and seemed rather indifferent.

Since it has come to this, go ahead. As long as you defeat me, this championship will be yours. However, theres no harm in telling you that I will make you more lose more miserably than Chen Wanxi! Ding Chou formed his hand into a hook and indicated Chu Feng to bring it on.

As you wish!


Chu Feng attacked. He operated the Mysterious Technique and his grandeur was as impressive as a rainbow. His body leaned slightly forward and he arrived in front of Ding Chou like the wind. His speed was extremely quick and everyone was taken quite aback.

Chu Fengs arms danced as they opened widely and closed. Every single skill and style could be said to be fine and outstanding. His attacks were as fast as lightning and as strong as mountain peaks. His fists were like iron and his legs like whips. His punches weaved into attacks that were like the storm and they surrounded Ding Chou within them.

How can this guy have such strong power? With the cultivation of the Spirit realm, he has might that is no weaker than the Origin realm.

Chu Fengs attacks stirred up exclamations of surprise from the ground. Everyones gaze were attracted to Chu Fengs punching methods.

Even the brows of the various city lords were tightly locked and their eyes lit up. Although they already guessed that Chu Feng was a genius before, they never would have thought that he was strong to this point.

You know your stuff.

Facing Chu Fengs strong and fierce attacks, Ding Chou unexpectedly could not face it effortlessly. He was continuously forced back and he even gradually lost the power to resist.

Since Chu Fengs body was abnormally hard, as long as he forcefully collided with Chu Fengs body, a numbing feeling would come from that body section. He simply did not dare to use his body to block Chu Fengs attacks because he could not block it.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng threw another heavy and vicious punch out. Wind rose from his fist and it headed straight towards his face. Ding Chou no place to dodge.


Seeing that, Ding Chou gnashed his teeth and coldly snorted. The air around him instantly straightened and a layer of invisible power exploded out. The Origin power in his body was like an explosion of a volcano and it engulfed everything as it came out. The strong power formed into a formless hurricane and forcefully pushed Chu Feng back.

At the same time that Chu Feng was pushed back, Ding Chou rushed forward, waved both of his arms, randomly threw his fists out and from Chu Fengs earlier attack, he started counterattacking Chu Feng.

You finally used the Mysterious Technique?

Seeing Chu Feng who had the advantage enter a disadvantage within a blink, Su Rou slightly frowned. She knew that Ding Chou got serious and the him who operated the Mysterious Technique had strength that was comparable to the 3rd level of the Origin realm. Chu Feng was really hugely pressed.

Heh. Rouer, like I said, Chu Feng cannot beat Ding chou. However, to be able to do all this with the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm, he could already be said to be creating miracles.

If the two of them were in the same cultivation realm, Chu Feng could certainly win over Ding Chou. But regretfully, their cultivation is not the same. Su Hen rubbed the dry beard on his chin and smiled gloatingly.

Tch. Father, the result is not certain so dont say those words too early. Su Rou curled her lips and continued watching the two people on the stage.

Mm. As a matter of fact, I would like to see what degree Chu Feng can endure to. If he can preserve longer than Chen Wanxi, he would be quite impressive and he must be earnestly roped in with us.

Su Hen also seriously observed. Although he felt that Chu Feng could not win, the talent Chu Feng displayed already made him think highly of him. No matter if he won or lost, he would try to get Chu Feng closer to him.

How about it? This is called giving a taste of your own medicine!

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Ding Chou operated the Mysterious Technique and the strength of his Origin power instantly rose by several times on every part of his body. He raised his hand and his leg, and the surrounding Origin power which he could control deeply restrained Chu Feng.

You got serious, but I havent yet.

Chu Feng strangely smiled and he suddenly stopped his retreating steps. With a single hand, he waved it against the fist and leg that Ding Chou was throwing towards him. Several palms appeared and it was like countless big hands extending as they clammed towards Ding Chou.

Martial skill?!

Ding Chou was greatly astounded by the sudden change because all of Chu Fengs Illusionary Palms were materialized and he could not figure which ones were real or fake and he could not see through it.

It is merely a rank 3 martial skill. You dare to show that in front of my face?

However, being shocked was being shocked and Ding Chou did not panic. He suddenly yelled out and the Origin power within his body revolved around his body through special meridians. His body emitted a dazzling golden light and a feeling of indestructibility was also emitted out. At that instant, radiance was shot everywhere with a threatening atmosphere. He did not seem to have the body of blood and flesh anymore. He was simply a battle god made out of gold and copper.

That was right. Ding Chou used the unique martial skill that only the Lingyun School had. Rank 4 strengthening martial skill, Golden Armor Steel Body.The Lingyun School disciple that Chu Feng fought earlier used it as well, however the might was completely different when Ding Chou used it this time. He truly reached new heights with that.

False bravado! Watch as my Golden Armor Steel Body breaks it! Ding Chou threw out several punches and forcefully scattered Chu Fengs Illusionary Palms. His final punch fiercely linked with Chu Fengs Illusionary Palm.

*bang* A fist and a palm collided and made a huge sound like when steel connected with one another. Huge energy ripples shock and pushed the two people back several steps.

At that moment, everyone thought that Chu Feng was heavily injured. After all, Chu Feng was only looking for death if he met force with force with a rank 3 martial skill compared to Ding Chous rank 4 martial skill.

However, when people thought that the palm Chu Feng used to stop Ding Chous fist was broken, Chu Fengs body was like a cheetah as he abruptly jumped towards Ding Chou.

Nice Golden Armor Steel Body. I, Chu Feng, will see whos breaking who.

Change was happening to Chu Fengs body at that moment. White-coloured lightning snakes surrounded his entire body and strong lightning shot everywhere. Between the surges, ear-piercing booms kept on being let out and also with dazzling sparks, his demeanour was extremely scary.

This power, its a rank 5 skill? No, its a rank 4 skill that has the power of a rank 5 skill.

Ding Chous expression changed greatly. He never would have guessed that Chu Feng had such a strong technique. A rank 5 martial skill was not something that ordinary people could grasp.

Chapter end

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