Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 75 - Money is a Burden

Chapter 75 - Money is a Burden

Chapter 75 - Money is a Burden

Ironsword Lion died, just like that.

This ending was the complete opposite of everyones expectations.

From the moment Shi Fengs sword pierced Ironsword Lions stomach to the moment of Ironsword Lions death, everyone clearly witnessed Shi Fengs every action. However, one thing that made everyone feel odd was that Shi Fengs sword was not really that fast. From their perspective, even they could easily dodge Shi Fengs sword. So, why couldnt an expert like Ironsword Lion?

Ironsword Lion died without even being able to retaliate.

Could it be... did Ironsword Lion just looked impressive, but was actually a weakling? Was he just a paper tiger?

However, everyone immediately denied such a silly notion in their hearts.

Ironsword Lions equipment was not fake. Him being Level 5 was not fake, either. He was a genuine expert. However, how could an expert fully geared in Bronze Equipment, whose Defense and HP far outstripped the average player, be killed so easily? It was truly inconceivable.

Even if an average player were to attack Ironsword Lion madly, they would need quite some time before they could kill him off. However, Ironsword Lion was taken care of by Shi Feng in only two moves.

How horrifying of an Attack Power did Shi Feng possess to achieve such a feat?

Thinking up to this point, everyone felt utterly defeated.

What fat sheep? What tycoon? The Shi Feng before them was simply a devil wearing a human mask, giggling at them. Meanwhile, they had been completely oblivious to the truth. A cold chill suddenly flowed through their bodies, causing them to shiver. They no longer dared to look at Shi Fengs smiling face.

You... Youre despicable! Drifting Blood retreated a few steps, his trembling finger pointing at Shi Feng. Currently, Drifting Blood was facing incomparable shock in his heart. Compared to other people, he had a much greater understanding of Ironsword Lions strength. Regarding Shi Fengs strength, he had a deep experience and fear of it. He became even more frightened now that he was targeted by Shi Feng once more. However, after having a better understanding of the situation, the place they were currently was a Safe Zone. What should he be afraid of? Suddenly, he laughingly said, Youre finished! Since you dared kill inside a Safe Zone, nobody will be able to protect you now. Just wait for the Guards to come give you your sentence and lock you up.

Everyone came to a sudden realization after hearing Drifting Blood say so. Previously, Shi Feng sent all of them into shock. They had actually forgotten that this place was a Safe Zone and there were powerful Guards protecting this place. Even if Shi Feng was powerful, was he able to overpower the Guards? In a moment, Shi Feng would definitely be captured by the Guards, falling to a miserable end.

Truly a pity. However, he is truly courageous for killing someone inside a Safe Zone. It would still be worthwhile, even if he were killed by the Guards and sent to closed confinement. Whatever the case, he was able to shine for a moment. He will still be a hero when he gets released tomorrow.

So cool! Big Brother Expert, little sister knows how to warm beds! Please add me as a friend! Please help me level! I swear Ill be obedient!

Amongst the players present, plenty started admiring Shi Fengs courage. Not only did he dare to go against Martial Union, he even challenged the laws of Red Leaf Town. Shi Feng was literally their idol. Quite a number of good-looking female players started looking up information about Shi Feng. Some of them had even taken the initiative to send him a friend request, wanting to get to know him.

At this moment, a team of heavily-armored soldier walked over.

Drifting Blood pointed at Shi Feng, laughingly saying, Werent you very awesome? I want to see what youre going to do this time. Not only are you going to lose a level, but you will also be confined for 24 hours. Even if you are an expert, you will be reduced to a second-rate player after being confined for a day. At that time, Ill be looking forward to how our Martial Union will take care of you. Whether you go up to Heaven or fall to Hell, nobody will be able to save you.

A distance away, Stabbing Heart was currently feeling endless regret.

Although Shi Fengs series of actions just now looked to be slow, the feeling it gave off was extremely natural. His actions were as natural as breathing, not a hint of awkwardness about them. Stabbing Hearts admiration for Shi Feng was even greater now.

Shi Fengs actions were the assassination techniques that Stabbing Heart pursued after.

Average people would not understand what this represented. However, Stabbing Heart had played plenty of virtual reality games before, and he also had experience participating in fighting competitions. Hence, he understood just how powerful Shi Fengs skills were.

If it were the him of the past, Stabbing Heart would not feel anything special about Shi Feng.

However, he previously had the fortune of interacting with a martial arts master. That martial arts master previously mentioned such a situation.

Battling itself was just the pursuit of the simplest method of slaughter. When such a technique was mastered to the extreme, others would be unable to feel any awkwardness about it. Instead, it would give off a very natural feeling.

As for those experts who had reached such a level, all of them were extremely dangerous. That was because, even if they were to stand before you with a smile, slashing a blade across your throat and you clearly witnessed it all, you would still take it as a joke. So much so that you wouldnt even feel the danger that approached you. Your body would not react, and even until death, you would still be unaware of the attack.

This was not some sort of profound technique. It was a kind of instinct that could only be learned after experiencing countless battles and training. However, such brutal training was not something the average person could go through.

However, Shi Feng had taken away Stabbing Hearts rare chance at making Shi Feng owe him a favor. Stabbing Heart did not imagine Shi Feng would be so decisive, killing Ironsword Lion with zero hesitation. How was he supposed to show off now? How was he supposed to find an opportunity to seek Shi Fengs guidance now?

Stabbing Heart had no ways to deal with the Guards who just arrived. Regarding this situation, Stabbing Heart held bitter hatred towards Ironsword Lion. The person actually caused him to lose a good chance to ask for guidance.

Wearing a silvery-gray heavy armor, the Guard Captain walked up to Shi Feng. The other Guards surrounded him accordingly, causing the atmosphere of the street to become abnormally oppressive.

Mister Guards, it was him who killed my big brother. You definitely must arrest him! Drifting Blood walked towards the Guard Captain, his face carrying a cold smile as he pointed at Shi Feng, accusing.

However, the Guard Captain paid no heed to Drifting Blood. Instead, his deep gaze shifted to Shi Feng, a faint smile appearing on his face, saying, Revered Lord Demon Hunter, this place is Red Leaf Town. According to the laws of the Town, you have to pay the price for killing someone here. Otherwise, I can only invite you to make a trip to the Confinement Room.

Everyone became dumbfounded after listening to the Guard Captains words. Drifting Bloods mouth widened even more; it could fit three chicken eggs.

What sort of situation was this?

The Guards did not actually kill Shi Feng on the spot? Moreover, he would only be confined if he did not pay the fine. Was Shi Feng the Town Mayors son or something?

No, that wasnt right. The Town Mayor was already dead.

No one understood why the Guards were so courteous today. When usually meeting them, not to mention a faint smile, they were gods of slaughter with grim expressions.

I only killed him because he threatened me. However, I am not an unreasonable person. Tell me, what price do I have to pay? Shi Feng nodded his head, calmly turning towards Drifting Blood and giving him a calm smile.

Shi Feng had his own reasons for daring to kill Ironsword Lion. Everyone else just recently entered Gods Domain, so they were still unfamiliar with the rules of the game. However, Shi Feng had lived within Gods Domain for ten years. He had long since memorized what actions he could and could not take and to what extent he could take them.

Shi Feng was currently a Noble. His status far outstripped that of commoners. If he was not a Noble, he might have just turned around and left without paying any attention to Ironsword Lion. At worst, he would just start an exciting battle if they were to meet outside the Town. Who would win at that time was still an unknown.

However, Shi Feng was now a Noble. Even if he killed a normal player, the Guards would not speak much of it, only requiring Shi Feng to pay a fine. As for how much he would have to pay, that depended on his identity and status. However, according to his own wealth, Shi Feng was still able to accept the fine.

Two Silver Coins. The Guard Captain straightforwardly said.

Ok, got it. Here are 20 Silver Coins; keep them. Shi Feng did not imagine that it would be so cheap. Hence, he took out 20 Silver Coins and passed it to the Guard Captain.

Lord Demon Hunter, what are you trying to do here? Looking at the 20 Silver Coins in his hand, the Guard Captain oddly asked.

Nothing much. These people before me threatened me previously, so I still wish to kill a few more people. Take it as an advanced payment.

...... the Guard Captain was stunned.

Finished speaking, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade. He used the Level 5 Thundering Flash, three streaks of thunder instantly piercing the bodies of Drifting Blood and the others. All of them were instantly killed, dropping quite a lot of equipment. Even till death, Drifting Blood had not reacted to what happened.

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At the same time, Shi Fengs green colored player indicator had turned a devilish red.

All of the onlookers were stupefied.

Who was this Shi Feng?! He was just too awesome!

The players from Martial Union were most likely dumbfounded now. Shi Feng had simply spent 20 Silver Coins to purchase their lives. With money, you could do whatever you wanted!

The more unfathomable thing was that the Guard Captain did not say a word about Shi Fengs actions. He only counted the number of players who died. Discovering that he had received 4 extra Silver Coins, he returned the additional Silver Coins to Shi Feng before he turned around and left...

Chapter end

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