The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 177

Chapter 177

Su Ziye tried to make conversation: "Did Ti Zi come too?"

Sui Yan was a bit annoyed with him: "...Yeah."

Seeing that Sui Yan didn't seem too keen on talking to him, Su Ziye felt a bit awkward and scratched his nose.

Sui Yan didn't even look at him. After taking a few deep breaths, she entered her own waiting room.

Ti Zi was comfortably sprawled on the soft carpet, almost tempted to roll around on it.

Sui Yan walked in slowly: "Ti Zi, so this is how you are!"

It actually loves rolling around! How cute!

Ti Zi became serious in an instant, lying there aloofly: "Woof~"VIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

The dignity of the Wolf King is inviolable!

Sui Yan poked its big head: "Silly!"

Ti Zi: "Woof!"

You too!

The two of them playfully bantered back and forth, but in the end, Sui Yan admitted defeat: "I won't play with you anymore. When is our plane going to arrive? Didn't Big Brother say it would be at 4 o'clock?"

"Knock knock"

Ti Zi raised its head: "Woof!"

It's here!

Sui Yan took out a bow tie from somewhere and tied it around Ti Zi's head: "Got it! You stay here and be good. I'll go check."

Ti Zi was a bit speechless: "Woof~"

As speechless as it was, it was still indulgent enough not to take off the bow tie.

When Sui Yan went out, she specifically peeked outside to make sure that Su Ziye wasn't there before she dared to go out.

Ti Zi was lazily sprawled on the ground. Before long, it saw Sui Yan poking her head out from the door: "Ti Zi! Let's go!"

Ti Zi stood up elegantly and sauntered out slowly.

Sui Yan blinked her eyes, her face full of annoyance as she called out: "Don't walk with that cat-like stride! You're a wolf!"

Ti Zi raised its head: "Woof!!!"

I'm going!!!

Sui Yan sighed helplessly and went over to drag Ti Zi out.

She had originally bought plane tickets properly, but after buying them, she realized that she couldn't bring Ti Zi on a commercial flight.

So she called Bai Yuanmo overnight and asked him to send a helicopter.

After all this scrambling and turmoil, by the time Sui Yan and Ti Zi arrived dazed and confused at their destination, they had lost all interest in going out to play.

Sui Yan looked around in bewilderment: "Ti Zi, I think I booked a hotel, but this looks more like a manor, doesn't it?"

Ti Zi shook its head in confusion: "Woof?"

Just as they were about to question their existence, a man in a suit walked over elegantly: "Miss Sui, this is Qingling Manor, originally a property owned by Mr. Bai Yuanmo."

Sui Yan pondered: "Originally?"

The butler had a perfect smile on his face: "Yes, because this manor has now been transferred into your name."

Sui Yan: "...?"

Perhaps her expression was too vivid, as the butler's smile seemed to widen a little, making him look even more pleasant.

He explained with a smile: "This afternoon, Mr. Bai Yuanmo called me and had the paperwork done on short notice."

Sui Yan slowly accepted reality: "...Oh."

Ti Zi nodded in satisfaction: "Woof woof~"

Sui Yan, this place has such a vast territory!

Sui Yan nodded solemnly: "Yeah, so Ti Zi can roll around freely here."

Ti Zi: "Woof!" Hmph! It wouldn't roll around!

Since they had a manor to stay in, Sui Yan didn't plan on rushing off to the next destination to play.

She laid down on the lawn and rolled around, telling Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, what do you want to eat? I'll sneak out and buy it."

Ti Zi was comfortably sprawled out, not wanting to move an inch: "Woof~ Woof~"

Sui Yan clearly just wants to eat!

Sui Yan pretended not to understand Ti Zi's words: "You want to eat everything? Then you wait here, I'll be right back."

That butler probably listened to Bai Yuanmo's instructions and constantly tried to get Sui Yan to eat some nutritional supplements.

Those supplements weren't bad-tasting, but Sui Yan just wanted to eat fried chicken and drink cola instead.

However, the butler absolutely wouldn't let her touch those so-called unhealthy foods.

So Sui Yan would constantly outwit and outmaneuver the butler, sneaking out to buy fried chicken, while he was responsible for confiscating the fried chicken.

Ti Zi found it all exhausting to watch.

Sui Yan munched on a lollipop as she strolled down the street, looking around. She bought some candy here, some milk tea there.

Before long, she was carrying an armful of snacks.

She simply sat down on a street-side chair and started eating those foods.

"Ah Sui!" A voice that was familiar yet unfamiliar rang out from some unknown corner.

Sui Yan looked around bewildered.

"Ah Sui, I'm over here!" Su Ziye emerged from somewhere.

Sui Yan averted her gaze and hugged her stack of food, preparing to go home.

Su Ziye caught up to her: "Ah Sui, you're out shopping here too?"

Sui Yan answered without hesitation: "No, I'm done shopping and going home. Also, I'm not close with you, so don't call me Ah Sui."

Su Ziye pondered for a moment: "Then what should I call you?"

Sui Yan didn't want to engage with him: "Just call me by my name."

Su Ziye thought about it: "Then...Sui Yan?"

Sui Yan frowned slightly: "You should just call me Ah Sui."

Su Ziye smiled: "Okay."

Sui Yan mustered her last bit of courtesy: "I'll go first, goodbye."

Su Ziye had a slight urge to continue following her, but his intuition told him that if he kept following, Sui Yan would get annoyed with him.

So he suppressed his little thought: "Okay, goodbye."

Meanwhile, not far away at the corner, Qi Linhan stood with a gloomy expression, watching Sui Yan's figure disappear into the distance. Only then did he turn and return to his own villa.

Su Ziye...that guy clearly had ill intentions!

Sui Yan's good mood for the day was ruined. She really disliked people without a sense of boundaries, acting as if they were close when they weren't.

The butler had been waiting at the manor gate since early on, originally intending to bicker with Sui Yan as usual and confiscate her fried chicken.

But he sensed her mood: "Miss Sui, are you in a bad mood today?"

Sui Yan was expressionless: "So, you dare to try confiscating my fried chicken again?"

The butler quickly shook his head: "No, no, I don't dare confiscate it."

Sui Yan gave a cold snort and went off to find Ti Zi with her fried chicken.

Chapter end

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