The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 45

Chapter 45

No one had expected that Li Yuan, who was beaten up by his parents yesterday for breaking Sui Yan's inkstone toy, would brazenly want to play with Sui Yan today.

Sui Yan looked at Li Yuan, who had come to find her to play, in slight confusion. The little girl shrank behind her older siblings in shyness.

Sui Yu frowned and said, "Sui Yan still has homework to do and can't play with you."

Li Yuan patted his own backpack: "I brought my toys with me."

Ye Anning circled around him and said, "Don't you have homework to do? Sui Yan doesn't like playing with people who don't do their homework."

Alerted by this news, Qi Linhan suddenly felt a sense of crisis. He knitted his brows looking at the little boy, "Sui Yan said yesterday that she dislikes you now."

Li Yuan hurriedly explained, "I know I was wrong. I won't mess with her toys anymore in the future."

Sui Yan peeked out from behind Sui Zhi, "You can't mess with other people's toys either."Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Li Yuan hastily nodded, "Okay."

My little sister is so adorable!

Just as he was speaking, Sui Jinhong came over carrying several boxes and knocked on the door, "Is Sui Yan home from school yet?"

Sui Yan's eyes lit up. She hopped happily into Sui Jinhong's arms, "Daddy!"

Sui Jinhong held up what was in his hands for the little girl to see, "Sui Yan, Aunt Ye said your toy got broken, so Daddy bought you new ones."

Sui Yan excitedly hugged one of the boxes, "It's a dollhouse! Thank you, Daddy!"

Sui Jinhong had an indulgent smile of a doting father on his face, "Sui Yan is so good."

"Uncle Sui..." The weak voice of the little boy sounded from the side.

Sui Jinhong looked up and saw Li Shengming's son. He knocked on Li Yuan's forehead without any courtesy, "You little brat, breaking my daughter's toy again."

Li Yuan felt wronged, "Uncle Sui, my dad and mom had already given me a beating yesterday. I know I was wrong now."

Sui Yan whispered in her dad's ear, "Daddy, why did this older brother come to find Sui Yan to play?"

Sui Jinhong couldn't help but laugh, "Probably because Sui Yan is too cute."

He looked at Li Yuan, "Then you have to ask my daughter if she has forgiven you and is willing to play with you."

Li Yuan looked at Sui Yan full of expectation, but after struggling for a bit, the little girl still said, "I have to go do my homework."

Li Yuan was undeterred, "Then I can help teach you."

Before he even finished speaking, he felt several more shadows cast over his head. Li Yuan stiffly looked up to see Sui Yu and Qi Linhan looking down at him condescendingly.

"Can't we teach Sui Yan?"

Li Yuan: "..."

In the end, Li Yuan was dragged away by Li Shengming who had just returned home.

Of course Sui Yan and the others didn't really isolate Li Yuan. In the end, they still brought him along to play together.

Li Yuan squatted in front of Ti Zi and poked Ti Zi's nose, "I heard Ti Zi is a wolf, is that true?"

Sui Yan also squatted in front of Ti Zi. She reached out her little hand and scratched under Ti Zi's chin, "That's right, that's right. Isn't it super cool?"

Li Yuan's eyes shone, "Yeah!"

Sui Yan said proudly, "I was the one who taught Ti Zi to howl!"

Li Yuan was confused, "Huh?"

Sui Yan blinked and gently patted Ti Zi's head, "Ti Zi, awoo, awoo~"

Ti Zi: "..." Is this kid a bit silly?

It sighed inwardly, but on the surface it bared its fangs and howled, "Awoo!"

Ti Zi was no longer that little puppy from back then. It was now King Ti Zi of the Nuobulushi!

Ti Zi let out a howl befitting a wolf king from its throat. Li Yuan was so startled he almost jumped.

"So... so amazing!" Li Yuan's face was full of shock.

How did Ti Zi learn to howl so ferociously from Sui Yan's soft cries!

Sui Yu also raised his brows, belatedly reacting that Ti Zi had slowly grown up.

The little girl Sui Yan became even prouder, "See! I was the one who taught it!"

Li Yuan: "..." I don't believe it!

But under the threatening gazes from the people around, he still clapped along ingratiatingly, "Sui Yan is so awesome."

Sui Yan grabbed Ti Zi for a good cuddle and fawn over it, "Our Ti Zi is also super awesome!"

Liu Man brought over some snacks and desserts to the backyard for the children, "Little ones, come have some snacks."

Sui Yan pinched Ti Zi's ears, "Ti Zi, wait for me here. I'll go get you some snacks!"

Ti Zi lay on the ground, "Awoo~"

Only after getting a response did the little girl trot over on her short legs to get snacks.

She had just taken two steps when Li Yuan came over holding two small cakes, "Sui Yan, I got two for you!"

Sui Yan smiled with eyes curved into crescents, "Thank you."

But as soon as she turned around, she presented the cakes to Ye Anning and Shen Nian who were beside her as treasures, "Sister, Nian Nian, this is for you to eat."

Ye Anning patted her little sister's hair, "Thank you, Sui Yan."

Shen Nian pinched the little girl's cheeks, "Thank you, Sui Yan."

Li Yuan: "..."

Ti Zi: "..." What about the one you promised me!

Li Yuan felt a little stifled, "Sui Yan, I got these for you."

Sui Yan blinked her eyes, "I know."

Li Yuan emphasized, "I got them for you!"

Sui Yan was a little confused now, "I know!"

Li Yuan: "..."

Sitting on the swing, Ye Anning laughed gloatingly, "Sui Yan still likes her sister the most!"

Shen Nian nodded, "That's right." She was also a sister.

Sui Yan chatted with Li Yuan in a muddle-headed way. In the end the little girl was still very confused, and Li Yuan was even more frustrated.

If only he hadn't impulsively gone and messed with the little girl's toy! Now the little girl didn't like him the most!

Although he didn't know that even if he hadn't broken Sui Yan's toy, Sui Yan still wouldn't have liked him the most.

Sui Yan puffed up her cheeks and stopped arguing with Li Yuan.

Ti Zi bit Sui Yan's clothes and dragged her towards the snacks. Only then did the little girl seem to remember, "Oh no! I forgot to get snacks for Ti Zi."

Ti Zi: "..." I knew it! Unreliable little brat!

Perhaps Ti Zi's gaze was too sharp. Sui Yan felt a little guilty. She swiftly took two snacks that Ti Zi could eat and placed them in front of it. Then the little girl happily went to distribute snacks to her brothers again.

She herself was the last to eat a cake.

Except for Li Yuan.

Li Yuan watched from the side for a long time but didn't see Sui Yan about to give him any. He really couldn't stand it anymore and reminded, "Sui Yan, you haven't given me one yet."

Sui Yan looked at him in confusion, "Why don't you get it yourself? There are still several plates over there."

Li Yuan felt so aggrieved he was about to cry, "Then why did you help get some for them? They can get it themselves too!" The little boy trembled as he pointed to Sui Yu and the others who were watching the show.

The little girl scratched her head, "Because I like helping my brothers and sisters get things." Her older siblings often bought her yummy treats too.

Li Yuan's whole body stiffened, "Sui Yan, you don't like me..."

Qi Linhan coolly reminded, "You just broke Sui Yan's favorite toy yesterday."

Li Yuan: "..." Can I go back in time now to beat up my past self?


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