The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Sui Yan looked at it for a long time, helpless to climb up again to get one for Li Yuan: "Here, this is for you."

Li Yuan was cocky: "Why doesn't Yan Yan call me big brother?"

Sui Yan: "..." You're so annoying.

Ye Anning glanced lightly at Li Yuan: "You'd better quit while you're ahead and not get an inch."

For a true second grade little friend, idioms and the like are still a bit difficult.

Li Yuan didn't quite understand the meaning of these two words, but that didn't stop him from feeling the killing intent in Ye Anning's eyes.

The little boy aggrievedly reached out to take the small cake: "Thank you, Yan Yan."

Sui Yan shook her head and sighed: "You are so childish."

Li Yuan: "Why?" You're a preschool kid and you actually say I'm childish?

So young, quite a hypocrite!

Sui Yan had deeply realized that this little brother was really too childish, and she didn't want to play with him anymore.

So the little girl trotted to the swing, facing Ye Anning above and held out her hand: "Sister, Yan Yan also wants to swing."

Ye Anning picked her up and casually kicked the swing with her long leg to make it swing.

In the shade where he was reading, Qiao Ze glanced over and then lowered his head to continue reading. In those beautiful eyes was full gentleness.

Li Yuan stared blankly at a certain little girl on the swing for a while... Swinging must be a very mature game.

Not childish at all.



A certain little girl has been a little melancholy recently.

Ye Anning had a lollipop in her mouth that she had snatched from Sui Yan's hand, and asked Shen Nian indistinctly: "Haven't you noticed that Yan Yan hasn't been in a very good mood recently?"

Shen Nian shifted her gaze from the little girl in the corner to Ye Anning's face. She said lightly: "It's probably because there is a sister who often snatches her lollipops."

Ye Anning: "Tsk..."

Ti Zi looked at the little girl next to him, raised his paw and patted her: "Awoo?"

Sui Yan pouted to grab Ti Zi's paws and stroked the tender pads on his paws and said, "Ti Zi, do you also want to go out and play?"

Ti Zi looked at the little girl helplessly and whimpered a few times.

Sui Yan lowered her voice and whispered in Ti Zi's ear, "Shall we let brother take us out to play?"

"Where are you going to play?" The cool female voice rang out beside her ear.

Sui Yan looked around blankly, and when she turned her head back she was startled to see her sister standing behind her somehow.

The little girl hugged Ti Zi guiltily, "Sister, when did you come over?"

Ye Anning sat down beside her: "Does Yan Yan want to go out and play?"

Sui Yan looked at her sister, then lowered her head, "Sister, Yan Yan saw the amusement park on TV the other day..."

Ye Anning was stunned: "Yan Yan hasn't been to an amusement park yet?"

The little girl nodded dejectedly. Ti Zi looked at her seriously, but remembered that in her last life, Sui Yan had never been in until she died.

Once she had stood at the gate of an amusement park and watched for a long time before leaving alone.

But she had always wanted to go!

Ti Zi pulled his paw out of Sui Yan's hand, turned and ran upstairs.

Less than a few minutes later, Liu Hua's voice came from upstairs: "You little wolf cub, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?"

When the two girls looked up, they saw Ti Zi biting Liu Hua's trousers and dragging her over.

Sui Yan rubbed her fingers guiltily: "Mom..."

Liu Hua stroked the little girl's head: "Did Ti Zi bring mom here to see Yan Yan? What's wrong with my cub?"

Sui Yan didn't want to say, she still remembered that Liu Hua didn't like her going out to play.

Ye Anning was silent for a few seconds, and said on behalf of the little girl: "Auntie, Yan Yan wants to go to the amusement park, can we take her there?"

Sui Yan gently pulled Ye Anning's clothes, whispering, "Sister!"

Liu Hua was stunned. Her mood suddenly became very complicated. She didn't expect that because of herself, her little cub would be so cautious.

She squatted down to try to keep her eyes level with Sui Yan's: "Yan Yan, mom wants you to be happy now, so if there is anything you want or any place you want to go, you can tell mom."

She paused and continued slowly: "As long as mom can do it, mom will satisfy Yan Yan."

The little girl's black and white eyes looked at Liu Hua, and when she was sure of the tenderness and encouragement in her eyes, the little girl whispered, "Mom, Yan Yan wants to go to the amusement park."FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Liu Hua looked at her tenderly: "Okay, tomorrow happens to be Saturday, so mom will take you and Man Man to the amusement park tomorrow."

Sui Yan blinked, her clear eyes looking at Ye Anning: "Will sister go too?"

Ye Anning's mouth curved up slightly: "If Yan Yan wants to."

Sui Yan nodded quickly: "I do!" She pulled Liu Hua's hand, "Mom, I want sister to come with us too."

Liu Hua smiled indulgently: "Okay, then mom will go tell your sisters and their moms first."

Sui Yan nodded obediently: "Um!"

In the end, it was decided that quite a few people would be going. Mainly because there were a bunch of kids.

Except Li Yuan, who was dragged off by his old dad to take a makeup class, everyone else wanted to go along.

And of the adults, it was only Liu Hua and Liu Man, because the few boys were all considered young adults, and they said that they could help Liu Hua take care of the little sisters.

An Sitong also wanted to go along, but Liu Hua disliked that she might be more greedy for fun than the kids, so she didn't let her go.

And the amusement park they finally decided to go to happened to be owned by Sui Jinhong. The adults didn't have to worry too much about safety, so they just let it go.

However, there was a little accident during the discussion...

When Sui Jinhong heard that his precious little daughter had never been to an amusement park, he waved his hand grandly and directly transferred the largest amusement park in the city under his name to Sui Yan.

So the amusement park where the little girl was going tomorrow became her own!

When she learned what had happened, Shen Nian was dumbfounded.

"So this little fool has directly become the richest among us!"

Ye Anning was not jealous at all, but extremely happy: "How nice, we can go straight to freeload food and drinks in the future."

Sui Yan was confused: "Huh?"

Sui Yu felt a little regretful: "I was going to build an amusement park for Yan Yan."

Qi Linhan said indifferently: "Then build it, let's do it together. Yan Yan loves to play so much, she certainly won't think there's too much."

Sui Zhi stroked his chin: "Thats right, we could add more things that Yan Yan likes, such as models and stuff... Ill invest then.

Qiao Ze looked thoughtful: "Yes, I also want to invest."

The two girls also raised their hands: "We want to invest too!"

Sui Yu made no attempt to hide his contempt: "Do you guys have money?"

A few people also replied without hesitation: "No, well borrow from you guys."

The little girl raised her hand late: "Yan Yan also wants to!"

Sui Yu and Qi Linhan were speechless at first, but couldn't help laughing out loud when they heard what the little girl said.

Sui Yu touched his sister's soft little face: "Okay, then let's all do it together."

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