The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Ye Anning and Shen Nian let out sharp screams beside Sui Yu. His first reaction was to cover his sister's eyes.

The female ghost also spotted the little girl being held in the boy's arms at a glance, and she panicked for a moment.

If she had known there was a little kid here, she definitely wouldn't have appeared so suddenly.

Just as she was about to apologize, she saw the little girl remove her brother's hand covering her eyes and look at the female ghost curiously.

The female ghost's makeup was very realistic, with a greenish complexion, blood dripping from her seven orifices, eyes rolled back, and a long tongue sticking out.

She thought she looked very scary.

However, the little girl spoke first before the female ghost: "Sister, can you gouge out your eyes like in the movies?"

Female ghost: "..."

Not getting a response, Sui Yan sighed disappointedly: "I knew you couldn't."

Female ghost: "..." So shameless!

Sui Yu felt he could no longer remain silent. He coughed and apologized to the female ghost: "Sorry, the little one is not usually so bold."

Liu Hua also explained dryly: "Yeah, your makeup is quite realistic..."

Ye Anning couldn't help but want to laugh: "Yes, little sister."

Seeing everyone else speaking, Sui Yan couldn't help but say: "Sister, can I exchange candy for that brother's mask?"

Female ghost: "..." Little girl, you're very strange.

Not getting a response, Sui Yu sighed helplessly: "Sui Yan, you can't exchange that. We'll go out and buy one later, okay?"

The little girl reluctantly nodded: "Okay then."

The female ghost and evil spirit finally reacted and prepared to apologize: "Sorry, we didn't notice there was a little kid here, otherwise we definitely wouldn't have come out. But little girl, you're very brave."

Liu Hua: "We didn't expect her to be so bold either..."

After exchanging a few more words, they continued on their way.ewW ovels updtes on nov/l/b(i)(.)com

Perhaps having received news that there was a little girl in their group, the rest of the journey went smoothly without encountering any more monsters.

And with Sui Yan's earlier interruption, the others could no longer feel tense either.

Liu Hua kept feeling something was off. She poked Sui Yan's cheek: "Sui Yan, who showed you those movies?"

Sui Yan blinked: "Brother!"

Liu Hua: "Sui Yu!"

Sui Yu immediately pleaded guilty: "Mom, I only showed Sui Yan one movie."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze guiltily looked away, but soon they heard the little girl say: "Mommy, Little Zhi and Little Ze also showed me movies."

Liu Hua was furious: "Great, I was just about to take you all to buy cell phones today. Now that's cancelled."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze regretted it: "Mom, we wanted to train Sui Yan's courage."

"Auntie, Sui Yan wasn't scared at all from the beginning."


In summary, today's trip to the amusement park went very smoothly. In the end, everyone played many more rides and ate fried chicken together.

After eating her fill, Sui Yan lay in the car wanting to sleep. Seeing the little girl's soft, round face, Liu Hua couldn't help but want to tease her.

The little girl covered her face and pouted, "Mommy, why do you keep pinching my face?"

Liu Hua nonchalantly retracted her hand: "What pinch? Just now a mosquito flew by, so Mommy was shooing away the mosquito for Sui Yan."

The little girl was skeptical: "Oh..."

Sui Zhi moved next to the little girl's ear and whispered: "Sui Yan, Mommy is lying to you. She just wanted to bully you."

Liu Hua rolled her eyes: "Sui Yan, do you believe Mommy or your brother?"

Sui Yan looked at Liu Hua then looked at Sui Zhi: "Mommy, you two are so childish!"

Why are you playing this game!

Liu Hua and Sui Zhi: "..." Got nothing to say.


Finally, everyone happily returned home playing. But as soon as they reached the door, they saw Li Yuan alone crouching pitifully there.

Thinking that he was the only little one who didn't go, Liu Hua felt a little bad.

"Little Yuan, what are you doing here?"

Sui Yan walking behind asked curiously: "Little Yuan brother?"

Li Yuan's eyes were brimming with tears: "Sui Yan, you went out to play without telling me!"

Sui Yan looked at him blankly: "But didn't you have tutoring?"

Li Yuan wanted to cry even more: "Why am I the only one who has to go to tutoring?"

Li Shengming also walked over hearing the commotion. Catching exactly that sentence, he mercilessly mocked his son: "Your brothers and sisters grades are so good, of course they don't need tutoring."

Li Yuan shakily pointed at the innocent little girl: "Then what about Sui Yan?"

Li Shengming stroked his chin: "Sui Yan is only in kindergarten but can already finish reading a book herself. You as the older brother don't even recognize as many words as your little sister."

Li Yuan's gaze gradually became dazed. He was utterly devastated.

Seeing he seemed a little too miserable, Sui Yan walked over and opened her little arms to hug him: "Little Yuan brother, next time Sui Yan goes out to play I'll call you too, okay?"

Li Yuan blankly looked at the little girl in a cute dinosaur outfit in front of him, with only one thought in his mind.

This soft, huggable, and cute little sister took the initiative to hug him!

Little sister took the initiative to hug him!

She hugged him!!!

The little boy's thoughts were written all over his face. Everyone present aside from Sui Yan could see it.

Li Shengming simply couldn't bear to see his own son. He walked over and snatched up Li Yuan, awkwardly bidding Liu Hua and the others goodbye: "Our stinky boy has troubled you all. I'll take him back now."

Before Liu Hua could say anything, he slipped away.

The remaining group looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Sui Yan hugged her mommy's leg and looked up asking: "Mommy, why did Uncle Li take Little Yuan brother away?"

Liu Hua patted her daughter's head: "Don't know, let's go in first. Are you all hungry?"

Liu Man carrying a pile of toys walked in and laughingly suggested: "It seems like Sui Yu and the other boys didn't eat much fried chicken just now. How about I cook some noodles?"

Sui Yu nodded: "Okay."

Sui Zhi and the others of course had no objections either. Compared to fried chicken, they wanted noodles more.

But the three girls who had eaten a lot of fried chicken and fries were completely full and couldn't eat anymore. Sui Yan lay on the dining table watching her brother: "Brother, the fried chicken was super delicious."


Author's note:

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Chapter end

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