The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Sui Yan didn't like the taste of freeze-dried food to begin with. After taking a couple of bites, she didn't want to eat it anymore and happened to spit out what was left in her mouth into the trash can as her sister moved her.

Ye Anning was extremely worried and scolded the little girl impatiently, "You little one, how can you eat anything?"

Sui Yan covered her small face that had been pinched and pleaded in a low voice, "Sister, I was hungry..."

Sui Yu walked over in two steps. Seeing Ye Anning's anxious face, he paused for a moment before saying, "Don't worry, kids can eat this freeze-dried food."

Ye Anning was stunned, "Huh?"

Sui Zhi also walked over and explained the situation when he saw what was going on: "I bought only pure meat without many additives at the beginning, worrying that Sui Yan would accidentally eat Qi's snacks. There's no need to worry."

As he spoke, he also took a piece and bit off a bite, then frowned in disgust.

Shen Nian expressed doubt: "Are you sure Sui Yan didn't accidentally eat Qi's snacks but actually wanted to eat them herself?"

Hearing this, Sui Zhi subconsciously looked down at his sister. Seeing her twisting her fingers guiltily, his face darkened.

"Sui Yan!"

The little girl was quite aggrieved: "But I was hungry!"

Qi Linhan pinched the little girl's round face: "If you were hungry, why didn't you tell us? What if the snacks were not suitable for kids?"

Sui Yan obediently admitted her mistake: "I know I was wrong now, isn't that okay?"

Sui Yu frowned: "Speaking of which, why hasn't my mother come back home yet? She should have finished dinner by this time usually."

So you really can't blame the little one completely.

Just as he was speaking, Liu Man's voice came from the dining room: "Kids, come eat!"

As she spoke, she walked towards them. Seeing everyone gathering around Sui Yan, she was stunned for a moment: "What are you guys doing here?"

Ye Anning tattled: "Sister Liu Man, Sui Yan secretly ate Qi's freeze-dried chicken."

The little girl ran over and hugged Liu Man's legs, looking up at her with tears in her eyes: "Sister Liu, I was so hungry."

Liu Man felt heartache and guilt: "I'm sorry, Sui Yan. It's all my fault for being busy for too long. We can go eat now."

Since Qi Linhan, Ye Anning, Shen Nian and others were freeloading here today, they also followed along.

Sui Yu frowned and asked, "Sister Liu, why hasn't my mother come back yet?"

Liu Man looked at the sky and explained, "Madam went out to discuss business with someone. She texted me saying she won't be back for dinner today."

Sui Yu was a little worried, but didn't say much else.

After all, Liu Man should know what she was doing herself.

The little girl who had just been scolded by everyone was now sitting obediently at the dining table, holding her small bowl and waiting to be fed.

Liu Man placed the braised pork that Sui Yan had been looking forward to in front of her, and guiltily touched the little girl's head: "Sui Yan, hurry up and eat. Have more meat."

Sui Yan was not modest at all. She tried her best to stuff two pieces of braised pork into her little mouth.

Her cheeks were bulging, but her distinctive pair of bright eyes were still scanning the delicacies on the dining table.

Liu Man laughed tenderly: "Sui Yan, don't eat so fast. No one is going to snatch your food away."

Sui Yan tried hard to chew the food in her mouth and murmured an acknowledgment.

Seeing the little girl continuously eating meat, Qi Linhan frowned and put some spinach in her bowl.

Sui Yan looked blankly at the spinach that suddenly appeared in her bowl, but heard Qi Linhan's voice: "Sui Yan, you need to eat vegetables too."

The little girl refused: "Brother Qi, Sui Yan said she doesn't want to eat vegetables."

Qi Linhan tried to frighten her: "Kids won't grow tall if they don't eat vegetables."Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

Sui Yan struggled for a while, looking at the spinach then the braised pork. She finally stated firmly: "Then Sui Yan doesn't want to grow tall!"

Qi Linhan: "..." Little one, are these vegetables poisonous?

Seeing this, Liu Man felt amused. She persuaded Qi Linhan helplessly: "Forget it, she doesn't want to eat then don't make her."

Having obtained support, Sui Yan immediately became justified and helped herself to a few more pieces of braised pork.

Qi Linhan was a little headacheed. He thought for a while, then said indifferently: "Brother doesn't like Sui Yan who doesn't eat vegetables."

Hearing this, the originally complacent little girl immediately stiffened.

Seeing that this method worked, Qi Linhan went on: "Can Sui Yan eat just a few bites of vegetables?"

The little girl pouted aggrievedly, and said in a soft, tender voice: "Then if Sui Yan eats one bite of vegetables, will Brother Qi like Sui Yan a little more?"

A gentle smile rippled in Qi Linhan's eyes: "Alright."

Sui Yu pressed his temples, feeling that he could not tolerate this anymore.

"Sui Yan, why aren't you afraid that your brothers and sisters won't like you?"

The chubby-cheeked little girl looked up at her brother blankly: "Huh?"

After being confused for a while, she finally came to her senses. Swallowing the food in her mouth, Sui Yan explained seriously: "Brothers and sisters cannot dislike Sui Yan!"

Ye Anning felt as if she was immersed in a vat of vinegar, exuding jealousy and sourness all over.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Stinky Sui Yan, do you like Qi Linhan more?"

Unexpectedly, the usually shameless little girl's face turned slightly red: "Sister, I don't."

Ye Anning: "..." I don't believe you one bit!

Qi Linhan endured his laughter and put a piece of meat into Sui Yan's bowl: "Sui Yan, ignore them and focus on our meal."

As he spoke, he looked at the others with the eyes of a victor.

Sui Yu clenched his teeth. Very well, fists would be thrown now.

Having provoked public wrath, Qi Linhan slipped home after the meal. After all, Sui Yan was always unreliable and certainly could not protect him.

Looking at the seemingly calm figure of Qi Linhan, Sui Zhi gave a cold snort: "He's lucky to have run away. Otherwise no matter what was said he would have to get beaten up badly."

Sui Yu thought meaningfully: "Yes, though I feel you probably can't beat Qi Linhan."

Sui Zhi: "..." None of your business!


The end of term was approaching and the weather was getting colder. Every time Sui Yan went to school she would be bundled up into a fuzzy little ball.

The little girl wore a fluffy white cotton-padded jacket, with a little panda hat on her small head, and two round ears standing upright on her head.

She struggled to lift her head to look at her three brothers dressed lightly beside her.

"Why can brothers wear so little? Sui Yan has to wear so many clothes!"

Sui Yan, wearing fuzzy black and white mittens, used her little hands to pull at her own collar, trying to cool off a little.

Liu Man grabbed her hand and helped tidy up her clothes again: "Sui Yan, stop fidgeting. It's very cold outside."

Sui Yu said meaningfully: "Sui Yan, there is a kind of cold called mom thinks you feel cold."

Liu Man laughed and patted him: "Stop talking nonsense, don't confuse your sister."

Looking at the furry little sister, Sui Zhi couldn't help but reach out and pinch the little ears on top of her head: "Our Sui Yan is so cute."

Sui Yan shook her head, and tried hard to wave away Sui Zhi's hand, but her little short arms swiped at empty air.

"Brother! Don't touch my hat!"

The little girl stood with fists on her hips, her fair little face flushed red.

Chapter end

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