The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Qi Linhan was exceptionally well-behaved in front of Liu Hua. After handing Sui Yan over to her, he obediently went to change into clean clothes.

Liu Hua looked at her somewhat dirty daughter with distaste, wondering if she could still want this little rascal.

Liu Man's mouth twitched. She reminded: "Madam, let's quickly give Sui Yan a hot bath and change her clothes, otherwise she could easily catch a cold."

Liu Hua came back to her senses. "Oh right." She pinched Sui Yan's face, "Did you have fun playing, Sui Yan?"iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

She had heard the cheerful shouts of the children playing in the yard from inside the house.

The little Sui Yan pouted stubbornly: "Mommy, I hit big brother and the others with snowballs just now. Sui Yan is super, super awesome!"

Liu Hua stroked her chin: "They didn't happen to stand still in front of you and let you hit them, did they?"

Sui Yan justified herself righteously: "Of course not! Big brother and the others stood very far away and let Sui Yan hit them!"

Liu Hua concluded: "So they still stood motionless and let you hit them after all. I knew it."

Sui Yan huffed and turned her head away: "Humph!"

Liu Hua pinched her face again: "Also, how did you get so much snow on you? Don't tell me you can trip and fall even when standing still, Sui Yan?"

Sui Yan: "..." That's right! But she would not admit it!

The little girl said indignantly: "It was because there was too much snow in the yard! When Sui Yan fell, she fell right into the snow."

Liu Hua nodded to indicate she understood: "So it was a fall after all. Sui Yan is so cute."

Although the little one kept boasting that she was the cutest in the world, she intuitively felt that her mother saying she was cute was not meant as praise right now.

So she ignored her mother and turned her head away.

Liu Man was also helpless with these two. They were really childish, one more than the other!

Sui Yan did not settle down even when bathing. After much fussing, Liu Hua dressed her in a furry little bear outfit and hat.

The little girl now looked like a dazed and innocent little bear cub.

Liu Hua held her daughter and looked at her from side to side, satisfied. She kissed her snow-white little cheek: "Sui Yan is so cute."

Sui Yan had completely forgotten that her mother was mocking her for being stupid just now. She clutched the little bear ears on her head and whined coquettishly: "Mommy, why does Sui Yan have to wear a little bear outfit?"

Liu Hua looked as if it was a matter of course: "Because the little panda outfit is being washed and hasn't dried yet."

Oh, that makes sense!

Sui Yan was stunned for a moment. She actually couldn't think of a rebuttal.

Liu Hua patted Sui Yan's little head and continued: "Mommy also bought little puppy outfits for Sui Yan, little dinosaur outfits, and..."

Sui Yan suddenly reacted: "Why did Mommy buy so many little animal outfits?"

Liu Hua coughed: "Of course because they're cute!"

Sui Yan's eyes gradually widened in disbelief as she looked at her mother: "Mommy, don't you think Sui Yan is the cutest? Isn't Sui Yan your favorite little one!"

Liu Hua guiltily touched her nose. She was a fur lover after all. Her little one wasn't fluffy.

After waiting for a while without her mother responding, the little deer-like eyes of the little girl quickly filled with tears.

"Wah... wah... wah..."

The little one broke free from her mother's embrace and ran downstairs crying.

Liu Hua reached out to grab Sui Yan but couldn't help laughing to the side.

Liu Man saw the swaying little bear tail trailing behind the little one as she ran. She also couldn't help covering her face and laughing.

The little one's crying was just so cute!

Sui Yu and the others were basking in the sun when they suddenly heard Sui Yan bawling loudly. When they looked back, they saw a little bear cub running over with tears.

Ye Anning's heart was instantly melted by the little bear cub, but her reason was still there. She was the first to pick up the little one.

"Sui Yan, why are you crying?" She gently asked Sui Yan and used a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Sui Yan sobbed grievously: "Sister, Sui Yan is not mommy's favorite little one anymore, wah... Mommy said Sui Yan is not the cutest anymore, wah..."

Ye Anning: "...How childish!"

So this was a child's worldview!

Shen Nian held in his laughter and earnestly advised the little girl: "Sui Yan, then put on little animal outfits and act coquettishly with mommy. Then Sui Yan would be doubly cute!"

Sui Yan stopped crying abruptly: "Huh?" The little one messily wiped away her tears. "Nian Nian, how should Sui Yan act coquettishly?"

Shen Nian cupped his face and looked at her: "What would Sui Yan do when she wants sister to give her chocolate?"


Sui Yan's mouth watered.

The little girl licked her lips and looked up longingly at Ye Anning: "Sister, I want to eat chocolate."

Ye Anning was charmed by her cuteness: "Good girl, sister will get you chocolate right now!"

She deftly took Sui Yan from under the coffee table drawer and took out a box of chocolates: "Sui Yan come, sister will feed you chocolate."

Sui Yan obediently opened her mouth waiting to be fed: "Ah!"

Ye Anning unwrapped one and put it in the little one's mouth. She smiled happily watching Sui Yan's blissful expression.

Everything seemed extremely harmonious and warm.


Shen Nian pondered: "Sui Yan really wanted to eat chocolate! She forgot she was supposed to learn how to act coy, right!"

Sui Yu saw his sister take two chocolates on her own initiative. He nodded firmly: "That's right, she forgot."

Qi Linhan's hands itched to pinch Sui Yan's little ears on her head. Hearing Sui Yu's words, he nonchalantly said: "What does it matter? Sui Yan is so cute even without acting coy."

Sui Yan had gone from being fed by her sister initially to now taking chocolates on her own.

The little girl's cheeks were bulging. Her eyes were still fixed on that box that was more than half full of chocolates.

Ye Anning took the chance to madly smother her little face, unable to resist tugging her little ears and squeezing her little butt along with the tail.

Sui Yan didn't mind her sister teasing her at all since she had chocolate.

When Liu Hua and Liu Man came downstairs, this was the scene they saw.

The tears at the corners of the little one's eyes were not yet dry. But now her face was full of bliss. Her little hands clutched a handful of chocolates. Her front pocket was also stuffed full of all kinds of candy.

Liu Hua went to Sui Yan and lightly pulled her tail behind her back. She took the initiative to apologize: "Sui Yan, mommy is sorry. Sui Yan will always be mommy's favorite little darling. Our Sui Yan will always be the cutest! Don't be mad at mommy okay?"

Chapter end

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