The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Sui Yan reacted and was not angry, but smiled very proudly: "Brother, isn't Sui Yan learning super realistically!"

Liu Hua, who had just hung up the phone and walked back, looked at this picture with shock all over her face: "Sui Yan, are you learning to be a caterpillar?"

The little girl moved forward again eagerly: "Yeah yeah, mom, doesn't Sui Yan learn it realistically?"

Liu Hua: "..." Why does this child have to learn to be a caterpillar instead of anything else!

As the little one kept learning, she thought it was really fun. So everyone saw her crawling eagerly from one end of the sofa to the other, then rolling over and crawling back again.

Liu Hua covered her face with one hand and seriously thought for a moment why she would give birth to such a silly girl.

And Sui Yu secretly recorded a video and decided to show the little one herself later.

Sui Yan was tired from crawling, and lay flat on the sofa pretending to be dead.

Like a little bear cub who had lost hope for life.


Recently the snow was heavy, and Sui Yan's kindergarten had been having temporary holidays every other day.

And it was the end of semester exam for Sui Yu and the others. These fake kids who didn't need to worry about grades were all excited to say they would take good care of Sui Yan during the winter vacation.

Probably the only real child who was unhappy was Li Yuan who was oppressed by exams!

Sui Yan is currently at home with her mother unpacking express deliveries.

The little one squatted on the side, shocked to see a pile of express boxes in front of her that were even bigger than herself.

"Mom, why did you buy so many things?" Sui Yan poked the box in front of her and couldn't help asking the question from the bottom of her heart.

Liu Hua was justified: "Not all of these were bought by me, there are also gifts from the aunts next door for you guys."

Sui Yan's eyes lit up: "Is it chocolate?"

Liu Hua decisively shook her head: "They said they were clothes, probably clothes with small animal patterns too."

Sui Yan reluctantly accepted: "The aunts also like Sui Yan to wear small animal clothes?"

Liu Hua smiled smugly: "Who wouldn't like a furry little cub?"

Sui Yan clenched her little fist and snorted arrogantly.

Liu Hua didn't tease her anymore, just rubbed the little girl's head: "Don't be silly, hurry up and help mom unpack the packages!"

Sui Yan obediently sat cross-legged on the carpet: "Oh!"

Liu Hua only unpacked a few before getting lazy, she just sat on the side watching her daughter unpack.

She reached out and pinched Sui Yan's face: "Sui Yan, there will be many people celebrating Christmas with us this year."

When Sui Yan thought of this, her eyes smiled: "Then will mom buy a super big Christmas tree this year?"

Liu Hua thought about it: "Sure, then put it in the yard, and hang all your little gifts on it."

Sui Yan held up a little finger: "Sui Yan also wants everyone to make a super big cake together!"

Liu Hua shook her head: "You can't make a super big one, it would be a waste if you can't finish eating it."

After thinking about it, Sui Yan nodded in agreement: "Then let's make a big cake that we can finish eating ourselves!"

Liu Hua smiled satisfied: "Then mom will take you to buy ingredients in the afternoon."

Looking at the express deliveries in front of her, Sui Yan suddenly thought of something: "Mom, Sui Yan also wants to buy gifts for everyone!"

Liu Hua raised her eyebrows: "With the money from that super big piggy bank of yours?"

The little girl said proudly: "Yeah! That piggy is full, I'll use the money in it to buy gifts for everyone, and buy an even bigger piggy for Sui Yan herself!"

Liu Hua looked at her daughter in surprise: "That piggy wasn't bought for you last year? It's already full so quickly, where did you get so much money?"

Although the little one owned the biggest amusement park in the city, and the bank card for the income was also in the little one's own hands, it was a bank card! Not cash!

Sui Yan justified herself: "It was given by dad! Last time when we moved, dad saw Sui Yan's piggy bank and started giving Sui Yan money often."

Liu Hua looked up at the sky speechlessly: "Why didn't you tell mom?"

Sui Yan pouted: "Sui Yan was saving money to buy gifts for mom and everyone!"

Liu Hua tapped the little girl's forehead: "You! Naughty child!"

Sui Yan just held her cheeks and smiled silly and happily. She was really very happy!

As soon as Sui Yu came home, he was shocked by the pile of messy express boxes in the middle of the living room. He thought for two seconds, then turned to go upstairs.

"Stop! Where are you going, come unpack the deliveries together." Liu Hua beckoned to her son with narrowed eyes.

Sui Yu didn't want to unpack deliveries at all: "Mom, I'm going upstairs to do homework."

Liu Hua looked at him in disgust: "What homework? You have homework to do every day, it's okay not to do it today. Come here!"

Sui Yu sighed: "Fine, coming."

To this day, he still didn't understand which path his mother had taken to educate her children!

Sui Yan also beckoned like her mother: "Brother, come here!"

Sui Yu was caught off guard seeing this little dumpling. He was silent for a moment: "Mom, you're even exploiting child labor?"

Liu Hua: "......Oh."

Sui Yan patted the empty space next to her: "Ti Zi, sit here!"

Ti Zi ran over there and lay down, looking curiously at their actions.

Sui Yan was watched by Ti Zi for a long time before grabbing an express package and putting it in front of it: "Does Ti Zi also want to play? Be careful not to damage what's inside the box!"

Ti Zi nodded obediently, pawing at the express box a few times and looking at it carefully.

Then it stretched out its paw, baring its sharp claws, and lightly scraped the tape sealing the box.

With a tearing sound, the box was opened in front of everyone.

The three were shocked. Sui Yan was the first to react: "Ti Zi is awesome!"

Liu Hua patted her daughter's head: "What awesome, what if Ti Zi understands you and opens the package, its claws would be hurt."

Saying that, she went over to check Ti Zi's claws. Ti Zi's eyes were full of laughter as it carefully retracted its sharp claws.

Liu Hua stroked Ti Zi's furry paws and closed her eyes comfortably. She said thoughtfully: "Ti Zi's claws can be retracted, so they don't need to be trimmed."

Sui Yan snatched its paws: "Mom, Ti Zi's claws can't be trimmed in the first place!"

Liu Hua rubbed both cubs' heads: "I didn't say I would trim them, why are you panicking?"Fllw ew stories at n/v(e)lb/in(.)com


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