The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

When Liu Hua heard this, she pinched little Yan's cheeks with both hands and said, "Then mommy won't buy you chocolate."

Little Yan flexibly compromised: "Mommy, it's not right for us to be like this."

Liu Hua scoffed: "Huh!" This brat!

Since Yan had "secretly" followed her friends out to play, she was deprived of the right to watch cartoons at night.

Shen Nian and Ye Anning had gone back to their respective homes. Sui Yu, Yan and Ti Zi were sitting in the living room watching TV and playing with their computers.

Yan sat on the carpet with a book as thick as a brick in front of her. She secretly reminded Sui Yu: "Brother, the TV show is over."

Qiao Ze yawned boredly. He didn't like watching these family ethics TV shows either. It was Liu Man and Liu Hua who were watching them.

Liu Hua glanced at her daughter with a completely indifferent expression: "Yan, have you finished that chapter?"

Yan lowered her head guiltily: "Mommy, just a little bit left."

Liu Hua snorted. "That's what you get for playing so crazily these past few days. You almost lost your book."

The little girl struggled to shift the heavy "brick" book in front of her and mumbled something inaudible.

Sui Zhi thought it was a little funny: "Mom, Yan is still so young. Why are you making her read such profound books?"

What the little girl was reading was Liu Hua's foundational medical knowledge book. It really was too difficult for her.

Speaking of which, even Liu Hua found it quite incredible: "Yan can understand it. Our pup will definitely surpass me in the future." Liu Hua already had an outstanding position in the medical field.

Qiao Ze remembered that in her previous life, Yan specialized in pharmaceuticals and also achieved a lot. But he wasn't clear on the specifics.

Yan simply lay flat on the ground, propping up her little face to read her book. Ti Zi accompanied her, lying next to her. Hearing Liu Hua say this, the little girl cooed: "Mommy, your puppy is so tired from reading books!"

She was so tired, yet not even allowed to rest. Wasn't that too much?

The brick-like book lay open in front of the two little dumplings. It did seem too harsh compared to them.

Liu Hua waved her hand: "Alright Yan, take a break today."

Yan pushed her luck: "Oh! Then I want to watch cartoons!"

Liu Hua directly picked her up and hugged her in her arms: "But mommy wants to watch TV shows."

Yan generously waved her little hand: "Then you watch, mommy."

Somehow, Ti Zi had jumped onto the sofa and was lying next to Liu Hua.

Liu Hua was quite satisfied with her little darling's reaction. She was just about to comfortably watch TV when her gaze suddenly swept past the dog beside her.

She found it strange and picked up Ti Zi: "How did this puppy grow so fast? It's only been a little while since it was so small." She was even starting to have trouble holding it with one hand.

Yan stretched out her little hand worriedly to pinch the soft fur on Ti Zi's neck: "Ti Zi must have eaten too much and gotten fat."

Liu Man deeply resonated: "That's right, Ti Zi eats the most."

Ti Zi: "..." Who's talking about me!

Sui Yu paused his computer and politely coughed: "Mom, puppies grow quickly anyway... Eating more is normal when growing up."

Liu Hua dangled Ti Zi's tail, twisting and turning to look at it from all angles: "And why do I feel like it doesn't look much like a dog?"

Yan tried to come to Ti Zi's rescue: "Mommy, you're going to hurt Ti Zi!"

Liu Hua put Ti Zi back down: "Alright alright, I won't touch it. Let's take Ti Zi to the pet hospital for a checkup someday. Otherwise, how can I feel at ease letting you guys play together?"

Yan pouted: "Mommy, Ti Zi is so obedient!" The little girl spread her arms to demonstrate a circle that she felt was very big.

Liu Hua knocked her head: "What use is being obedient? I was too busy recently and forgot to take it to get vaccinated. What if it accidentally bites you guys?"

The little girl pouted even more: "But getting shots is painful!"

Liu Hua didn't even bother arguing with the kid. But she saw Ti Zi nudge Yan's foot with its head, seemingly comforting her not to worry.

And the little girl also seemed to understand its meaning. She stroked the fur of the puppy compassionately: "Don't be scared Ti Zi. Yan will protect you."

Liu Hua sighed: "Oh alright, you guys are the best and I'm the bad guy!"

Before she could even start feeling wronged, Ti Zi came over and gently licked her fingers.

A pair of wet, innocent eyes looked at her pleadingly.

Yan also hugged Liu Hua from behind: "No no, mommy is the best!"

Liu Hua's weakness was struck by these two little ones. She turned her head away: "Humph! In any case, injections first. Everything else can wait."

Yan hugged mommy's neck and kissed her loudly, repeating once more: "Mommy is the best."

Sui Yu and the rest also breathed a sigh of relief, but were still very nervous. After all, sooner or later Liu Hua would find out this puppy was actually a wolf.

Moreover, a wolf king!

Ti Zi was the most nervous! If it got sent away, it might never see Yan again!

For the sake of their future days, the ferocious yet externally cute wolf king took the initiative to further ingratiate itself with its little masters mother.

Liu Hua poked each of the little ones foreheads in turn: You two look silly, but are so sly!

Yan arrogantly raised her head: Yan was never silly.

Liu Hua became interested and almost wanted to argue with Yan. But before she could prepare, she suddenly heard Liu Mans slightly frightened voice.

"Maam, look at the TV!"

Liu Hua was puzzled and turned her head back, only to unexpectedly see the TV drama switched to a nature show?Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

She waved her hand: "You want to watch nature shows? Then go ahead."

Liu Man almost cried: "No maam! Look at the animal on it!"

Liu Huas heart skipped a beat. She looked again and this time, an entire white wolf head filled the TV screen.

Liu Hua: ...You scared me.

The fear filling Liu Mans heart vanished in an instant, leaving only indifference: ...Maam, dont you think Ti Zi looks a lot like these wolves?

Our few children play with a wolf cub every day!

Yan hugged the resigned Ti Zi: Ti Zi is so awesome!

Turns out its a little wolf! So cool!

Liu Hua gradually came to her senses: So its not a dog at all? But a wolf?

Liu Man was exhausted: Maam, have you finally reacted?

Sui Yu weakly argued: Wolves and dogs look quite similar...right.

Chapter end

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