The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Little did he expect that the usually unreliable little rascal could be so perceptive at a time like this.

Xu Yi and Liu Hua were both a little embarrassed.

Feeling that all eyes were now on her, Liu Hua steeled herself and asked, "What are you doing here shopping too?"

Xu Yi smiled gently, "I happened to be here on business and I'm staying nearby."

Liu Hua forced a smile, "Then enjoy your shopping, we're leaving now."

She patted the little rascal still clinging to her leg, "Sui Yan, get down now, we're going to buy something else."

But the little rascal was determined to remain a leg warmer, "No, no! Mom, we haven't finished picking gifts yet!"

Liu Hua almost died of embarrassment on the spot. This little rascal really is unreliable!

Liu Man could tell what was going on. She grabbed Sui Yan by the back of her collar and pulled her off, "Sui Yan, you're making it hard for Madam to walk like that. Sui Man and brother will take you to pick a gift, okay?"

The little rascal looked left and right before obediently letting go, "Okay then."

Watching the five unreliable people hurry away, Liu Hua was even more embarrassed.

The smile in Xu Yi's eyes deepened, "Little Hua."

Liu Hua let out a sigh, "I'm going to find them, goodbye."

She turned to leave but Xu Yi grabbed her wrist, "Can we talk?"

Liu Hua paused before gently brushing off Xu Yi's hand, "There's nothing to talk about."

Xu Yi didn't say anything, just looked at her steadily.

Liu Hua was about to say something when she suddenly heard her little rascal deliberately lowering her voice.

She narrowed her eyes and walked right over to the other side of the shelves.

"What are you all doing?"

The five people in front of her were pushing each other around, all leaning over the shelves eavesdropping. Caught by surprise, they smiled awkwardly and scratched their heads.

Liu Man scrambled to grab a box next to her, "Madam, we're picking gifts."

Being so little, Sui Yan had fought for a spot but didn't manage to hear anything. Now she decisively tattled to her mom.

The little girl tugged at Liu Hua's clothes, "Mom, brother squeezed me!"

Liu Hua: "..." You little brat, worried I wouldn't know you were eavesdropping?

Sui Yu immediately pulled his little sister into his arms, covering her mouth, "Mom, Sui Yan is talking nonsense. We're going to buy stuff now, you continue with Uncle."

Liu Man also laughed it off, "That's right, Madam please continue with that gentleman."

Little Sui Yan curiously peeked out from her brother's arms, "What are you and that uncle continuing, Mom?"

Liu Hua had enough, "That's it from all of you!"

The five grinning people immediately stiffened, reflexively standing at attention.

Liu Hua looked completely cold, "Keep shopping, go straight home after. Understood?"

"Understood!" The three teenagers and one girl answered in unison.

The little rascal was still slow on the uptake, asking in a soft voice, "But why, Mom?"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes, her tone carrying the threat of destroying chocolate, "Hmm?"

The little rascal stiffened, "Understood!"

Satisfied, Liu Hua nodded, "Then what are you waiting for?"

Xu Yi's voice untimely cut in, "I'll go with you guys."

Liu Hua gritted her teeth, "No need..."

Little rascal Sui Yan risked losing chocolate to interrupt her mom, "Uncle, do you like my mom?"

Xu Yi's eyes smiled, "Yes I do, how did you know, Sui Yan?"

The little rascal patted her chest proudly, "I saw it on TV! That's what they always say on TV!"

Liu Hua expressionlessly said, "Sui Man, take the TV apart and throw it away when we get back. No, do it right after we get back."

The little rascal paled, "Mom, no!"

Liu Hua clenched her teeth, "Then keep your mouth shut!"

Sui Yan hurriedly nodded.

Nobody is allowed to touch her TV! It's her source of happiness!

Xu Yi had a smile on his face but a glint of regret in his eyes.

What a missed opportunity to be helped by the little rascal! Pity...read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

Having eaten melon for so long, Sui Yu and Qiao Ze finally decided to help push things along.

After all, they too hoped Liu Hua could spend the rest of her life with a reliable man, and in their opinion, Xu Yi was the most suitable so far.

Sui Zhi cleared his throat, "Uncle, could you help us get another cart? We have quite a lot to buy and these two carts won't fit everything."

Liu Hua coldly glanced at her two carts here which were barely half full and couldn't help but roll her eyes.

You little brat aren't too bad at blatantly lying, huh.

Xu Yi slightly inclined his head, "It would be my honor."

Seeing Sui Yan raise her hand as if to say something, Liu Hua gave her a cursory glance. The little girl immediately shut her mouth again.

Xu Yi took the initiative to ask, "So where shall we go first?"

Sui Zhi pointed to the shelves next to them, "We want to buy gifts for the neighbors here. Do you have any suggestions, Uncle?"

Xu Yi's gaze was gentle, "Then let me take a look with you... Does the little one need me to carry her?"

Sui Yu pinched his sister's cheek, "Sui Yan, do you want Uncle to carry you?"

Sui Yan was just looking for a chance to gossip, of course she was thrilled, "Can I?"

Xu Yi smiled and reached out to the little girl, "Of course you can."

Sui Yan really did obediently let Xu Yi carry her, seemingly ignoring Liu Hua's stifled expression.

Liu Man moved next to Liu Hua and whispered, "Madam, the children all seem to really like this gentleman."

So just go along with it.

Liu Hua's gaze unconsciously softened as she looked at her four cubs, "It's different. A stranger uncle and a stepfather are not the same concept."

What if the kids don't accept a stepfather?

Liu Man wanted to say more but held back. She really wanted to say, it's obvious these three boys already understand that, okay! At most, little rascal Sui Yan still might not get that Xu Yi wants to be her stepfather.

And now little rascal Sui Yan...

"Uncle, when did you start liking my mom?" The little rascal looked at him curiously, asking in a lowered voice.

Xu Yi also lowered his voice cooperatively, "What's up?"

The little girl seemed quite happy, "Uncle, will you live together with my mom like my dad and Aunt Ye?"

Xu Yi's eyes flickered, "Does Sui Yan want Uncle and your mom to be together?"

The little girl seriously thought about it, holding her cheeks, "I want it a little bit, and don't want it a little bit."

Xu Yi was so nervous his palms were sweating, "Why is that?"

Sui Yan seemed a little worried, "Sui Yan doesn't want Mom to be alone, but what if after Uncle is together with Mom, Mom doesn't love Sui Yan the most anymore?"

She knew clearly that the neighbor uncles and aunties were all in pairs, only her mom had always been alone.

But she also really wanted her mom to always love her the most.

Chapter end

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