The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 72

Chapter 72

But he also quickly figured it out. This was probably Liu Hua's new boyfriend.

Sui Jinhong stepped back a couple of steps to make room: "It's not convenient for me to go in, you come and help carry these kids."

His attitude was a bit unexpected to Xu Yi, but on second thought, it seemed quite normal. So he could only smile and say, "Yeah."

...That's the divider...

Since Liu Hua's family had been preparing for Christmas several days in advance, the neighboring families were all infected with this joyful atmosphere.

Liu Hua also cruelly printed out a photo of the kids with butterfly bows on their heads and, ignoring Sui Yu's objections, posted it in the most conspicuous place in the living room.

Sui Yu stood in front of the giant photo and couldn't help but sigh deeply.

This Christmas was destined to be an unhappy one...

"Wow! Big brother, we look so good in the photo!" The little brat ran to Sui Yu's side at some point and exclaimed in amazement.

Sui Yu looked at his sister, then at the photo, and sighed again.

Apparently, it was only him who was unhappy!

Whatever, it doesn't matter, as long as the little brat is happy.

Sui Yu picked up his sister: "Yan, where are the others?"

Sui Yan skillfully wrapped her arms around her brother's neck: "The people delivering the Christmas tree are here, and everyone's outside watching!"

Sui Yu bounced the little brat in his arms: "Then let's go out and see the commotion too."

They had just reached the door when they vaguely saw a crowd of people outside. Sui Yan stretched her neck, trying to see farther.

Sui Zhi struggled to squeeze through from outside, and before he could catch his breath, he heard a voice from above: "Is everyone watching the Christmas tree?"

Sui Zhi patted his clothes and stood up straight: "Yeah, Mom bought two Christmas trees. She said a small one will be put in the living room and a big one in the yard."

As he was speaking, a few tall men carried the trees in.

"Where should we put this?" one of them asked.

Liu Hua came in, looked around for a moment, and pointed to a corner: "Put it there for now, we'll move it later. The big one can go in the middle of the yard."

After a messy discussion, everyone was finally barely satisfied.

An Sitong joined in at some point: "It'll look great once we decorate it a bit."

Liu Hua disdainfully glanced at her: "Says who?"

An Sitong was adamant: "I also want to spend Christmas at your place."

Sui Yan poked her head out from her brother's arms: "Sis, Yan has lots of chocolates!"

An Sitong's eyes lit up at the sight of the little brat: "Baby! Let auntie hug you!"

The obedient Sui Yan was snatched by An Sitong and suffered a bout of pinching.

The little brat puffed out her cheeks and covered her little face: "Sis, don't pinch Yan's face anymore, Mom said my face got round from being pinched!"

An Sitong sternly corrected her: "Baby, you should call me auntie. And... wasn't your face already this round?"

Sui Yan would never admit it: "No, no! It got round from being pinched!"

An Sitong thought for a moment, put the little brat down, and sneakily reached out to rub her face before running away laughing.

Sui Yan was dazed, and only reacted after the fact, finding her mom with a pitiful look.

"Mom, Auntie pinched Yan's face and made it round."

The little brat had no idea her face was already round from eating too much.

Liu Hua patted the kid's little head: "Baby, don't worry, Mom will help you beat up Auntie." She rolled up her sleeves and headed outside.

Sui Yan looked confusedly at her mom's back, and a few seconds later, she heard An Sitong's screams from outside: "Sis! Sorry, sorry! I won't do it again!"

The little brat was startled and ran out with her short legs, shouting, "Mom! No fighting!"

These adults are so hard to handle! They start fighting the moment you look away!

However, when the little brat ran outside, she only saw Liu Hua and An Sitong chatting animatedly with their arms around each other.

Sui Yan the little brat: "......" Well, Mom lied to her again!

...The divider makes another appearance...

The weather seems to have improved a bit recently, but it's still snowing heavily.

Since Shen Nian participated in a city-level writing competition and won first place two days before Christmas, everyone prepared two gifts for her on Christmas day.

Sui Yan held Shen Nian's hand and ran out to the yard, pointing at the huge Christmas tree: "Nian, my gift for you is on the tree!"

Shen Nian smiled and squatted down to kiss the little brat: "Yan, I know! My gift for you is also hanging on it."

The snowflakes falling on the little brat's fair face looked dream-like and slightly unreal.

Shen Nian unconsciously tightened her grip on Sui Yan's hand as she led her back inside: "Yan, let's go warm up by the fire! It's so cold outside."

The little brat didn't know why Nian seemed a bit unhappy.

"Okay! Nian, Yan will share chocolates with you!"

"Sure, we'll eat them secretly without telling anyone!"


Today was the most lively day at Liu Hua's house. As she looked at the crowd in the living room, she had a bit of a headache.

"Hey, the kids can play, but you adults shouldn't just lie around, you know."

An Sitong shifted positions and patted the empty space beside her: "Sis, come lie down too."

Liu Hua: "......" This person is so shameless!

The sofa was occupied by these adults, so Sui Yu and the others had to sit on the carpet.

Ye Anning looked around: "Where did Shen Nian and Yan go?"

Qiao Ze calmly spoke up: "I just saw them come in from the yard and sneak upstairs."

Ye Anning narrowed her eyes dangerously: "They must have gone to misbehave. Come on, let's go catch them."

Sui Yu stretched lazily: "Or is it because you're jealous and want to be spoiled in front of Yan?"

Ye Anning grabbed a pillow nearby and threw it at Sui Yu: "Mind your own business!"

The gossiping trio of Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, and Qi Linhan whispered openly.

"I think those two have a problem."

"It's too obvious."

"Last time, Sui Yu even gave Ye Anning a customized Bluetooth headset."ewW ovels updtes on nov/l/b(i)(.)com

Sui Yu looked at them coldly: "I'd appreciate if you gossiped somewhere the people involved couldn't hear you, or you might get beaten up."

Ye Anning grabbed an inflatable wolf-tooth club: "No next time, let's just shut them up."

Qi Linhan was the first to get up and run upstairs: "Good luck to you guys, I'm going to find Yan!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze: "......"

Chapter end

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