The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 76

Chapter 76

With Christmas over, the winter break was fast approaching, and Liu Hua could visibly see her whole body becoming lazier.

Liu Man finished tidying up the housework, and as she passed by Liu Hua lying on the sofa, she couldn't help but smile and say, "Madam, other parents find it annoying when their kids are on winter or summer break, yet you're getting lazier?"

Liu Hua stretched leisurely and said, "I can't wait for them to be on vacation, so I can let Sui Yu and the others cook from now on, and we can all rest for a few days." She suddenly propped herself up, smiling a little mysteriously. "Man, you're over twenty years old, you should find yourself a boyfriend and start dating."

Liu Man cleared her throat, "Madam, there's no rush for that."

Liu Hua glared at her, "How is it not urgent? I've always treated you like a sister, and you better not blame me if you can't get married later."

Liu Man pretended not to hear and turned to leave.

To her, Liu Hua was no less than her life-saver. But she couldn't help Liu Hua in any way, except for looking after the children.

As for dating and such, she had never really thought about it.

Meanwhile, Liu Hua felt a little helpless, wondering why everyone had their own ideas!

As she was pondering this, their doorbell rang.

Liu Man hurried over with small steps, "Madam, it must be Mr. Xu."

Liu Hua felt even more helpless, as if everyone had taken Xu Yi's position for granted since Christmas Day.

And Xu Yi had also started coming more frequently and openly.

Xu Yi brought a large pile of things with him, and Liu Hua couldn't help but frown when she saw it, "You bought these many things for those kids again?"

Xu Yi put down the items and smiled, "Not all of them, most are for you."

Liu Hua finally sat up, "What did you buy?"

Xu Yi took out a very low-key black paper bag, "You can open the other ones later... I think you'll like this one more."

Liu Hua stroked her chin, "It looks quite expensive."

Xu Yi laughed helplessly, "Can your focus not be so weird every time?"

He took out a gilded black box from the paper bag, "It's just a necklace. I attended an auction a few days ago and thought you might like this when I saw it."

The moment he opened the box, Xu Yi indeed saw the admiration in Liu Hua's eyes.

"It's beautiful! But I don't like wearing such things," Liu Hua didn't hold back her praise.

Xu Yi closed the box and handed it to her, "I know you don't like wearing these things, I just collected it for you to look at."

As Liu Man passed by, she couldn't help but smile and walk away after overhearing them.

Sui Yu came back home with his younger brothers and sister today. The three boys walked towards home while listening to their sister's non-stop chattering.

Sui Zhi carried Sui Yan's little backpack, while she held a lollipop in one hand, "Brother, someone bullied a classmate at school today."

Suddenly hearing a sensitive keyword, Sui Yu became tense, "What happened? Was Yan bullied?"

The little girl licked her lollipop, not too bothered, "That classmate kept trying to make Yan and another girl kiss him during naptime. Yan secretly went to find the teacher, and then the teacher took Yan and the girl to the office to nap."

Most of the kids at the kindergarten Sui Yan attended were from wealthy or privileged families, so an ordinary teacher wouldn't dare to actually discipline the students.

The teacher was already being quite protective of the little girl.

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze all stopped in their tracks, their faces turning cold as Sui Yu asked, "Do you know that classmate's name?"

Sui Yan looked at her brothers, a little confused.

Why did... her brothers suddenly become so serious?

Sui Yu's expression grew even colder, "Yan, you must tell your brothers right away if something like this happens again, understand?"

The little girl pursed her lips, "Brother, Yan knows to find the teacher." Mom had taught her!

Qiao Ze squatted down to look Sui Yan in the eye, "Yan, what if the teacher isn't there? You need to tell us next time, so the adults can help."

Sui Zhi didn't have as good a temper and directly hoisted Sui Yan onto his shoulders to head home, "What's the point of telling her now? Let's go find Mom and Dad, or Yan might get bullied again."

His sudden action startled Sui Yan, causing her to drop her lollipop. But seeing the cold aura radiating from her brothers, the little girl could only weakly say, "Brother, my lollipop..."

Sui Yu said impatiently, "We'll buy you a whole bucket when we get home, just forget about this one!"

Sui Yan blinked her eyes and obediently rested her head on Sui Zhi's shoulder, "Okay."

At home, Liu Hua was sitting with Xu Yi watching TV when the front door was suddenly pushed open forcefully, almost giving her a fright.

She frowned as she looked over, "Zhi? What's wrong?"

Sui Yu's expression was cold and grave, "Mom, Yan was bullied at kindergarten."

This truly shocked Liu Hua, her eyes reddening with panic, "What exactly happened?"

Sui Yan tiptoed to hug her mother, trying to comfort her, "Mommy, Yan wasn't bullied, Yan went to find the teacher for help."

Xu Yi could see the seriousness on the boys' faces, realizing the situation wasn't simple. He stood up and asked, "What are the specifics?"

Sui Yu took a deep breath, "Yan said a boy at kindergarten tried to make her kiss him!"Finnd ew chapters on nve/lbi(.)com

Although the kids were still young in kindergarten, that was precisely why the matter should be taken more seriously.

Especially since little Yan was the most doted and cherished by everyone.

Liu Hua was so anxious that she wanted to rush out, "Which little brat dared to bully my precious daughter? I'll skin him alive if he's not lucky."

Xu Yi held her back, "Xiao Hua, don't be rash!"

Liu Hua shook off his hand and yelled, "My precious daughter was bullied, how can I not be anxious?"

Xu Yi calmly looked at Liu Hua, "But the more anxious you get, the more clueless you'll be about what to do. We don't even know who that boy is or what his family situation is like."

Liu Hua stared at him blankly, her eyes slowly welling up with tears.

"I'm sorry, I..." She didn't want to lose her composure like that.

Xu Yi smiled gently, "You never have to apologize to me."

If this were any other normal time, Sui Yu and the others would quietly bundle up their sister and leave, giving enough space for Xu Yi and Liu Hua to cultivate their relationship.

But the situation was different now!

Sui Yu struggled to suppress his anger, trying his best to stay calm as he said, "Mom, I think we should first find that boy's parents and make them discipline that disgraceful thing properly."

Liu Hua massaged her brow, also calming down a bit, "I'll contact Yan's teacher now and get that family's contact information from her."

Sui Yan looked from one person to another, finally realizing that something very serious must have happened.

Chapter end

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