The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 77

Chapter 77

After watching for a while, Sui Zhi finally spoke up: "Mom, should we tell my dad about this?"

Hearing this, Liu Hua instinctively looked towards Xu Yi. After receiving his nod of approval, she nodded: "Tell him, he can definitely help too."

Xu Yi sighed inwardly, he also hoped that Sui Jinhong would know about this incident. After all, as a father, if he didn't even know that his own daughter was bullied, he would certainly feel very defeated.

Sui Yu immediately turned around and sent a message to Sui Jinhong, telling him about the situation.

Sui Yan hesitated and said: "Mom..."

Liu Hua crouched down and gently stroked her daughter's little head: "Yan, you did great by going to the teacher for help, but shouldn't you tell mom first thing next time?"

The little one clutched her clothes tightly and said with a naive look: "I know, Mom."

Liu Hua still felt very distressed and worried, she tightly hugged her daughter without saying a word.

And Sui Yan, feeling her mother's unease, obediently stood there letting her hug her.

The teacher replied to the message quickly, and at this moment, Sui Jinhong also hurriedly knocked on Liu Hua's door.

It was Liu Hua's sister Liu Man who opened the door, with Ye Anning behind him. As soon as they came in, they asked: "Is Yan okay?"

Like Liu Hua, they were both very worried that this incident might leave psychological scars on the little one.

However, the first person to speak to them was the little one herself. Sui Yan awkwardly patted her mother's back and pouted at her father and sister: "Sister, I'm fine!"

Liu Hua forcefully pressed the corners of her eyes, and finally let go of the little one.

Ye Anning couldn't help but ask: "Auntie, what should we do now?"

Sui Yu glanced at Ye Anning's gaze, feeling that if the bear of a child who bullied Yan were here, she would definitely charge up and beat that bear up.

Ye Anning did think that way, but she couldn't show her hot-tempered emotions in front of the elders.

Liu Hua looked at her phone: "Yan's teacher gave me the contact information of the boy's parents. At the very least, we should make that boy apologize to our little one."

Sui Jinhong's expression was cold, he didn't want to let that little bear off so easily.

"Can I see who the parents on the other side are?" he couldn't help but ask Liu Hua.

Liu Hua glanced at Xu Yi, thought about Sui Jinhong's influence in the area, and then decisively handed her phone to Sui Jinhong.

Although Xu Yi understood the current situation, he couldn't help but sigh inwardly again.

Sui Jinhong took Liu Hua's phone and immediately noticed the somewhat familiar profile picture on the screen.

He sneered: "What a coincidence? This person happens to be a general manager at one of my branch companies."

Liu Hua was taken aback: "Your company has such people?"

Sui Jinhong touched his nose: "Of course not? We're not yet clear about their attitude. If they're really too arrogant, then I won't be polite."

Xu Yi watched for a moment, then extended his hand towards Sui Jinhong: "Let me communicate with the other party, you just stand by."


Sui Jinhong immediately handed the phone to Xu Yi, even taking a step back.

Seeing the three adults trying to find a solution, Sui Yu pursed her lips, feeling useless.

If only she could achieve the same success as her previous life earlier, then she could teach the person who bullied her sister a lesson herself.

Sui Zhi gently bumped into her: "I know I'm useless too, but you're showing your emotions too obviously."

Sui Yu lowered her eyes: "Got it, I'll pay attention next time."

And the little protagonist of this incident, Sui Yan, had somehow taken her sister's hand and run to the kitchen at some point.

Ye Anning picked up the little one, who was tiptoeing and struggling to look into the fridge: "Yan, what are you looking for?"

Sui Yan was too short to reach what she wanted. She could only plead with her sister: "Sister, I'm hungry, I want little cakes."

Ye Anning hesitated for a moment, glancing towards the kitchen entrance.eew updates t nvel/bi(.)com

It didn't seem like the situation would be resolved anytime soon...

"Then Yan, step back a little, sister will find them for you."

The little one's eyes lit up, and she obediently nodded: "Okay!"

Ye Anning took out a few small cakes, and the two girls hid in the corner of the kitchen to share these little delicacies.

Until Liu Hua's slightly mocking voice came from the living room: "Their attitude is far from understanding their mistake! They're implying the child is still young, and this incident doesn't need to be taken seriously. As if it's not their child who was bullied?"

Sui Jinhong's expression was also not very good. He sent a message to that person from his own phone, while comforting her: "Don't worry, they'll soon bring their little bear to apologize to Yan."

Not even two minutes after Sui Jinhong sent the message, the person called him. He was about to hang up and leave them hanging for a while, but Liu Hua gritted her teeth and said: "Don't hang up, answer the call!"

Sui Jinhong glanced at Xu Yi and handed him his phone.

Xu Yi took the phone and answered the call, turning on the speaker directly.

A man's slightly panicked voice came from the phone: "President Sui, I'm really sorry, we didn't know that was your precious daughter."

At the kitchen entrance, hearing only this sentence, Sui Yan looked at Ye Anning with confusion: "Sister, what is that person talking about? Who weighs a thousand pounds?"

Ye Anning simply covered the little one's entire face with her hand: "Shh, we'll talk later, let's just listen for now."

The little one looked bewildered: "Oh."

Just as they were about to hear what the person would say next, Liu Hua gloomily cursed straight out: "What? If it's not Sui Jinhong's daughter, you can bully her? Living like a scumbag, doing nothing but shameless things. Teach that disgraceful thing in your family a lesson, don't let him become a loser like you!"

She let out a string of curses, and the other party was stunned without getting a word in. And as soon as Liu Hua finished speaking, Xu Yi very cooperatively hung up the call directly.

Sui Jinhong gasped: "Hua, it turns out you went easy on me before."

They had lived together for so many years, and at most, he would occasionally be snapped at by Liu Hua. This was the first time he had seen her curse someone like this.

Liu Hua was annoyed seeing him now: "Can't you read the situation? What kind of people are in your company, I'm annoyed just looking at you now!"

Sui Jinhong stood up straight: "Hua, I'll immediately fire that person and make him come over to apologize to Yan."

Liu Hua was barely satisfied, she waved her hand dismissively: "Fine."

Sui Jinhong gave Xu Yi an encouraging look, then slipped back home.

And now Xu Yi was also annoyed. After hesitating, he said: "Little Hua, will you be very disappointed in me?"

Chapter end

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