The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Liu Hua glared at him rudely: "What drama are you putting on now?"

Xu Yi was taken aback for a moment, then couldn't help but laugh: "I'm being overly dramatic."

Liu Hua ignored him and turned to find her little cub.

Meanwhile, Sui Yan had joined Ye Anning in a corner of the kitchen, and Ye Anning held a large bag of dried fruit, occasionally feeding the little cub.

Sometimes when the little cub thought Ye Anning was too slow, she would reach out and take some herself.

Liu Hua looked on with worry: "Yan, are you hungry? Anning, you haven't had dinner either, have you? Your dad left you here, so why don't you eat with Auntie?"

Ye Anning was used to her unreliable father, so she obediently nodded: "Thank you, Auntie."

Liu Hua smiled and ruffled her hair: "You're so polite with Auntie."

She picked up the little cub and headed out: "Liu Man, we're about to eat. Where are Sui Yu and the others? Have they run off somewhere again?"

Before she could see Liu Man, her voice came first: "Madam, Sui Yu said he and the other two took Ti Zi to visit little Qi next door, and told us not to wait for them for dinner."

Her sons were all grown up now, so Liu Hua didn't insist on controlling them, and waved her hand: "Alright, we won't wait for them. If they come home hungry later, they can find their own food...Oh, remember to leave some dinner for Ti Zi, or else it will starve."

Sui Yan struggled out of her mother's arms: "Mama, did Brother and Ti Zi go see Brother Qi Linhan?"

Liu Hua tapped the little cub's forehead: "Yes, but Yan can't go now!"

The little cub pouted: "But Ti Zi went!"

Liu Hua said impatiently: "But you still can't go!"

Sui Yan crossed her arms defiantly: "Hmph! I'm not Mama's favorite cub anymore!"CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

Liu Hua didn't miss a beat: "Then Yan can sleep in the doghouse tonight."

Sui Yan hugged her sister: "No, Ti Zi doesn't sleep in the doghouse! Yan will sleep with Sister!"

Xu Yi thought it was amusing and couldn't help but tell the little cub: "Yan, Uncle bought you the latest building blocks today!"

The little cub was instantly intrigued: "Really? Thank you, Uncle Xu! Uncle Xu doesn't need to be polite!"

Liu Hua almost laughed at her outrage, and pinched the little cub's face: "What nonsense are you saying? How can Uncle Xu not be polite?"

Sui Yan insisted with her fingers counting: "That's what Brother told Yan! Brother said Uncle Xu likes Mama, and we'll help Uncle Xu pursue Mama, then Uncle Xu won't need to be polite!"

Ye Anning and Liu Man could barely hold back their laughter from the side.

Cub, you've sold out your brother again!

Meanwhile, Sui Yan lowered her voice conspiratorially to Xu Yi: "Uncle Xu, so did you pursue my mom or not? How did you do it?"

Xu Yi's smile widened, and he cupped his hand to whisper: "Yan, if you keep talking about your mom, she'll throw you out, you know."

Sui Yan was startled and quickly glanced at the fearsome queen of their home. But she only saw the queen smiling gently: "Cub, it's okay for children to be curious, but don't be too inquisitive."

Liu Hua's voice took on a slightly gritted tone at the end.

The normally oblivious little cub miraculously became perceptive again, and nonchalantly hugged Liu Man to change the subject: "Liu Man, I'm so hungry! When can we eat?"

Liu Man stifled a laugh: "Soon, cub, don't be impatient."

...Dividing line...

Qi Linhan sat at his desk fiddling with his computer, while the three Sui Yu brothers sitting across from him, and even Ti Zi sprawled on the floor, didn't look too happy.

Sui Yu sounded impatient: "Stop messing with your computer, we came here for real business."

Qi Linhan paid it no mind and kept looking at his screen: "What's up? You guys can speak first."

Sui Yu's voice was cold: "Yan was bullied at the kindergarten."

Those few words instantly shattered the previously calm and composed Qi Linhan: "What happened? How could she be bullied?"

Seeing that he had finally stopped staring at the computer, Sui Zhi then slowly added: "There was a bully kid at the kindergarten who thought Yan was cute and kept trying to make her kiss him."

Qi Linhan's expression darkened: "Yan is okay now, right?"

Qiao Ze gritted his teeth: "Yeah, it's a good thing Auntie taught Yan beforehand, so she went to find the teacher for help."

Qi Linhan let out a brief sigh of relief: "Do you know who the bully was?"

Sui Yu clenched his fists, his smile bitter: "Yeah, what a coincidence, he's the son of one of the general managers at my dad's company."

Qi Linhan felt Sui Yu's tone was a bit off: "Uncle Sui will definitely protect Yan, right? Why are you still unhappy?"

Sui Yu's eyes lowered: "If we had tried harder before, I could protect Yan like my dad now."

Qi Linhan understood his feelings: "These things can't be rushed, we just have to take it slow."

Sui Yu frowned at Qi Linhan: "Speaking of which, we agreed to partner on those projects, so why have you been neglecting them lately?"

Qi Linhan stroked his chin thoughtfully: "Well, I've been thinking a lot recently, and I've decided not to go down that path after all."

Sui Yu looked like he wanted to hit him: "So you're just going to drop everything?"

Qi Linhan couldn't help but laugh: "Calm down, I'm not finished yet. I've just decided not to take a management position anymore. When it gets bigger, I'll hand the whole company over to you, and I'll just do a technical role."

Sui Yu understood: "So the stuff on your computer must be hacking or something like that."

Qi Linhan grinned: "You don't like it?"

Sui Yu thought about it, then smiled too: "I like it a lot, actually."

Qi Linhan narrowed his eyes: "I just hope that no matter what Yan does, I can help her with it."

Qiao Ze suddenly spoke up: "I think with her capabilities, we'll all be coasting off her brilliance one day."

Sui Zhi felt the same, nodding solemnly in agreement.

Qi Linhan was indifferent: "It doesn't matter, as long as she's doing well."

Sui Yu waved his hand: "Let's not talk about that now, Yan will definitely be fine. Why don't we discuss how to deal with that bully who messed with her instead?"

Qi Linhan brought the conversation back: "Right, and if Uncle Sui just demotes him directly, it'll cause a stir."

They had all been CEOs in their previous life, so they understood these situations better than anyone.

Ti Zi, who had just been dragged along, stretched lazily with a glint of amusement in his wolf-like eyes.

Yeah, this is pretty good.

Chapter end

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