The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Sui Yan obediently let herself be fed, yet still picked and chose: "Sister, the pieces are cut too small! I want to eat huge bites of meat!"

Ye Anning remained composed: "Auntie said your front teeth might fall out. If you eat meat in huge bites, it will hurt your teeth."

As a doctor, although not particularly skilled in dentistry, Qiao Ze understood a bit about it.

He glanced at the little cub's front teeth and calmly said: "It seems fine for now, but Yan can't eat any more sweets recently."

The little cub was unconvinced, clenching her fists tightly: "Brother, days without sweets are unhappy!"

Sui Zhi glanced at her sister's raised little fists: "But if you eat sweets now, you'll be unhappy later."

The little cub pondered for two seconds, resolutely declaring: "Then I want to eat sweets now!"

Ye Anning pinched the little cub's face: "What nonsense are you thinking?"

Sui Yan: "..." Sister is so fierce, wah wah wah~

Liu Hua walked to the dining room entrance and knocked on the door frame: "Little cubs, don't play too late, go upstairs and sleep early, got it?"

"Got it!" Sui Yan raised her hand first.

Liu Hua clicked her tongue: "It makes no difference whether you got it or not, you'll soon have your brother and sister dragged into playing with you until midnight." She then left without minding the little friends, heading straight upstairs.

Ye Anning poked the dazed little cub's cheek: "Yan, eat quickly, then we'll go upstairs after."

Sui Yan felt unhappy again: "Sister, am I not your most beloved cub anymore?"

Ye Anning calmly replied: "If Yan insists on eating sweets now and not sleeping, then sister won't love you anymore."

The little cub pouted: "Yan never said I wanted to eat sweets!"

Ye Anning smiled without a word.

Finally, the two fooled around for a while before holding hands and going upstairs.

Seeing the fleabag following behind his sisters, Sui Zhi couldn't help but sigh: "Can we make a nest for the fleabag? It sleeps in Yan's room every night now."

Sui Yu shifted his gaze from Ye Anning: "What's the problem? The fleabag can also help keep an eye on Yan."

Qi Linhan also sighed but said nothing.

Meanwhile, the two who returned to Sui Yan's room washed up, got ready, and then giggled as they snuggled under the covers together.

Sui Yan hugged Ye Anning tightly: "Sister, why are you so thin?"

Ye Anning was slender, but in a very attractive way. Her figure was well-proportioned, the ideal degree most girls loved.

But to the chubby little cub, her sister was just too thin.

Ye Anning felt the soft little cub in her arms and couldn't help but pinch her cheeks: "It's because Yan has too much baby fat."

Sui Yan refused to admit it: "Yan is not fat, Yan is the cutest!"

Ye Anning feigned surprise: "I didn't say Yan was fat, does Yan feel she's fat?"

Sui Yan claimed she was magnanimous and wouldn't nitpick with her sister. The little cub changed the subject: "Sister, let's turn off the lights and sleep."Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

Ye Anning turned off the main light as usual, leaving only a small bedside lamp on.

Just as she was about to pat the little cub's back to help her fall asleep quickly, she saw her swiftly slip under the covers, revealing only a pair of round, wide eyes.

Sui Yan lowered her voice: "Sister, quickly come in."

Ye Anning was a bit puzzled: "Yan, what are you doing?"

As she spoke, she followed Sui Yan's actions and slipped under the covers.

Sui Yan leaned close to her sister's ear, whispering: "Sister, if we both hide under the covers, no monsters will be able to catch us at midnight."

Ye Anning couldn't help but laugh: "Why? Is there something on the covers that can protect us?"

The little cub couldn't explain, stubbornly insisting: "It's just like that! Hiding under the covers is safe!"

The fleabag lying under the bed couldn't help but roll its eyes.

Stupid cub, where are there any monsters? Clearly, it's all your own imagination!

Ye Anning knew this too, but helplessly went along with her sister's whim.

"Okay, let's both hide under the covers and sleep."

...A Solemn Line Break...

The next morning, Ye Anning was woken up by Liu Hua.

She rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up a bit, but Liu Hua's first words made her fully alert.

"Anning, it seems your mom isn't feeling well. Your dad just took her to the hospital. Do you want me to send you there now?"

Liu Hua also understood Ye Anning's personality, which was why she told her.

Ye Anning was very grateful to Liu Hua: "Thank you, Auntie Liu. Could you wait for me for a bit?"

Liu Hua gently patted her head: "No problem, we're not in a hurry. Your mom will be fine."

Ye Anning was so anxious that her eyes turned red: "Mm."

Liu Hua could only wait outside for Ye Anning.

As she left Sui Yan's room, she saw Sui Yu drinking water in the living room.

Sui Yu yawned: "Mom, you're here to see Yan so early?"

Liu Hua explained vaguely: "No, I came to wake Anning up. Her mom went to the hospital."

Hearing this, Sui Yu also became a bit more alert: "What happened to Auntie Ye?"

Liu Hua waved her hand: "I'm not clear on the details either. Don't worry about it, go back and continue sleeping."

Sui Yu responded but fell into thought.

After being reborn, life had been too comfortable, causing him to often forget that he was reborn.

But... at this time in his previous life, wasn't Auntie Ye also sick...?

As he pondered, he started walking back but suddenly remembered something halfway.

Sui Yu instinctively wanted to call out to Ye Anning but turned to see her rushing out of Sui Yan's room in a hurry, following Liu Hua downstairs.

A few minutes later, the sound of a car engine starting came from downstairs.

Sui Yu's brow furrowed, no longer in the mood to continue sleeping, so he sat down on the living room sofa instead.

When Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze came out of their room, they saw Sui Yu sitting on the sofa with an odd expression.

"Bro, what are you doing here?" Sui Zhi lazily walked over and sat beside him.

Sui Yu's gaze was deep: "Little Zhi, do you remember what happened during this time period in our previous life?"

Qiao Ze had little interaction with them in his previous life, so he was a bit puzzled: "What's going on?"

Sui Yu rubbed his knuckles: "Mom said Auntie Ye went to the hospital. I think during this time in our previous life, she was pregnant."

Sui Zhi had just woken up, his brain still a bit foggy: "Auntie Ye is pregnant? That's good news, isn't it?"

Sui Yu's brow seemed to furrow even more: "I'm a bit worried about Ye Anning."

After he said this, Sui Zhi also realized the situation.

Chapter end

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