The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 86

Chapter 86

After Li Yuan finished speaking, he regretted it immediately. He seemed to vaguely remember his father saying that his little sister could finish reading a book all by herself!

Sui Yan puffed out her cheeks and turned to call out to Sui Yu and the others: "Big brother, come here for a bit!"

Sui Yu dragged his feet lazily over: "What's up, Yan?"

Sui Yan pointed seriously at Li Yuan's scribbled handwriting: "Big brother, doesn't this word that big brother Li Yuan wrote look wrong?"

Sui Yu squinted his eyes, hesitating: "This... is a word?"

Li Yuan: "...?" What else could it be?

Sui Yan thought her brother was just teasing her again, so she stubbornly shook Sui Yu's arm: "Big brother, be serious!"

Sui Yu cleared his throat: "Ahem, okay, let me take a look."

Li Yuan was furious with embarrassment: "It's wrong, it's wrong! I won't let you look!"

The little girl looked at her brother, then at Li Yuan, scratching her head in confusion: "Oh."

...Divider Line...

The day of the final exams

"Ding ling ling ling"


Ye Anning woke up half-asleep and turned off the alarm clock, rubbing her eyes as she got up.

Ti Zi, who was sleeping not far away, also woke up to the noise. When its gaze fell on the little bundle still lying in bed, it remembered what the little bundle had secretly told it yesterday.

"Ti Zi, when sister wakes up tomorrow, you have to wake me up too!"

Unable to help shaking its head, Ti Zi crawled over to the edge of the bed.

Ye Anning had only turned on a small lamp, so she was startled when a dark shadow suddenly approached.Th sourc of this content n/o/v/(l)bi((n))

Realizing the shadow was Ti Zi, Ye Anning just frowned: "Ti Zi, why did you come over? Don't wake up Yan."

Ti Zi nuzzled Ye Anning's leg, then looked towards Sui Yan.

Ye Anning pondered: "Are you telling me to wake up Yan?"

Ti Zi nodded, and Ye Anning couldn't help but laugh: "Did Yan tell you to wake her up yesterday? This kid, really!"

She turned and gently shook the sleeping little girl in bed: "Yan, time to get up."

Sui Yan mumbled groggily and curled deeper into the blanket.

The tiny bundle was so adorable that Ye Anning's heart melted.

She shook her head, then leaned close to Sui Yan's ear and whispered: "Yan, auntie is going to throw away all your chocolate."

"No no!" The little one immediately sat up, not fully awake yet but trying to get out of bed.

Ye Anning stifled a laugh and pulled the little one back: "No one's throwing anything away, sister was just teasing you."

Sui Yan rubbed her eyes blankly: "Sister?"

Ye Anning pinched the little one's cheek: "Didn't Yan ask Ti Zi to wake you up?"

Sui Yan was a bit more awake now, accusingly looking towards Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, how did you tell sister?"

Ti Zi: "Woo woo!" You little brat! How else was I supposed to wake you up?

Ye Anning patted the little one's head: "Alright, alright, does Yan still want to get up now?"

Sui Yan scrambled out of bed: "Yes! Yan will go find her clothes herself!"

Ye Anning instinctively held her back: "No! Yan, let me get them for you."

Just let your sister handle it!

Sui Yan thought for a moment, then waved her little hand dismissively: "Okay then!"

Ye Anning felt her sense of aesthetics was still quite normal, so after feeling the temperature outside, she picked out a fluffy, adorable white outfit for Sui Yan.

"Yan, go brush your teeth first, then come out and change your clothes by yourself, okay?"

Sui Yan obediently put on the little slippers Ti Zi had brought over: "Okay!"

When the two little girls came out of the room after getting ready, Sui Yu and the others were just about to head downstairs too.

Seeing his little sister, Sui Yu raised an eyebrow: "Yan, you're up too?"

Sui Yan proudly patted her chest: "Yan's going to cheer sister on, so sister can be number one!"

Ye Anning smiled and ruffled the little one's hair, while Sui Zhi teased: "What about us brothers?"

The little one tilted her head, thinking: "Brothers... good luck?"

Qiao Ze looked puzzled: "Just that?"

Sui Yu clicked his tongue: "Yan is really a little brat!" Treating them differently like that!

Liu Hua walked over slowly and leaned against the railing, calling out: "You're all up? Hmm? Yan, you're up too?"

Sui Yan blinked, then ran over to her mom: "Mommy, I'm going to cheer sister on!"

Liu Hua nodded approvingly: "Good, then we'll wait for sister outside the school after her exam."

Sui Zhi insisted: "Mom, what about us?"

Liu Hua held one little girl's hand and turned to head downstairs: "You do your best!"

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze: "...?" Really, just that?

Although extremely envious of Ye Anning, Sui Yu still smiled at her: "Good luck on your exam."

Ye Anning returned the same smile: "You too."

Wasn't it just maintaining a plastic friendship? Who couldn't do that?

Since Ye Anning's elementary school was quite far from home, Liu Hua just dropped Sui Yu and the others off at the school gate and left them.

Only leaving behind one line: "After your exams, you can either go home first... or wait for us at the school gate to pick you up."

Sui Yu sighed: "Let's go."

Sui Zhi stretched lazily: "Aim for first place."

Qiao Ze glanced at him: "You should be aiming for second, first place is mine."

Sui Zhi: "..."

...Divider Line...

At the Sui Jinhong residence

Sui Jinhong opened his eyes in horror, trembling as he propped himself up.

His movements were rather abrupt, causing Ye Wan beside him to wake up groggily: "What's wrong?"

Sui Jinhong tried to appear calm: "It's nothing, you can keep sleeping."

He squeezed his eyes shut forcefully, then went out to the living room.

Recalling the events from the dream, Sui Jinhong was still shaken.

In the dream, he saw that Ye Wan was pregnant, with an unfamiliar little girl and Sui Yan standing behind her.

The space they were in looked like one of the rooms in his own home.

Sui Yan didn't seem too happy, but she still looked obedient.

The unfamiliar little girl reached out and pushed Ye Wan, who fell unexpectedly, with red blood quickly seeping out from under her.

She was in so much pain that she curled up, unable to even cry out for help.

Sui Yan looked terrified, taking two steps back in horror and almost tripping over herself.

That unfamiliar little girl just cruelly watched Ye Wan, only letting out a half-real, half-fake scream after a while.

Within a couple of minutes after her scream, Sui Jinhong saw himself and Ye Anning rushing into the room together.

The unfamiliar little girl fearfully told them that Sui Yan had intentionally pushed Ye Wan.

But how could they listen? They were only frantic about rushing Ye Wan to the hospital.

Sui Jinhong watched as his frenzied self and Ye Anning took Ye Wan to the hospital, leaving only the unfamiliar little girl and Sui Yan behind in that space.

Chapter end

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