The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 89

Chapter 89

Liu Man prepared dinner for Ti Zi, then poked her head out and said to the four of them, "Yu, Madam said she took Yan, An Ning, and Nian Nian to eat grilled meat and told you all to find something to eat at home."

Sui Yu: "?" Was this really happening?

Sui Zhi threw the cushion he had been hugging onto the sofa: "That's too much!"

Qiao Ze looked helpless and also put down the cards in his hand on the table.

Xu Yi felt a bit sorry for himself too. He sighed, "What do you guys want to eat? I'll make it for you."

Sui Yu said listlessly, "Thank you, Uncle Xu. Anything is fine."

Xu Yi stifled a laugh, wiped his hands, and headed towards the kitchen.

Just as the aroma of delicious food started wafting from the kitchen, the sound of a car finally came from the entrance.

Sui Yan hugged the super large cartoon fish bone doll that Liu Hua had bought her, tilting her little head and smiling with her eyes curved, "Mom, can we go eat at that grilled meat place again next time?"

Liu Hua felt relaxed and carried two large bags of snacks: "Sure! Mom will take you guys again next time."

Ye Anning carried a small bag: "Yan, you ate a lot just now. Are you feeling unwell?"

Shen Nian also carried a small bag and rubbed the little one's head: "That's right, you just finished eating and you're already thinking of going again."

Sui Yan didn't feel embarrassed at all: "But it's so delicious there! Yan wants to go every time!"

The four of them chatted as they walked in, but as soon as they entered, they saw the three boys sitting on the sofa, staring at them expressionlessly.

Liu Hua cleared her throat: "Yu, haven't you guys eaten yet?"

Sui Yan sniffed hard: "Mom, I smell fried potato sticks."

Xu Yi heard the noise from the kitchen and looked out: "Hua, you're back?"

Sui Yan completely forgot that she had secretly tattled on them earlier. She trotted towards the kitchen: "Uncle Xu, are you frying potato sticks?"

Xu Yi smiled: "Yes, and chicken nuggets too. Does Yan want some?"

The little one's eyes lit up: "I do!"

Sui Yu carried the little one to the living room: "The naughty Yan can't eat!"

Sui Yan kept kicking her little legs: "I want to eat, I want to eat! The brothers don't like chicken nuggets anyway!"

Sui Zhi rolled up his sleeves: "We do now."

Qiao Ze snorted coldly: "When Yan went out to eat grilled meat, she didn't think about whether her brothers liked it or not!"

Sui Yan fidgeted with her fingers, looking up at Liu Hua guiltily.

Liu Hua also looked guilty and pretended nothing was wrong: "You guys eat. I'm going upstairs to work."

Ye Anning put down the bag she was carrying and asked curiously, "What is Auntie doing upstairs?"

Sui Yu glanced towards the stairs: "Oh, just on the third floor. My mom's lab is there."

Shen Nian also leaned in to listen, sounding surprised: "A lab?"

Qiao Ze squeezed in too: "Yeah, the entire third floor. It took a long time to finish renovating."

Sui Yan whispered to her sister: "Mom's lab has a lot of pretty things."

Sui Zhi sat down next to his sister: "Yan has been to Mom's lab?"

They all knew that the things in Liu Hua's lab were very precious, so they had never gone in to look before.

The little one didn't think there was anything wrong: "Yan knows the medicines in there. Mom taught Yan about them."

Qiao Ze looked amazed: "Yan is so amazing!" Even someone with a medical background like him didn't quite understand the structures of those medicines.

Sensing that this involved Liu Hua's work secrets, Ye Anning quickly changed the subject: "You guys haven't eaten until now, have you?"

With those words, the three boys fell silent.

Sui Yu gritted his teeth: "What do you think? We were supposed to wait for you to come back, but you snuck out to eat grilled meat instead?"

Ye Anning's gaze wandered: "That grilled meat wasn't that good..."

Sui Yan interrupted her sister matter-of-factly: "Sister is lying, it was really good! It was the best grilled meat Yan has ever eaten!"

She wouldn't allow her sister to speak ill of such delicious grilled meat!

Shen Nian covered the little one's mouth and laughed dryly to cover for Ye Anning: "Yan knows nothing!"

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze: "...Hmm." Suddenly they felt drained.

Xu Yi knocked on the dining room door: "Kids, you can come eat now."

Sui Yan broke free from Shen Nian's hold and dashed over: "Yan wants to eat, Yan wants to eat!"

Ye Anning and Shen Nian smiled innocently: "Well...let's go too!"

Sui Yu and the others walked slowly into the dining room and looked expressionlessly at the three girls who had already started eating: "Didn't you just finish eating and come back?"

Sui Yan's cheeks were stuffed, and the little one didn't speak very clearly: "Uncle Xu's...is super...delicious!"

Xu Yi smiled affectionately at the kids: "Yu, didn't Yan just say you guys don't like fried chicken? I also pan-fried some steaks and boiled pasta for you."

Sui Yu and the others were truly touched, almost to the point of tearing up: "Thank you, Uncle Xu!"

Liu Hua suddenly poked her head into the dining room: "Any fried chicken left? Save me a portion too."

Xu Yi looked both helpless and doting: "There's still some!"

...One storyline...

Sui Jinhong sat in the study, watching several videos in front of him, his expression growing increasingly icy.

Perhaps that dream wasn't a coincidence after all.

He made a phone call.

"Keep an eye on the girl's family that you were asked to investigate today. Report to me immediately if anything happens."

After receiving the response, he hung up.

Sui Jinhong massaged his brow. He had a premonition, and this premonition made him want to utterly destroy that girl.

...Two storylines...

What could the kids do during winter break after finishing their final exams? Of course, play to their heart's content!

Of course, this didn't include Li Yuan.

His grades predetermined that he could only watch enviously as his brothers, sisters, and even younger sister played nearby.Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

Sui Yan looked at the pile of pictures of medicinal ingredients in front of her, rapidly and accurately categorizing and sorting them.

Apparently, this was a toy specifically designed by Liu Hua for the little one.

Qiao Ze and the others stared at the answer key for a long time before looking at the slightly bored Sui Yan in shock.

"Yan, you remember all of these?" Shen Nian picked out a few pictures and placed them in front of Sui Yan.

Sui Yan was getting a bit bored and played with two toy cars: "Mmhmm, Mom taught Yan."

The little one's tone was nonchalant, completely unaware of how astonishing her feat was.

Ye Anning sighed: "So this is what it means to be a genius, huh?"

Chapter end

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