The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 90

Chapter 90

The mischievous little brat, oblivious to himself, simply nudged a few toys aside and went to find his little snacks to eat.

Sui Yu pinched his sister's little paw and leaned closer to Qi Linhan, "How's the thing we talked about before going?"

Qi Linhan's movements paused for a moment, but he certainly didn't forget that matter, "Almost done, I just finished processing the document last night... Has Uncle Sui dealt with that person yet?"

Sui Yu smiled faintly, but there was no mirth in his handsome eyes, "Not yet, just demoted him for now."

Qi Linhan stroked his chin meaningfully, "Then should I anonymously send that document to Uncle Sui now?"

Sui Yu nodded slightly, "Go ahead."

Sui Yan looked at the two people beside him in confusion, "Brother, what are you guys talking about?"

Ye Anning, having overheard a couple of sentences, roughly understood. She took the little brat away, "Nothing, kids don't need to know these things."

She held the little brat like a child trafficker, and even Shen Nian couldn't bear to watch, "Can't you hold Sui Yan properly?"

Ye Anning looked down and her aura weakened a bit, "I'm just in a hurry!"

Sui Yan, gripping a small gummy bear in her hand, didn't seem to notice her sister's awkward hold at all.

"Kids, we're making dumplings downstairs. Do you want to come and play?" Liu Man knocked on the door and called from outside.

Li Yuan's eyes lit up, almost rushing out immediately, "Yes yes yes!"

As long as he didn't have to do homework, he was up for anything!

Liu Man smiled shyly, "Li Yuan, your dad says to bring your homework downstairs to do, so you might not be able to make dumplings with us."

Li Yuan: "...?" What kind of worldly suffering is this? Wahhhh~

Ye Anning went to open the study room door, "Sister Liu Man, let's go downstairs with you now."

Sui Yan bit into her candy, her large black-and-white eyes looking obediently at Liu Man, "AhMan, I want to make dumplings too."

Liu Man couldn't help but hug and kiss the little brat, "Okay! Does Sui Yan want to make the cutest little dumpling?"

Sui Yan stuffed the rest of the candy into her mouth, "Yes!"

Liu Man almost wanted to dote on the little brat again.

As soon as she left the room with the little brat in her arms, she made a beeline for the bathroom. But the little brat's dramatic soul blazed fiercely as she reached out her hand to Ye Anning, "Sister, save me! AhMan wants to sell me!"

Ye Anning couldn't help but laugh, "Then AhMan, sell Sui Yan to me... for one dollar, okay?"

Liu Man looked shocked, "One dollar is too little! At least five dollars!"

Ye Anning gritted her teeth, "Three dollars! No more than that!"

Shen Nian chimed in, "I can give four dollars."

Liu Man gave Shen Nian a high-five, "Alright, four dollars and she's yours. I'll wash the little one first, then send her to Nian Nian's bed tonight!"

Sui Yan, halfway through her acting, suddenly stopped, "No, that's not how it goes!"

Why isn't everyone following her script? This won't do!

Liu Man patted the little brat's bottom with a smile, "That's exactly how it goes! Sui Yan just had candy, so go brush your teeth now!"

Sui Yan, now on the ground, puffed out her cheeks and put her hands on her hips, "Then Sui Yan wants ten dollars to buy Sister!"

Ye Anning looked smug, "Only adults can buy kids, kids can't buy adults."

The little brat reacted quickly for once, "Then Sui Yan will have Brother buy Sister!"

Ye Anning paused, "That's not allowed either!"

Now it was the little brat's turn to look smug, "Sister is just saying that because Sui Yan beat her. Sister is stingy!"

Shen Nian nodded in agreement, "Yeah! Stingy!"

Seeing the usually aloof and profound Ye Anning rendered speechless by the little brat's taunts, Liu Man couldn't help but lean against the doorframe and laugh.VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

When they went downstairs, Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and the others were already helping to move things out of the kitchen.

Sui Yan scampered over, climbing onto the chair in front of the dining table and staring at the large basin of prepared dough on the table.

Liu Hua noticed the little brat and casually pulled her down, "Sui Yan, don't climb on the table."

Sui Yan could only stand on her tiptoes and lean against the table, "Mom, I want to touch those soft balls."

The dough balls looked so soft and nice to touch!

Liu Hua glanced over, "Wait a bit, I'll make a small ball for you to play with."

The little brat huffed proudly, "But Sui Yan wants to make the cutest dumplings!"

Liu Hua acquiesced without principles, "Alright, Sui Yan can help make dumplings later."

Before they could say much more, Lin Yifeng called out with a smile, "We can start now, does anyone want to make dumplings?"

Sui Yan was the first to raise her hand, "Me!"

Lin Yifeng skillfully pinched off a small ball of dough and handed it to the little brat, "Here, Sui Yan can make small buns, and we'll steam them together with the dumplings later."

Ye Anning, Shen Nian, and the others also came to help. An Sitong walked over and looked around, "But there's only dough? I thought we were making dumplings? Where are the dumpling wrappers?"

Liu Hua calmly waved, "AhMan, it's time to roll out the dumpling wrappers."

Liu Man floated over like a breeze, "Coming!"

An Sitong's eyes shone with a sort of reverence, "AhMan is so amazing, how does she know how to do everything?"

Liu Man felt a little shy, "I just learned it all when I was young..."

As they got noisily started on their side, Sui Yan suddenly ran over holding a small white ball, "Mom! Look at Sui Yan's little bun!"

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow and examined it, "Let me see."

Sui Yan carefully handed the "little bun" to her mom, "Sister helped Sui Yan put sugar inside."

Liu Hua held the ball and looked it over. Calling it a little bun was generous - it looked more like a ball that had been pinched and rolled smooth.

And amazingly, the sugar inside hadn't leaked out yet.

She genuinely praised, "Sui Yan is great!"

Sui Yan beamed with pride, "Sui Yan will also make a little bunny bun for Ti Zi to eat!"

Upon being summoned, Ti Zi came scampering from some corner, "Woof woof~"

Liu Hua smiled helplessly, suddenly thinking of something as she left the dining room for a moment.

When she returned, Sui Yu and the others were following behind her.

The Demon Lord waved his large hand, "You guys make dumplings too, or there won't be any to eat tonight."

The boys who had tried to slack off all sighed in unison, "Okay."

As the lively dumpling-making commenced on this side, An Sitong glanced towards the living room and whispered to Li Yuan's mom, "Why don't you call your Li Yuan over to play too? It's so pitiful for a kid to be doing homework alone out there!"

Li Yuan's mom also looked outside, but she smiled with a hint of schadenfreude, "It's fine, he should learn his lesson. Otherwise, he'll never know to study properly."

The lone Li Yuan writing his homework in the living room, his eyes brimming with tears. From now on, he'll definitely study hard! Those who don't study are dogs!

Chapter end

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