The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 93

Chapter 93

Liu Hua: "......" How could she say it without discouraging this little fool? Was she helping or just creating more chaos?

After pondering for a moment, Liu Hua decided to defend her child: "Alright, alright... but you can't make a mess at home!"

Sui Yan pouted: "Okay! Next time, Yan will play with the rag doll in her room."

Liu Hua smiled contentedly: "You naughty girl, that's better."

The naughty girl hugged the rag doll and rubbed against it, then started rolling around on the sofa.

Liu Hua glanced at the thick carpet on the floor, thinking that if the little one rolled off, she wouldn't get hurt... So she went about her own business without worry.

Eating dumplings was a small gathering for these few families. Afterward, everyone got busy preparing for the New Year, and no one paid attention to the kids anymore.

Sui Yan leaned her little face on the table, looking a bit melancholic like an old soul trapped in a child's body. She heaved a long sigh.

Ti Zi, lying nearby, looked at the little girl quizzically: "Woof?"

What's wrong with the kid now?

Sui Yan scooted closer to Ti Zi and lowered her voice: "Ti Zi, why haven't my brothers and sisters been playing with Yan lately? I'm so bored."

Ti Zi pondered, that day must be coming soon...

Yan's fifth birthday should be less than a month away.

Ti Zi felt a bit helpless and touched Yan's soft paw with her own.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

These two first met when they were both pups, and nearly half a year had passed. Only Sui Yan remained a pup.

Ti Zi had quietly grown up.

Sui Yan suddenly realized this and grabbed Ti Zi's paw: "Ti Zi, we promised to grow up together. How could you leave me behind!"

Ti Zi was bewildered: "Woof?" Who promised you that? And isn't it because Yan grew too slowly?

Sui Yan clenched her tiny fist, pretending to put effort into it, but only lightly tapping Ti Zi: "Stupid Ti Zi!"

Ti Zi: "Woof!" Yan is cursing! Mom, come discipline her!

"Stupid Ti Zi!"

"Woof! The kid is not allowed to curse!"

Liu Hua heard the two getting louder and louder, giving her a headache: "Yan, don't bully Ti Zi!"

Sui Yan pouted: "Now Ti Zi is mom's favorite kid, mom doesn't love Yan anymore!"

Liu Hua remained unruffled: "Ti Zi helps with chores and plays with you, of course I like Ti Zi more!"

Sui Yan huffed arrogantly: "Hmph! Yan likes Ti Zi the most too!"

Ti Zi looked at the childish mother and daughter with helpless amusement: "Woof woof!" Don't fight!

Liu Hua poked Sui Yan's face: "Look how well-behaved Ti Zi is! You're the one always causing trouble!"

The little girl defiantly grabbed a tuft of fuzz from Liu Hua's sweater: "So what if I cause trouble? Bleh bleh bleh~"

Liu Hua calmly took off her coat and rolled up her sleeves: "Causing trouble, huh? Come here, you!"

Sensing danger, Sui Yan rolled over to try to escape.

But Liu Hua had long arms and easily pulled the little girl back: "Come here, you want to pull more fur?"

Fate hung by the scruff of her neck in her mother's grip. After a second of hesitation, Yan weakly pinched a tuft of fuzz on Liu Hua's clothes and gave it a light tug.

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes: "Good, Sui Yan, you're finished."

She pinned the little girl down, her slender fingers swiftly plucking several tufts of fuzz from Sui Yan's coat.

The little girl was vain, and this fluffy coat happened to be her favorite.

But she had made the first move, so she didn't dare retaliate and could only flail around trying to dodge Liu Hua's attacks: "Ahhh! Smelly mom, smelly mom, smelly mom!"

Liu Hua pinned down the little girl's arms: "Smelly Yan!"

She plucked a tuft of soft white fuzz and cruelly showed it to Sui Yan.

Sui Yan closed her eyes and shook her head: "Don't want to see! Yan can't see!"

Upstairs in the study, Sui Yu and the others were discussing what gift to give the little girl for her birthday. To make sure they could hear if Sui Yan called for them, they had left the door open.

But they didn't expect that just a few minutes into their discussion, they would hear the little girl screaming downstairs.

Sui Yu frowned: "What's going on with Yan downstairs? I'll go check."

Ye Anning rolled up his sleeves aggressively: "Check what? I want to know who dares to bully Yan!"

Qi Linhan and Sui Zhi's expressions also hardened as the group marched downstairs with an imposing aura.

However, Sui Yu, who reached the living room first and saw the situation, paused for a moment, then turned back stifling a laugh: "It's nothing, let's go back."

Ye Anning and the others instinctively didn't feel reassured and furrowed their brows as they glanced towards the living room.

Then they all twitched their mouths and went upstairs without looking back.

Although the little girl looked pitiful under Liu's demonic clutches, they would probably only make things worse if they intervened.

Sui Yan wailed desperately as she watched her mother leisurely pluck the fuzz from her coat.

The poor little girl pleaded: "Mom, there won't be any left if you keep pulling!"

Liu Hua felt a twinge of pity and withdrew her demonic claws: "What's wrong? Weren't you acting so arrogant just now?"

Sui Yan hugged her coat tightly, whining aggrievedly: "Smelly mom! Yan's clothes don't look good anymore!"

Liu Hua gradually savored the moment. To normal standards, this coat should look good. But for Sui Yan's trashy taste to find it attractive, that was quite a feat.

So she waved her hand dismissively: "Don't worry, mom will have ten more coats like this bought for you."

Sui Yan eyed her mother warily. Once certain of no more sneak attacks, she put her coat back on: "Then Yan will forgive mom."

Although Liu Hua had rather rudely plucked out several tufts of fuzz from her coat, overall it didn't look too different.

So the mother and daughter, who had just been roughhousing, were now snuggled up comfortably watching TV again.

Ti Zi barked a few appropriate times, then lazily lay back down.

What a childish human and childish pup!

Liu Hua casually grabbed two large pears from a fruit plate nearby and handed one to Sui Yan: "Yan, eat some more fruit."

The little girl, who was generally not picky, obediently hugged the large pear and took a big bite, leaving curious tooth marks.

Sui Yan stared at the odd tooth marks on the pear, belatedly realizing she had lost a baby tooth... No wonder she'd been feeling strange when speaking recently!

The little girl took another big bite of the pear.

No big deal!

Chapter end

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