The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 95

Chapter 95

Liu Hua looked calm: "Whoever is in trouble, they would worry, what's the big deal?" She walked in nonchalantly, "You guys are just overthinking."

Qi Linhan stroked his chin: "But they even knew what Liu Hua's surname was."

Liu Hua: "...Tsk."

Sui Yan looked from one person to another in her mother's embrace, finally lowering her head to bite into a big pear: "Where's Ti Zi?"

"Here!" Qiao Ze leaned against the door, blocking Ti Zi's path.

Sui Yan struggled to get out of her mother's embrace: "Why is Ti Zi hiding here?"

Qiao Ze tapped the little cub's forehead: "What do you think? What if those people see Ti Zi and report us for having a wolf at home?"

Sui Yan realized Ti Zi was a wolf and felt a little sorry: "Ah... okay!"

Liu Hua silently encouraged her little cub to chatter a bit more so she could slip away.

But Sui Yan didn't dwell on Ti Zi's situation anymore. Instead, she turned and looked at her: "Mom, why did those police officers recognize you?"

Liu Hua: "...What's it to you?"

The little cub, stunned by the rebuke, tilted her head back, huffed, and ran off hugging her big pear.

Liu Hua silently wanted to follow but Sui Yu said, "Mom, if you can't say it, then we won't ask."

"...It's not that I can't say it." Liu Hua, the one who yields to softness but not hardness, sighed.

"It's just that some time ago, I let someone send the formula for a new type of drug to the Capital. The research institute probably found it useful, so they told people to keep an eye on me."

"After all, I'm currently researching another drug, and any incident would be bad for them."

She said it lightly, but Sui Yu and the others were completely shocked.

Liu Man occasionally helped Liu Hua in the lab, but she only knew a little bit about the situation. That's why she never dared to let Liu Hua do housework.

Because she knew how precious Liu Hua's hands were.

But now...

"Madam, you must never come to the kitchen again!" Liu Man said sternly.

Sui Yu and the others nodded frantically: "Mom, you must never do housework again. We'll definitely help Sister Liu Man from now on."

Liu Hua sighed deeply again: "This is exactly why I didn't tell you. Can't we just go on as usual?"

Qiao Ze had been serious before but now he couldn't help but laugh: "Auntie, even in normal times, no one wants you to do housework."

That was true. Usually, when Sui Yu and the others saw Liu Hua doing housework, they would take over proactively.

Even the mischievous and naughty Sui Yan would help her mother tidy up. It's just that Liu Hua didn't want her precious daughter to do housework.

Thinking about it this way, Liu Hua felt like it wasn't such a big deal after all. After pondering for a while, she waved her hand: "Never mind, do whatever you want."

Liu Hua bent down and patted Ti Zi: "Let's go find our silly little cub."

Ti Zi was probably the only other one present who remained calm, because in her previous life, Sui Yan was treated even better than Liu Hua is now.

Back then, no matter where Sui Yan was, she was always surrounded by people protecting her.

Ti Zi calmly followed Liu Hua and leisurely lay down next to Sui Yan.

The little cub crunched on the big pear, focused on watching the pink little pig on TV.

Liu Hua playfully pinched Sui Yan's chubby little face, squinting her eyes in satisfaction.

Sui Yan was already used to having her face pinched every day, and she didn't even care if her face was round or not anymore.

Sui Yu and the others didn't rush to discuss what gift to give the little cub either, each of them sitting down in the living room.

When Sui Yan saw her siblings, she belatedly complained: "Sister won't play with Yan today!"

Liu Hua probably guessed that these kids were plotting a surprise for the little cub, so she didn't expose them. Instead, she poked Sui Yan's face: "Don't your siblings have homework to do? You're the only one who knows how to play all day!"

Sui Yan grunted and turned her head, gently biting Liu Hua's finger with her small milk teeth, as if she was really going to bite her mother.

Liu Hua stroked the spot where Sui Yan had lost a tooth: "Yan, is this tooth of yours going to grow out soon?"

Sui Yan blinked: "If it grows out, can I eat candy?"

Liu Hua was a little speechless: "As if you don't sneak and eat candy now?"

The little cub silently averted her gaze: "...No, no!"

Awoo! Ti Zi must have secretly told her mother!

"Kids, am I late?" Xu Yi walked in carrying a huge pile of stuff.

When Liu Hua heard his voice, she couldn't help but smile: "What's all this?"

Xu Yi handed the items to Sui Yu and Sui Zhi, who came to help: "New Year's goods. It's almost the New Year, right? There are also gifts for you."

Sui Yan leaned forward as much as she could, tilting her head to look at Xu Yi: "Uncle Xu!"

Xu Yi smiled warmly: "Little cub, you look like you've gotten a little rounder."read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

Sui Yan: "..." Are you being polite? How can anyone be so rude! The big pear in her hand suddenly didn't seem appealing anymore!

Liu Hua pinched Xu Yi's waist: "Don't upset Yan!"

Xu Yi went along with her: "Yes, yes, I won't upset Yan... I still have things in the car that I haven't brought down. Yu, you guys come with me to get them."

Sui Yu's gaze shifted from his sister: "Uncle Xu, you and my mom have similar hobbies."

Xu Yi raised an eyebrow: "How so?"

Qiao Ze smiled gently: "You both really like teasing Yan."

Xu Yi stroked his chin: "Hmm..." How come he always felt this boy's personality was quite similar to his own?

They both smiled with hidden... no, they were both very gentle.

The little cub, who was in the middle of eating the big pear, suddenly didn't want to continue after Xu Yi said that.

She put the pear on the table, sticky and messy, and went to Ye Anning for a hug: "Sister~"

Ye Anning pressed her slender finger against the little cub's forehead: "Smelly Yan, go wash your hands first, or I won't hug you."

Sui Yan pouted unhappily: "Okay!"

The little cub waddled to the kitchen, washed her hands haphazardly, then buried herself in her sister's embrace: "Sister sister! I'm not round!"

Ye Anning sighed helplessly and took out a small handkerchief to wipe Sui Yan's hands: "Yan isn't round, Uncle Xu was just teasing you."

Xu Yi came over with a few more bags, and upon hearing this, he sincerely apologized: "Yan, uncle was just joking with you."

Sui Yan hugged her sister tightly: "Hmph!"

Xu Yi tried to appease her by taking out two exquisite-looking large boxes: "Yan, look at what this is!"

The little cub's arrogant pout instantly brightened: "Wow! These are big houses!"


Author's Note:

The update was a little late... I'll definitely make up for it with bonus updates next time. Definitely!

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