The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 99

Chapter 99

Shen Nian was trying to comfort the Little cub, but her own heart was also anxious.

Liu Man walked over and sat beside them, gently comforting Sui Yan: "Yan, don't worry, nothing bad will happen."

Sui Yan nodded blankly, but her little hands subconsciously clutched the hem of her clothes.

When Xu Yi received Liu Hua's message, he rushed over and saw the group of children sitting quietly in the living room, not a single one speaking.

He cleared his throat, trying to ease the mood: "Kids, why aren't you all cheerful?"

Sui Yu's fingers curled slightly, and he couldn't help but speak up: "Uncle Xu, can you take us to the hospital?"

Xu Yi had a rough understanding of the situation, and he hesitated: "You should all just stay at home, don't create a fuss."

Qi Linhan also spoke up for Sui Yu: "But we'll be worried at home, and we might be able to help too."

Sui Yan obediently sat in Liu Man's embrace, the Little cub suddenly felt like crying for no reason. She sniffed, her eyes growing moist: "Uncle Xu, I want to go to the hospital to see Aunty Ye."read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

Faced with a group of boys, Xu Yi could still remain firm. But faced with the soft, adorable Little cub born to Liu Hua, he had no way to refuse.

He patted the Little cub's head sympathetically: "Alright, uncle will take you to the hospital."

Before Sui Yan could feel happy, she ran to Ti Zi and comforted it: "Ti Zi, you have to stay at home and be good, okay? Yan will be back soon."

Ti Zi obediently licked the Little cub's palm, as if comforting her instead.

Only Ti Zi knew that although Sui Yan had forgotten everything from her previous life, her subconscious still hoped that those bad things would not happen again.

After comforting Ti Zi, the Little cub finally spread her arms for Xu Yi to carry her: "Uncle, let's go to the hospital."

Xu Yi walked over and picked up the Little cub, looking at the others: "Are you all going?"

Sui Yu calmed down: "I'll go with Sister Man, Sui Zhi, you all stay at home and wait."

Sui Zhi and the others didn't want to cause any trouble now, so they nodded in agreement: "Okay."

Liu Man had already quickly packed a small bag for Sui Yan to take out: "Then shall we go now?"

Xu Yi said solemnly: "Let's go."

Meanwhile, Liu Hua had already arrived at the hospital, leading Ye Anning towards the obstetrics department.

After asking a few passing nurses, they finally found the exam room where Ye Wan was.

Ye Wan was lying on a bed with a pale face and a furrowed brow. An elderly female doctor stood by her side, with Sui Jinhong standing two steps behind the doctor.

Ye Anning couldn't help but run over: "Mom!"

Liu Hua frowned: "What's going on? Is she okay?"

Sui Jinhong pursed his lips, and after a while, he said: "We encountered a family at the mall, and their daughter ran into Wan."

Ye Anning involuntarily clenched her fists: "Dad, did you look into that family?"

She somehow felt...

Sui Jinhong's gaze darkened, and he turned his head: "Don't ask so many questions, child."

That family... He had been watching them for so long, but an oversight had led to this accident.

The doctor examined Ye Wan and put down her instruments: "It's a good thing you brought her in time, she just experienced some fetal distress. There's no major problem for now, but she'll need to be well taken care of."

Sui Jinhong nodded emphatically: "Doctor, please tell me all the precautions at once, I'll remember them all."

The doctor's stern expression softened: "Alright, the pregnant woman should stay in the hospital for a few days first, then we'll see after her condition stabilizes."

Liu Hua and Ye Anning finally relaxed after hearing the news.

"Knock knock."

The exam room door was suddenly knocked on.

Liu Hua, standing by the door, instinctively opened it, but the next second she saw Xu Yi holding her Little cub at the entrance: "Can we come in?"

Sui Yan struggled to walk on her own, so Xu Yi had no choice but to carefully put her down.

But as soon as the Little cub touched the ground, she ran to Ye Wan's side: "Aunty Ye."

Ye Wan smiled weakly: "Yan, why did you come too?"

Sui Yan rubbed her eyes, looking a little pitiful: "Aunty Ye, does it hurt?"

Ye Wan smiled faintly: "Baby, aunty's not in pain."

Liu Hua pinched Xu Yi standing next to her: "Why did you bring Yan, and these two as well! Sui Yu! Liu Man!"

Sui Yu was extremely obedient now: "Mom, we were just a little worried about Aunty Ye, Yan was about to cry at home."

Liu Hua sighed: "Whatever, do as you please."

She did find her Little cub's emotions a bit strange, but didn't think much of it, only feeling that children were more sensitive.

Meanwhile, Sui Yan stood in front of the bed, tightly gripping the bedsheet. She looked at Ye Wan with a dazed expression: "Aunty Ye, can I touch the baby brother?"

The doctor was a little worried that the child might not be gentle, and originally wanted to stop Sui Yan, but Ye Wan took the Little cub's hand and placed it on her belly herself.

"Baby brother is afraid of pain, so Yan has to touch him gently, okay?"

She was only three months pregnant, so her belly hadn't swollen much yet.

The Little cub carefully hovered her hand over Ye Wan's belly, not daring to actually touch it.

She just lightly touched it, then smiled dumbly: "Aunty, baby brother is fine."

Ye Wan smiled and stroked the Little cub's head: "It's because Yan is our little lucky charm, that's why baby brother is okay."

Sui Jinhong actually wanted a daughter more, but since his most precious little daughter said so, he naturally wouldn't object.

The doctor was surprised by how well-behaved the Little cub was: "This child is so good, baby, do you want some candy?"

Sui Yan instinctively licked the gap where her tooth was missing and pursed her lips: "Aunty, Yan's teeth haven't grown back yet, so I can't eat candy."

Liu Hua felt both happy and a little envious seeing her Little cub's close relationship with Ye Wan.

The doctor couldn't help but praise the well-behaved child, then told Sui Jinhong: "You should go complete the admission procedures. We'll help the pregnant woman stabilize, so she can happily return home for the New Year."

Sui Jinhong turned to Liu Hua: "Sister Hua, I'll have to trouble you here then."

Liu Hua leaned aside to make way for him: "Sure."

She watched as two nurses wheeled Ye Wan to the ward, then suddenly realized: "Where's Anning? Wasn't she just here?"

Sui Yu's gaze darkened, he knew what Ye Anning had gone to do, but didn't say anything.

It was Liu Man who pointed down the hallway: "I just saw Anning go out, she might have gone to the restroom."

Liu Hua frowned: "Then Sui Yu, wait here for Anning, we'll go to the ward first. Yan, come to mom."


Author's note:

I'm not very familiar with the procedures at hospitals, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, and feel free to point them out.

Chapter end

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