The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Sui Yu pinched the little girl's cheek: "Does A Yan want to go? If you don't want to go, we won't go."

Although Sui Yan really didn't want to go, the little girl thought seriously: "Brother, let's still go and take a look. It's okay to make mistakes."

Making mistakes can be forgiven...

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then silently turned red-eyed.

Sui Zhi's eyes were deep: "A Yan, if brother bullies you too, would you forgive brother?"

Sui Yan smiled, revealing a few little rice teeth: "Of course I will! Brother is so nice to A Yan, A Yan will definitely forgive brother!"

Sui Yu rubbed the little girl's hair in a mess: "Let's go to Nian Nian's house and take a look."

Little Sui Yan didn't notice anything wrong with everyone, she nodded seriously: "Okay!"

Ye Anning lowered her head and blinked, waiting until her emotions calmed down before speaking to Sui Yan again: "A Yan, why are you so serious?"

The girl who was still aggressive just now instantly deflated: "Sister, what if that sister scolds A Yan again?"

Ye Anning was stunned for a moment, then said very seriously to the little girl: "No, sister won't let her scold you again."

If that girl scolds their little girl again, she will have to take action.

Encouraged, Sui Yan became aggressive again: "Then let's go!"

It was only a few steps away after all. Just around the corner.read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

The front door of Shen Nian's house was wide open, and two families of three were sitting in the living room.

When Shen Nian saw this group come in, she immediately waved to them: "Why did you only come now?"

Lu Yunling's parents sat with her in the adjacent seat. Lu's mother pulled Lu Yunling again imperceptibly.

Sui Yan blinked and was placed on the sofa by Sui Yu.

Lin Yifeng lovingly touched the little girl's fluffy head: "A Yan, why didn't you tell Auntie when you were bullied last time?"

Lu Yunling's gaze at Sui Yan seemed to carry some hidden malice. The little girl subconsciously shrank into Lin Yifeng.

Sui Yan pursed her lips, but smiled happily: "Auntie, A Yan is fine."

Lin Yifeng felt something was off. Her eyes were cold as she looked at Lu Yunling: "You should have apologized to A Yan yourself just now."

Lu Yunling gritted her teeth and glared coldly at Sui Yan.

Children are very sensitive to malice and kindness. Sui Yan was so timid that she almost wanted to hide behind Lin Yifeng.

Lu's mother pulled Lu Yunling's clothes forcefully again. Only then did she reluctantly say: "Sorry!"

"Is this your attitude when apologizing?" A cold voice came from the door.

Sui Yan looked over in a daze, then exclaimed happily: "Brother Linhan!"

After Lu Yunling was sent home by Shen Nian calling a taxi last time, she couldn't help complaining at home. And her parents also caught the point of this incident: Shen's family and Sui Yan's family were either rich or noble, and the Qi family's child who owed them a favor was also in this villa area.

So they thought of letting Lu Yunling come to apologize, and try to get along well with these few families.

And Qi Linhan only appeared until now.

Lu's mother slapped Lu Yunling on the spot: "How did I teach you? Is this how you apologize?"

Lin Yifeng frowned, but didn't say anything. Although she wanted the girl to apologize to little Sui Yan, she didn't agree with Lu's mother's parenting methods.

And now Lu Yunling, facing everyone's eyes, resented it all on Sui Yan.

She endured and lowered her head to say again: "Sorry."

Qi Linhan walked in front of Sui Yan and blocked Lu Yunling's malicious gaze: "We don't accept it."

Lu's father was anxious: "Linhan..."

Qi Linhan interrupted him coldly: "Are we familiar?"

Lu's father's words got stuck in his throat. He didn't know what to say for a while. After hesitating for a long time, he stood up and said: "Your family still owes my family a favor. I agreed with your grandfather to marry our little Ling to you. You were too young to understand, but you should also take care of little Ling."

"Who agreed with you? We don't know about it?" An angry female voice came from the door.

A beautiful woman in a red dress dragged an elegant man and strode in.

Qi Linhan raised his eyebrows: "Mom and Dad, why did you come over?"

An Sitong glanced at her son: "I'm here to build relationships with the neighbors, okay?"

Qi Yunyao's eyes were faint as he looked at the Lu family: "Please be careful when you speak, spreading rumors will land you in jail."

An Sitong also remembered why she was angry. She confronted Lu's father directly: "That's right! All these years your family has been going to our side three times two days, borrowing money from our family, asking us for help. Even the biggest favor has been repaid. How dare you say that!"

Although the words were a bit piercing, Lu's father didn't dare to refute them, because they were the truth.

He only dared to bluff the Qi Linhan he thought was easy to fool.

The others present were a little confused. Lin Yifeng watched for a long time and felt it was still best to remain silent for now.

After all, this couple didn't seem simple either.

But Lu Yunling's eyes were red: "I've already apologized! What more do you want?"

Sui Yan scratched her head and pushed Qi Linhan in front of her away. The little girl's tone was very sincere: "I forgive you, don't cry."

Sui Yan was a little at a loss: "Let's be good friends from now on, okay?"

When she said this, Qi Linhan and Sui Yu all felt tight inside. Who was this kid not good to be friends with, why be friends with Lu Yunling?

Fortunately, Lu Yunling didn't disappoint them either. She was furious: "Who wants to be friends with you!"


Before she finished speaking, Lu's mother slapped her directly: "Watch your words!"

No matter how vicious Lu Yunling was, she was still a child. In front of peers and a group of handsome brothers, being slapped in the face, she immediately started bawling.

The more she made a scene, the more her parents wanted her to look sensible, so the situation became more and more chaotic...

While the others present were strangely unanimous in silently watching this farce.

Until Lu's father realized something was wrong, he suddenly became aware of his family's embarrassment. He was furious with shame: "Stop it, we're going home!"

After he finished speaking, he strode out by himself. Lu's mother also belatedly dragged Lu Yunling away.

The farce finally came to an end.

Within a few minutes after the Lu family of three left, Liu Hua rushed in hurriedly with Liu Man and Ye Wan.

Ye Anning looked at the people present and couldn't help but complain.

Goodness! Almost all the families were here!

As soon as Liu Hua entered the door, she felt the atmosphere was a little different from what she had imagined. She hesitated and said, "We just heard a child crying and thought something happened here."

Chapter end

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