The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 101

Chapter 101

The two groups stared at each other silently for nearly half a minute before Liu Hua finally smiled wryly and explained, "Well, we were a bit late coming back..."

Sui Zhi remained expressionless, "Mom, we've been waiting for you all at home."

This time, Sui Yu smiled quite happily, "What's the big deal? We'll get used to it, it's not the first time."

Liu Hua's expression didn't change, but she pinched Sui Yu. She gritted her teeth and lowered her voice, "If you can't speak properly, then don't say anything."

Sui Yu, "Oh." Why was he the one getting hit again!

Sui Yan tilted his head, "Brother?"

Sui Zhi gave a cold snort, "I don't want to talk to you two right now."

Liu Hua calmly bent down and whispered in Sui Yan's ear, "Little one, go and act cute with your brother."

Sui Yan nodded firmly, then pounced towards Sui Zhi, "Brother!"

The little one climbed onto the sofa, hugged Sui Zhi's arm, and blinked his innocent eyes, "Don't be angry!"

Sui Zhi, "...Okay." Huh! Cheating!

Qiao Ze's fake smile was strained, "Hmph!"

Sui Yan scratched his head, then climbed over to Qiao Ze, "Little Ze brother, don't be angry!"

Qiao Ze reluctantly nodded in satisfaction, "Alright."

Only then did Liu Hua lead the group into the house, "You're way too biased."

Sui Zhi, "Mom, isn't this inherited from you?"

Liu Hua smiled faintly, "Oh." This little guy was quite cheeky.

Sui Yu leaned against the side, looking down at his phone. Liu Hua called out to him, "Little Yu, come in quickly, let's rest and grab something to eat."

Sui Yu waved his phone, "Mom, Grandpa and Grandma said they're coming over in the next two days."

Liu Hua was taken aback, "They just told you? Where will they be staying?"

Sui Yu tapped on his phone a few times, then calmly said, "They said to have Dad buy another house nearby for them to live in, so they can see little Yan often...and take care of Auntie Ye along the way."

Liu Hua was torn between laughing and crying, "They're really...so willful!"

Sui Yan had secretly taken out a piece of candy from somewhere and was chewing on it curiously, "Mommy, are Grandpa and Grandma going to become our neighbors too?"

Liu Hua stroked the little one's head, "Yes, does Yan like Grandpa and Grandma?"

Sui Yan's eyes lit up as he nodded vigorously, "I like them! Mommy, Grandpa and Grandma's home has so many beautiful places! The little fish in the pond are super super pretty!"

Ye Anning coolly reminded, "But Yan wants to eat those pretty little fish."

Liu Hua burst out laughing, "Yan, Mommy hasn't starved you, why are you always thinking about eating?"

Sui Yan licked his lips, looking utterly unapologetic, "But Yan has never seen those kinds of fish before!"

Liu Man, carrying Sui Yan's backpack as she passed by, "Yan is just a little greedy cat."

The little one puffed out his cheeks, "Liu Man is mean!"

Liu Hua shook her head, "Yan, that's not right. You haven't inherited your mom's talent for cursing at all."

Xu Yi looked a bit puzzled, "Is that something worth inheriting?"

Liu Hua, "...Got a problem with that?"

Xu Yi immediately shook his head, "No, no problem."

He dared not have any.

Sui Yan looked disdainfully, "Uncle Xu is afraid of his wife!"

Liu Hua looked utterly shocked, "Sui Yan! Who taught you to say such things?"

The Demon King's wrath stirred, and the little one instinctively tried to flee, "Liu Man, save me! Mommy wants to hit me!"

Liu Hua rolled up her sleeves, "Sui Yan, you're done for. I'm going to dismantle that broken TV in the living room right now."

The little one hid behind Liu Man, defiant yet fearful, "Stinky Mommy!"

Xu Yi hurriedly pulled Liu Hua back, "Little Hua, don't bother with Yan so much."

Liu Man also quickly pulled the suicidal little one away, "Yan, stop talking now."

Liu Hua watched as the little one was carried away, so angry she was nearly speechless, "He's just begging to be hit, and you're all protecting him!"

Sui Yu weakly reminded her, "Mom, you're the one who protects Yan the most."

Indeed, when there was danger, Mom was the greatest protector; when there was no danger, Mom was the greatest danger.

Liu Hua's eyes narrowed slightly, "You have a problem with that too?"

Sui Yu backtracked after a second, "No."

He dared not either.

Qi Linhan, who had yet to return home, swallowed hard, "Is it like this every day in your family?"

Qiao Ze couldn't help but laugh, "It's always been like this."

Sui Zhi shook his head helplessly, "Yan quarrels with my mom every day."

Liu Hua glanced at the muttering boys before snorting coldly and turning to go upstairs.

Sui 'Little One' Yan had been marked by the Demon King and was about to be devoured.

Then...the little one was caught by Liu Hua and thoroughly tormented. After severe torture, Liu Man was ratted out by the little one.

"Quick, tell me! Who taught you to say that!"

"Stinky Mommy! I won't tell, nah nah nah!"

"I've already found your snacks hidden in the closet."

"Mommy's cheating! You can't do that!"Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

"Will you tell me or not?"

"It was Liu Man who taught me!"

Before Liu Man could react, she found herself betrayed by the little one.

So she too was exploited by Liu Hua...

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Although Sui Yu had mentioned that Grandpa and Grandma Sui would be moving over, Liu Hua didn't expect them to arrive the very next morning.

She stood at the doorway feeling a bit awkward, "Uncle, Auntie, why are you here so soon?"

Zhou Yuyuan hadn't seen Liu Hua for several years and couldn't help but get teary-eyed, "Little Hua, are you upset with us? You don't even want to call us Mom and Dad anymore."

Liu Hua was also quite touched, "Auntie, Sui Jinhong and I are already divorced. If I call you that, what would Ye Wan think of me?"

It was indeed difficult for Liu Hua, and Zhou Yuyuan sighed a little disappointedly, "You're always thinking about others."

Liu Hua couldn't help but smile, "It'll be the New Year soon, Auntie, you and Uncle should be happier too."

Zhou Yuyuan also smiled warmly as they followed Liu Hua inside, "We are quite happy. Little Wan is pregnant, and I'm actually hoping for a baby boy this time."

Liu Hua was a bit surprised, "Auntie and Uncle, I thought you both preferred little girls?"

Sui Zhenxiong's gaze was gentle, "We do like little granddaughters, but if we have another one, she might have to compete with Yan for our affection."

Zhou Yuyuan added, "I still want to just dote on our little Yan."

Liu Hua felt both touched and exasperated, "Yan is doing well, carefree every day. Auntie, if Ye Wan hears you say that, she'll feel terrible."

"Mommy! I can't find my clothes!" Just as she spoke, the little one's soft, childish voice came from upstairs.

The three people in the living room looked over to see Sui Yan in his fluffy pajamas, clinging to the stair railing and looking down.

Chapter end

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