The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 104

Chapter 104

Sui Yan was disgruntled as usual: "Hmph!"

Liu Hua pinched the little cub's cheek: "What's with that hmph?"

Sui Yan bared his teeth for a moment, then suddenly remembered something: "Mom, where are Grandpa and Grandma?"

Liu Hua stretched lazily: "They went to take care of your Aunt Ye."

The little cub nodded seriously: "That's good then."

She was no longer worried.

...Dividing Line...

Ye Wan had a good constitution and was discharged from the hospital after a few days of rest.

The main reason was that the New Year was coming, and everyone was busy. She also didn't want to trouble others anymore.

And today, there were only a bunch of kids at Liu Hua's house.

Sui Yan was lying on the sofa, cradling his little face as he read a book. Ye Anning had just come over from her own home and sat next to the little cub, gently pinching his cheek: "Sui Yan, don't lie down and read. Get up!"

Sui Yan tilted his head in a daze, then obediently crawled onto the floor and continued reading seriously.

Ye Anning adjusted the book's position to make the little cub more comfortable.

"Liu Auntie isn't home today?" she asked Sui Yu, who was nearby.

Sui Yu's gaze was still fixed on his phone screen: "Hmm, she and Uncle Xu probably went on a date."

Ye Anning couldn't help but smile: "Auntie and Uncle Xu are finally properly together."

Sui Zhi yawned: "Sister Ti was also chased out by my mom to have fun, so it seems like we won't have anything to eat today."

Sui Yu put down his phone: "No, not us, just you won't have anything to eat."

Sui Zhi looked puzzled: "Why?"

Sui Yu smirked: "We all know how to cook, except for you."

Sui Zhi fell silent for a moment: "Brother, you really don't want to make an extra portion?"

Sui Yu glanced at Qiao Ze: "I'll take care of Ye Anning and the little cub's meals. You can ask Qiao Ze."

Before Sui Zhi could speak, Qiao Ze said: "I can take care of the meals if you do all my homework for a semester."

Sui Zhi opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

After a long pause, he finally said: "I'll tell the little cub that you asked me to do your homework."

Qiao Ze: "...Fine, I'll take care of your meal!"

This guy was so annoying! If it weren't for the little cub, he wouldn't bother with Sui Zhi!

Ti Zi's gaze was full of disdain. This bunch only cared about using the precious little cub to their advantage! So annoying!

Despite being mentioned several times, Sui Yan was still engrossed in his book, completely unaware that his brothers were talking about him.

Seeing this, Ye Anning and the others gradually fell silent too.

Sui Yan was a fast reader and soon turned the page.

The little cub had been reading for a while, but then his stomach growled a few times. He rubbed his belly and pouted: "Brother, I'm so hungry!"

Sui Yu had been browsing on his phone but was startled by his sister's voice: "Huh? ...Okay, I'll go make food for the little cub now."

Just as he was about to stand up, there was a knock at the door.

Sui Yu paused, then went to open it.

"Grandma, Grandpa? What are you doing here?"

Zhou Yuyuan gently pushed Sui Yu aside: "Your mother said there were no adults home today, so she asked me to come help and bring you kids some food."

Sui Yan carefully closed his book and put it aside, then happily ran towards Zhou Yuyuan: "Grandma! I'm so hungry!"

Zhou Yuyuan's heart melted as she picked up the little cub: "Cub, Grandpa and I brought lots of delicious food."

Sui Zhenxiong cooperated with his wife, immediately showing the two large boxes he was carrying: "Look, cub!"

Sui Yu scratched his nose from behind: "Grandma, Grandpa, I was just about to make food for the little cub."

Zhou Yuyuan frowned slightly: "You kids just don't pay attention until you're starving. Ye Anning, you must be hungry too, right?"

Ye Anning smiled shyly: "Thank you, Grandma."

Since Ye Wan still couldn't exert herself too much, Sui Jinhong had been doing the cooking at home recently. But his culinary skills were limited, and making a meal took him half a day. So Ye Anning had decided to come mooch off Sui Yu and the others.

Zhou Yuyuan stroked Ye Anning's head, then repeatedly instructed Sui Zhenxiong: "We're family, no need to be so polite...Hurry up and take out the food. The kids must be starving."

Sui Zhenxiong readily obeyed his wife: "Don't rush, don't rush, it'll be ready soon!"

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze also came to help: "Grandpa, let us do it."

Sui Yan struggled out of his grandmother's arms: "Grandpa, I can help too!"

As they were busy preparing the meal, there was another knock at the door.

Qiao Ze, who was closest to the door, took the initiative to open it. To his surprise, he saw Shen Nian and Qi Linhan, each carrying two insulated containers.

"You...did you come to bring us food?"

Shen Nian pushed past him: "I heard Liu Auntie wasn't home today, so my mom was worried Sui Yu and the others wouldn't take good care of the little cub. She asked me to bring the little cub some food."

Qi Linhan smiled: "Same for me."

They lived so close that he and Shen Nian had run into each other on the way over.

Qiao Ze curved his lips: "You guys really are..."

It was truly touching, all these little gestures.

As soon as Shen Nian and Qi Linhan entered, they noticed Zhou Yuyuan and Sui Zhenxiong in the dining area and froze: "Grandma, Grandpa? You're here too?"

Zhou Yuyuan noticed the containers they were holding and couldn't help but smile: "You came to bring food for the little cub too? That's so nice."

Ti Zi watched this scene, head bowed as a warm smile filled her wolfish gaze.

This was truly wonderful!

The immature Sui Zhi didn't understand: "Why did everyone come to bring food for the little cub? Don't you trust us to take care of him? We can take good care of the little cub!"

Ye Anning silently added: "Besides, you can't even cook. How are you going to take care of the little cub?"

All eyes turned to Sui Zhi, who instinctively shrank back: "But...my brother is here, isn't he?"

As he said this, everyone's gazes turned even sharper.

Only a vague, childish, and soft little voice chimed in: "Brother is right!"

Zhou Yuyuan sensed something was off and quickly looked towards the little cub. But she found that the little cub had already started eating.

The little cub Sui Yan's cheeks were stuffed full as he chewed the food in his mouth with difficulty. At the same time, he used his bare hands to grab the pan-fried dumplings from the plate.

Ye Anning also quickly reacted and used a handkerchief to wipe Sui Yan's hands: "Sui Yan, you can't use your hands directly!"iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

Sui Yan swallowed the food in his mouth with effort: "But Sister, I really want to eat!"

Zhou Yuyuan was both heartbroken and amused: "Look at how hungry our little cub is!"

Qi Linhan narrowed his eyes and calmly glanced at Sui Zhi: "This is what you call taking good care of Sui Yan?"

Sui Zhi stepped back guiltily: "I...I meant we can all take care of Sui Yan together!"

Chapter end

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