The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 110

Chapter 110

The little cub carefully stretched out his hand and gently placed it on Ye Wan's belly.

"The little brother has to grow up well, and big sister will share the chocolate with you!" The little cub spoke in a very sensible tone, but his words made everyone smile.

Liu Hua was chased out of the kitchen by Zhou Yuyuan, and as soon as she turned around, she saw this scene.

She smiled and reminded, "Sui Yan, be careful."

Sui Yan withdrew his hand and murmured softly, "Sui Yan was already very careful."

As the New Year's Eve dinner, this meal was almost the most sumptuous dinner for the little cub this year.

To the extent that everyone on the way home had to be forced to listen to Sui Yan's crazy rainbow-kissing.

"The braised pork is super, super delicious!"

"And that huge shrimp!"

"The crab was also delicious!"

"The chicken soup was also super and terribly good to drink!"

Liu Man was resentful: "Does Sui Yan think my cooking is not delicious?"

The little cub warily looked at her and then pinched two fingers to show a tiny distance, "Grandma's food is a little bit more delicious than what Auntie Man made! Just a little bit! So Auntie Man doesn't have to be unhappy!"

Sui Yu glanced at the little cub, "Sui Yan, is there a black hole hiding between those two fingers of yours?"

The little cub's appearance of blowing rainbow-kissing was definitely not just a little bit!

Although Sui Yan did not yet understand what a black hole is, she clearly felt the disdain in her brother's tone.

"Stinky brother! I won't play with you anymore! Auntie Man, don't listen to your brother's nonsense, I love Auntie Man the most!"

Liu Man proudly hugged the little cub, "Okay then, I'll make a little cake for Sui Yan to eat tomorrow."

Sui Yan hugged Liu Man's neck, "Okay!"

And all the other people added, "...How many people does this brat want to love the most!"

Liu Hua and Xu Yi were walking slowly at the end. She smiled and looked at the group of children in front of her, suddenly remembering something and looking up to ask, "Did Aunt and Uncle say anything to you in the kitchen?"

Xu Yi gently stroked her long hair, "They just said... you've had a hard time all these years, and they felt sorry for you, hoping that I could love you well."

Liu Hua's face felt a little hot, "Don't listen to their nonsense, it's not like I've been through that much..."

Xu Yi embraced her shoulders, "I know, I know everything. If I hadn't gone with that family back then, you wouldn't have gone through so much. But now with Sui Yan, she has really healed me a lot. I can't imagine what I would do without her."

Xu Yi was a little helpless that he was no longer the most important person to Liu Hua, but he was also more happy.

Very happy that this little angel has always been healing Liu Hua's imperfect soul.

This little family member is really a lucky star!

Liu Hua squinted her eyes in satisfaction and slowly leaned against Xu Yi's embrace.

When they got home, Liu Hua asked while changing her slippers, "Do you have anyone who knows how to edit videos? Help me edit a video."

Hearing this, Sui Yu and Qiao Ze both quietly shifted their gaze to Sui Yu.

After all, for the time being, Sui Yu seems to have the most contact with mobile phones and computers, and it's not strange that he can edit videos.

Sui Yu pressed his temples, "Mom, I know a little bit, what kind of video do you want to edit?"

Liu Hua thought about it, "There's no rush, but it's better to finish it before the New Year. It's just some daily videos, filming Sui Yan and you guys, just edit them a bit."

Sui Yu roughly understood that his mother wanted to commemorate this year well, and he solemnly nodded, "Okay, I'll definitely edit it well."

Liu Hua patted her son's shoulder, "It's okay, you don't have to be so serious."

The little cub, who had been whispering with Liu Man, suddenly came up, "Mom, when are you and Uncle Xu going to have a little brother?"

Liu Hua was stunned, but before she could react, she heard Xu Yi say, "Cub, Uncle and Mom won't have a little brother."

He knew that Liu Hua would be worried about this little one's psychology, so he actively brought it up.

But he didn't expect the little cub to look a little unhappy, "Why not? I want a little brother!"

Liu Hua pinched her fingers, "Sui Yan, why do you want a little brother? Aren't you afraid that Mom will love you less if there's a little brother?"

Sui Yan tilted her head, "Mom won't love Sui Yan less! And Sui Yan can love the little brother together with Mom!"Gt latest ovel chpters on nv(e)lbj/n(.)c/m

Liu Hua blinked her eyes, letting the moisture in her eyes dissipate, "So Sui Yan really wants to be a big sister? Isn't your dad's side going to have a little brother?"

Sui Yan was a bit confused, but she was very determined, "It's not the same! Sui Yan wants Mom to have the little brother!"

Liu Hua was actually quite conflicted. On the one hand, she really wanted to have a child with her loved one; but on the other hand, she also hoped that her silly little cub could receive everyone's love.

Xu Yi bent down and ruffled the little cub's head, "How about Sui Yan lets Mom and Uncle talk about it?"

Sui Yan stood on tiptoe and patted Xu Yi's shoulder like a little adult, "Uncle Xu, I really want a little brother!"

When she was in kindergarten, many little friends had little brothers and sisters! But only she was the youngest!

Liu Hua looked a bit disgusted, "Alright, alright, let's not talk about this anymore, hurry up and go back to your own room to sleep!"

Sui Yan made a fist at her mom, "Mom, fight hard to have a little brother!"

Liu Hua was both angry and amused, "What do you know? Just know to fight hard to have a little brother!"

The little cub stuck out her tongue and pulled Liu Man upstairs to run.

The next morning, until almost noon, Liu Hua didn't see Sui Yu and the others come downstairs for breakfast.

Xu Yi was a little hesitant, "Should we call the kids to come down and have breakfast?"

Liu Hua frowned, "It's almost noon, how late did this bunch of cubs stay up last night? Oh well, don't call them, it's not like they often get up this late."

So by the time they were having lunch, the dining table only had the three of them, Liu Hua, Xu Yi, and Liu Man.

"Mom, are you home? Is there still food to eat?"

Just as they were about to start eating, Sui Yu's lazy voice came from outside the dining room.

Liu Hua gently tapped the table, "We're in the dining room, come eat quickly!"

Sui Zhi yawned and waved to his sister behind him, "Sui Yan, come on quickly."

Qiao Ze also looked very listless, with his hair drooping down over his forehead.

Liu Hua was almost startled when she saw these four, "What kind of big mission did you guys have last night? Why does everyone look like they didn't sleep?"

Sui Yu raised his chin, "Sui Yan, give Mom the thing."

The little cub, who seemed the most energetic, hopped over to her mom and rummaged in the big pocket on her chest for a while, finally pulling out a small USB drive.

"Mom, Brother said the video is edited!"

Chapter end

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