The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 111

Chapter 111

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow: "You guys were up late editing videos? How silly!"

Sui Yu brushed his hair back: "Mom, tomorrow is the first day of the New Year. Didn't you say you wanted to have it done before the new year?"

Liu Hua laughed helplessly: "You child! Come and eat now! Yan, come here and let mommy hug you."

Seeing his brothers sit down, Yan blinked his eyes and quickly crawled into his mother's arms.

"Mommy, I want to eat that and that!" The little cub kept pointing at other dishes while being fed.

Liu Hua tapped the little cub's hand: "Don't move around, or mommy won't feed you!"

The little cub obediently quieted down: "Okay!"

Liu Man quickly shoveled a few bites of rice: "Madam, let me feed Yan."

Liu Hua patted the little cub's head: "No need, Yan will eat by himself, no one is allowed to feed him."

Yan hugged his little bowl and crawled onto the chair next to him: "But mommy wanted to feed Yan!"

The little cub grasped the small spoon and stirred the bowl haphazardly.

Seeing that he didn't make a mess on the table, Liu Hua left him to it.

Sui Yu swallowed his food and couldn't help but ask: "Mom, are you going to post that video?"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes and smiled: "If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten. Let me post it now."

She fiddled with her phone for a bit and posted the long video on her account on a certain website.


Capital City

Inside the Police Station

A female officer who was browsing a certain website suddenly noticed a post and her eyes lit up. She excitedly alerted her colleagues: "The great Liu Hua has updated! Quick, go check it out!"

Some of the officers who heard the shout were puzzled, while others immediately took out their phones: "It's here! What did the great lady update? Did she post experimental photos?"

"Looks like it's a video... let me see!"

Just as everyone was getting excited, a man with delicate features and a cold expression strode in from outside.

Bai Qingrui was holding two files and hurriedly trying to find someone to hand over his work.

However, the noisy discussion among his female colleagues made him frown. He turned to the person next to him and asked, "What's going on? Why is everyone so rowdy?"

The person next to him wasn't too sure either and scratched his head: "Just wait a sec, let me go ask."

At eighteen years old, Bai Qingrui joined the police force as a community officer. But in just three short years, he had accomplished numerous feats through his own efforts.

Moreover, it was said that his family background was not to be underestimated, though he rarely relied on his family's connections.

Bai Qingrui's steps only faltered for a few seconds before he continued walking forward, but the noisy discussion around him seemed to have quieted a bit.

"Ahhh! What a cute little kid! Is this the great lady's daughter?"

"The baby is so adorable when she cries! Hahaha! She kept insisting she's the cutest!"

"The little cub is so smart! She can even read the great lady's books!"

"Wearing the panda outfit is truly adorable! I can't take it!"

"The great lady is fooling us into thinking she has a daughter!"

Bai Qingrui was getting impatient and quickened his pace, wanting to escape this dreadful place as soon as possible.

But someone came running after him: "Qingrui, they say the great Liu Hua posted a video of her daughter online, and they're all fawning over the little kid."

Mentioning Liu Hua piqued Bai Qingrui's interest: "Miss Liu has updated a video? Come to think of it, we should thank her for helping us with that sample analysis before."

His friend couldn't help but laugh: "The great lady's daughter is really cute. I recommend you watch that video too. I guarantee even you won't be able to resist her. Anyway, I'm going to fawn over the little kid now... I really want a daughter, even though I don't even have a girlfriend."

Bai Qingrui gave a wry smile, not taking his friend's words to heart.

Until late at night, after finishing all his work and preparing to go home to celebrate the New Year with his family, Bai Qingrui remembered this incident again.

He thought about it and couldn't resist taking out his phone to find the video Liu Hua posted.

Little kids are so annoying, especially little girls, always so fussy and delicate, how could they be cute?

He honestly clicked on the video, then was captivated by the arrogant yet soft and adorable little cub.

"Wah wah! Yan is the cutest! Wah wah wah!"

"Hmph! Stupid mommy! Yan will never talk to you again!"nw stries at n/vel/b/i/n(.)co

"Mommy, your cub is so tired from reading books!"

"Ti Zi, we can't bite people!"

"Brother Man! I really really want to eat little cookies today!"

"Big brother, the teacher praised Yan for being so good today."

The little cub's features were all very pretty. At such a young age, she already had the beginnings of a beautiful lady's appearance. When she grew up, she would at least reach the level of an ancient beauty who brought ruin to nations!

As Bai Qingrui watched, he couldn't help but place his hand over his heart.

The little cub was just too adorable! He suddenly understood why his parents were so eager to have a daughter! He wanted one too!

It seemed like little kids weren't all just troublemakers...

Bai Qingrui completely forgot his earlier skeptical attitude and decided not to hurry home. Instead, he chose to watch the nearly half-hour video right there.

The little cub was so cute! Why didn't his parents, uncles, and aunts give him a soft and mischievous little sister like this!

As he marveled, he dragged the progress bar back to the beginning to watch the video again before going home!

But as he watched, Bai Qingrui suddenly noticed an unusual detail.

And this discovery made his face turn deathly pale, even breaking out in a cold sweat on his back...

On the soft and adorable little cub's wrist, an antique-looking Buddhist prayer bead bracelet would occasionally appear.

And this bracelet, Bai Qingrui couldn't be more familiar with it.

Ever since he was little, he had heard all his family members talk about it and frequently seen photos of this bracelet.

Grandma said that when she was young, a cool and aloof young lady had given her this bracelet. The bracelet had even saved their family's lives before, so later on, she gave it to her newborn baby girl, Bai Qingrui's aunt.

However, his aunt was abducted just two months after her birth, and the bracelet disappeared along with her.

Bai Qingrui bit his lip hard, closed the video, and rushed home as fast as he could...

...A New Chapter...

On the first day of the New Year, a certain little cub had threatened Ti Zi the night before not to secretly turn off the alarm clock. So now Ti Zi was lying miserably on the floor, staring in despair at the little cub sleeping soundly on the big bed.

In its ears, that death-knell of an alarm clock kept ringing loudly.

Hah! That stinky little cub!

Chapter end

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