The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 113

Chapter 113

The four members of the Bai family were momentarily stunned, staring dumbfoundedly as the little cub bumped into Bai Qingrui.


The startled cry of the little cub immediately snapped Bai Qingrui back to his senses, and he hurriedly steadied the little one.

He recalled that in the video, everyone had been calling the little cub "Yan Yan".

"Little one, what's your name?" Bai Qingrui couldn't resist asking.

Sui Yan rubbed her forehead in a daze, "Who are you? Are you also here to visit?"

The little cub was delicately beautiful, looking especially adorable.

Yang Huijun had fallen in love with the child just from watching the video, and now she couldn't resist the urge to hug her. "Cub, is your mom home?"

Sui Yan looked at the two elderly people and the two handsome young men in front of her with puzzlement, her eyes crinkling as she smiled, "Grandma, my name is Sui Yan. Are you here to play at my house?"

Calling Yang Huijun "Grandma" almost brought tears to the woman's eyes, and she swallowed hard, unable to say anything.

Bai Yuanmo, observing his grandmother's reaction, suggested, "Yan, can I ask you a few questions?"

The little cub chewed on her finger, thinking it over, "Aren't you going to my house? How about we go play in the garden instead?"

She seemed to think these two grandfathers, grandmothers, and two brothers all seemed very nice - they couldn't be bad people, after all, since they all looked so good-looking.

Bai Qingrui was eager, "Yan, can I hug you?"

Sui Yan unhesitatingly refused, "No, I want Grandma to hug me."

Bai Qingrui: "... How merciless!"

Yang Huijun wiped her eyes and gently picked up the little cub, "Okay, Grandma will hug you."

And Grandpa Bai stood in the back, the entire time in a state of not having processed what was happening.

Bai Yuanmo discreetly reminded, "Grandpa, Grandma has taken the little sister and left."

Bai Yiping belatedly reacted, "Oh, we should go too."

The garden in the community was a bit far from Liu Hua's home, but the scenery there was very nice.

The little cub expertly led the way, guiding everyone to sit in a pavilion.

Sui Yan climbed down from Yang Huijun's embrace and clambered onto a nearby bench, "Brothers, what did you want to ask me?"

The four members of the Bai family all sat around the little cub, and Bai Yuanmo, looking at his grandparents, was the first to ask, "Little one, has your mom ever mentioned your grandparents to you?"

Sui Yan plucked at the fancy buttons on her clothes, swinging her little short legs as she said, "Mom said I shouldn't bring up my grandparents."

Spoken without intent, heard with heart. This statement sent a chill through the two elderly members of the Bai family.

Bai Qingrui smiled amicably as he fished a piece of chocolate he had prepared earlier out of his pocket, "Yan, if your grandparents came to find your mom, would you like your grandparents?"

The little cub looked puzzled, "Brother, why are you talking about my grandparents?"

Bai Yuanmo changed the subject, "Yan, don't listen to him. Let's eat the chocolate together." He snatched the chocolate from Bai Qingrui's hand and eagerly offered it to the little cub.

Sui Yan blinked her eyes and took just one piece of chocolate, "Thank you, brother."


In the middle of their conversation, they suddenly heard a wolf's howl.

It all happened so quickly and surreally that the four Bai family members watched in a daze as a white wolf came bounding over, nuzzling the little cub's leg with practiced familiarity.

Sui Yan slid off the bench, "Ti Zi, what are you doing here? Shall we go home then?"

Bai Yiping yanked the little cub behind him, frowning at Ti Zi, "Cub, that's not a dog."

Ti Zi was completely puzzled - everyone knew it was not a dog!

Sui Yan was also a bit bewildered, "Grandpa, Ti Zi is a wolf, not a dog."

The four Bai family members: "?"

The situation became rather awkward for a moment.

Eventually, through the little cub's animated explanation and Ti Zi's perfect cooperation, they managed to grudgingly accept this reality. The little cub had a wolf as a pet! And this wolf seemed to be a bit different from ordinary wolves.

Ti Zi looked at the four Bai family members with a hint of disdain. It had seen these people in its previous life, and they had helped Yan Yan many times, even though they didn't know her then, simply out of appreciation for her talent.

Sui Yan had played enough and let out a lazy yawn, "Yan wants to go home now."

"Wait, let's play with toys together!" Bai Qingrui produced a delicate little Rubik's cube from somewhere and handed it to the little cub.

Sui Yan received the toy with a touch of amazement, "What's this? Yan doesn't have this toy."

Bai Qingrui casually twisted it a few times, "See, you just play like this. Try to match all the colors together."

The little cub's eyes instantly lit up, "Yan wants to play, Yan wants to play!"

Ti Zi couldn't help but roll its eyes, but it didn't stop her.

As long as it knew these people weren't bad, that was enough. It was also rather curious to see what they were up to.

Back in the backyard of their home, Sui Yu and the others felt something was off: "Didn't Yan say she was just going to get a snack? Why is it taking her so long to come back?"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze also frowned, simultaneously standing up and heading outside.Checkk new ovel chpters at novlbin(.)com

Liu Man was busy fussing over some small desserts in the dining room, and when Sui Yu saw her, he asked, "Sister Hua, have you seen Yan?"

Liu Man poked her head out, "What's wrong? Yan said she was going to call Anning over, hasn't she come back yet?"

Sui Yu let out a slight sigh of relief, "No, I'll go check with my dad."

The Sui family home was not far from Liu Hua's, just in front and behind. But when they went, they only saw Ye Anning alone, watching TV.

Sui Yu looked at Ye Anning and asked, "Hasn't Yan come find you?"

His tone was a bit off, and Ye Anning started to panic, "What do you mean? Yan hasn't come here at all."

Their information didn't match up, and Sui Zhi frowned as he said, "Let's go check Shen Nian and Qi Linhan's place too, Yan usually plays around there."

But after visiting them as well, all they had done was add two more worried people to the group.

The six of them leaned against the door of Qi Linhan's house, Shen Nian's brow furrowed, "We really can't find Yan."

Sui Yu felt a bit uneasy, "Zhi, you all look around the neighborhood, I'll go check the security cameras at the property management office."

Sui Zhi was also terribly anxious, "Okay."

This was probably the first time since their rebirth that they had been so caught off guard by an event, and it left them deeply unsettled.

But Sui Yan, playing with the toy in the pavilion, was unaware of all this. Ti Zi had vaguely heard some noises, but after realizing Hua's voice was not among them, it just closed its eyes and continued to rest.

Let them worry, this was a small punishment for them.

While Ti Zi was quite happy to see everyone doting on Yan Yan, that didn't mean it had completely forgiven them for what happened in the past.

Chapter end

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