The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 114

Chapter 114

It was Yang Huijun who poked the chubby little face of the child in front of her. "Little one, do your mom and dad know you came out to play?"

She didn't want to get the girl into trouble right away.

The child struggled to turn the Rubik's cube in her hands. "Um... AhMan knows Yan is outside."

The four Bai family members who knew Liu Hua's situation relaxed. "Then let's keep playing."

Meanwhile, those searching for the little child...

Ye Anning came running around a corner and bumped into Shen Nian. Her eyes were red as she asked, "Have you seen Yan?"

Shen Nian pursed her lips and gently shook her head. She wiped her eyes, her voice tinged with tears. "No... no..."

On the other side, Sui Zhi had met up with Qiao Ze and Qi Linhan.

"You guys haven't seen Yan either?"

Qiao Ze clenched his fist and slammed it against the wall. "It's all our fault! If we hadn't let her go get snacks alone, she wouldn't have wandered off by herself..."

Sui Zhi opened his mouth but said nothing, only giving a bitter smile.

That's right, it was their fault...

Qi Linhan closed his eyes, then opened them again, filled with determination. "There's still no news from Sui Yu's side, let's keep looking."

Sui Zhi's gaze also hardened. "Right!"

Meanwhile, Sui Yu had successfully entered the surveillance room and was watching over a dozen surveillance screens.

Probably because he was too frantic, it took him a while to think of checking the surveillance near his own home.

But when he actually saw the surveillance footage, he almost stopped breathing.

He saw four strangers standing at his front door, and the little child who had just left the house bumped right into them.

Sui Yan said something to them, and the five of them headed off in one direction.

Sui Yu quickly checked the surveillance in the direction they left, then took off running.

As he ran towards the garden, he berated himself for not teaching his little sister enough, leaving her without any caution towards strangers.

Sui Yu pursed his lips tightly, his mind filled with only one thought.

If anything happened to Yan... he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

He ran at top speed and finally glimpsed a familiar small figure after who knows how long.

Sui Yu's mind went blank as he rushed over and scooped his sister into his arms.

His body was trembling slightly. "Yan, why did you run off here?!"

The child looked up at him in confusion. "Big brother? What are you doing here too?"

Sui Yu took a few deep breaths before finally calming down somewhat.

He shielded Yan behind him and glared at the four strangers. "Who are you? Why did you bring my sister here?"

Bai Qingrui probably knew who Sui Yu was, so he said a little awkwardly, "Well, we came to your house for New Year's greetings."

But Sui Yu only grew more wary. "Why didn't you go inside then? Why bring a little kid out here alone?"

Yan poked her head out and tugged her brother's clothes. "Big brother, it was Yan who brought grandpa and grandma here."

Sui Yu angrily pinched the child's face. "Didn't we tell you not to talk to strangers?"

The child twisted her fingers sadly. "But grandpa and grandma and big brother are all so nice!"Th sourc of this content n/o/v/(l)bi((n))

Sui Yu grew even angrier. "So you think anyone good-looking must be a good person? Did you follow them just because they gave you some candy?" He glimpsed the chocolates in Bai Yuanmo's hand.

Yan lowered her head guiltily. "Big brother is lying, Yan wouldn't..."

Bai Yiping spoke up, "We came to find your mother."

The old man looked respectable and kind, not at all like a bad person.

But Sui Yu remained wary. "Why did you come to find my mom?"

Seeing the granddaughter who resembled her own daughter, Yang Huijun couldn't help getting misty-eyed again. She slowly took out a photo. "Do you recognize the bracelet in this picture?"

Sui Yu didn't take the photo but frowned as he glanced at it. That one glance made him freeze. "That bracelet..."

Bai Qingrui spoke solemnly, "This bracelet belongs to our family. My grandmother once put it on my aunt when she was just a few months old, but not long after, my aunt was stolen away... along with this bracelet."

The little child Sui Yu was hiding behind him strained up on her tiptoes. After staring for a while without seeing anything, she ran right over while her brother wasn't paying attention.

"That's the bracelet Mom gave to Yan! It's Mom's!" The child said firmly.

Sui Yu was still reeling in shock, but his sister suddenly darting out gave him another fright. "Yan, come back here!"

He looked firmly at the four Bai family members. "I know why you've come now, but I'm not sure if my mother will welcome you."

Meanwhile, Ti Zi also turned her gaze towards the bracelet in the photo, her eyes filled with a strange sense of longing.

That's sister's bracelet... I wonder how she's doing now.

The old Bai patriarch's gaze was resolute. "No matter what, can we meet your mother? I still hope she can give us a chance to make amends."

Sui Yu lowered his eyelids. It seems his own mother had gone missing by accident back then, so the two elders must have suffered a lot at that time.

"I'll ask her."

He quickly sent Liu Hua a message on his phone and also told Sui Zhi that they had found their sister.

Liu Hua didn't reply for a long time, but Sui Zhi and the others arrived quickly.

Yan waved excitedly when she saw her brothers and sisters running over. "Big sister! Big brother! You all came too!"

Ye Anning's eyes were red as she ran over. "Naughty Yan! How could you sneak out and play by yourself!"

Her sister's appearance was a little scary, so the child said weakly, "Sister, I came out to play with grandpa, grandma and big brother."

Ye Anning frowned and looked up at the four Bai family members, instinctively shielding Yan. "Who are you?"

Knowing he was in the wrong, Bai Qingrui patiently explained, "We came to find my aunt, we're not bad people."

Sui Zhi and the others stood in front of their sister with cold expressions. "You're looking for your aunt, why did you bring our sister along?"

Sui Yu suddenly spoke up, "Little Zhi, don't be rude." He looked at the Bai family. "My mom said to invite you to our home as guests, would you like to come?"

When he said that, the Bai family's eyes all lit up instantly.

And based on what they had said earlier, Sui Zhi and the others also seemed to understand something.

"Big bro, they are..." Sui Zhi said weakly.

If it was really like that, then he had been disrespectful to his elders just now...

Sui Yu looked calm. "Let's not jump to conclusions yet, let's go home first."

Chapter end

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