The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 121

Chapter 121

Tizi was originally a bit wilted, but upon hearing Little cub's words, she became smug: "Woof!"

Of course, the cub would forever be her... second greatest love!

The first was Mom's love, she couldn't compete with Mom.

Sui Yan lowered her voice and leaned close to Tizi's ear, whispering: "Tizi, next time we'll put this stuffed animal in the living room to pretend it's you, then you can sneak off and jump on the bed with the others."

Liu Hua silently stretched her magic paw towards Little cub: "You think I can't hear you?"

Little cub froze, hugging Tizi II tightly as she puffed out her cheeks: "Uncle Xu said I can do whatever I want today! Adults have to keep their word!"

Liu Hua released Little cub and averted her gaze: "That was what your Uncle Xu said, I never said anything like that."

Sui Yan pouted stubbornly: "Yan wants to jump on the bed with Tizi!"Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

Liu Hua smiled: "Alright then, it's your birthday today, so I'll let it slide."

Before Little cub could feel happy, she changed her tone: "But after your birthday, I'll discipline you."

Little cub: "...?"Is this really okay?

Tizi tilted her head, looking around for a while before weakly rubbing against Liu Hua's leg: "Woof!"

Mom, please don't discipline Yan~

Liu Hua's gaze wandered between these two childish ones, and eventually she chose to pat Tizi on the head: "At least Tizi is obedient, so you two can play well today."

Little cub puffed out her cheeks: "Yan says it's not okay, but Mom agrees as soon as Tizi acts cute!"

Mom is really a sucker for fluffy things!

Ye Anning and Shen Nian crouched worriedly nearby: "Yan's bed now has another huge stuffed animal! There's hardly any space left for us two."

Shen Nian's grievance was deeply rooted: "We shouldn't have agreed to this suggestion in the first place, it's not good at all."

They should have seen this coming!

Meanwhile, Little cub continued happily unwrapping gifts. She picked up a small, slightly heavy box: "Mom, this box is a bit heavy."

Liu Hua simply brought over a small stool and sat down: "Let's see what it is?"

Sui Yan struggled to open the box, and immediately saw the small items inside: "Wow! It's Yan!"

Inside the little box were more than a dozen tiny ceramic figurines, all in the likeness of Sui Yan.

They depicted her wearing various little animal costumes.

An Sitong proudly stated: "Cub, it's from me!"

Little cub was equally proud: "Yan is so adorable!"

Bai Yuanmo's voice came from the doorway: "Yan, your birthday cake is here!"

Little cub was startled, carefully putting down the opened gifts before rushing over excitedly: "Where, where? Yan's birthday cake!"

Bai Yuanmo took the chance to scoop up Little cub: "Yan can't go over, we'll wait for them to bring the cake in."

Sui Yu turned around and glanced outside, then dimmed all the lights in the hall, darkening the surroundings.

Sui Yan placed one tiny paw on her brother's shoulder and used the other to scratch her face.

As she wondered about it, a few elegantly dressed people pushed in a pink, cake-shaped tower.

The cake was lit with candles, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" together. Sui Yan's expression turned amazed.


Bai Yuanmo carried his little sister to the center of the living room: "Yan, happy birthday!"

Li Yuan bounced happily: "Yan, blow out the candles!"

Initially a bit bashful, Little cub puckered her lips and blew out a breath as soon as she realized she could eat the cake after blowing out the candles.


Liu Hua felt her heart melt watching this scene, silently taking out her phone to snap countless photos of Little cub.

After blowing out the candles, Little cub received a large slice of cake and scurried to a corner to eat it carefully.

Tizi kept her eyes fixed on Sui Yan. Seeing Little cub run to the corner, she immediately wanted to follow. But upon closer inspection, she realized someone had beaten her to it.

Qi Linhan also held a small plate of cake, sitting down next to Little cub.

Sui Yan was eating when she suddenly felt a shadow loom over her. She tilted her head in puzzlement, only to find her Linhan brother sitting beside her.

Little cub grinned innocently: "Linhan brother!"

Qi Linhan smiled warmly: "Yan, happy birthday."

Little cub's eyes crinkled with joy: "Thank you, Linhan brother. Yan really loves the Tizi stuffed animal you gave."

Qi Linhan: "...As long as Yan likes it."

Cub, can we please not mention that again?

Sui Yan stuffed a huge mouthful of cake into her mouth, puffing out her cheeks as she obediently watched Qi Linhan.

Qi Linhan couldn't help but reach out and pat Little cub's head: "Yan has cream all over her face."

Little cub didn't care: "Mmm, Yan will wipe her mouth after finishing the cake... Linhan brother, your cake is different from Yan's!"

Her eyes sparkled as she stared at the cake in Qi Linhan's hand, unsure of when she started eyeing it.

Qi Linhan was taken aback, carefully picking out the chocolates and cherries from his cake and placing them on Little cub's plate: "Here, Yan can have them all."

Sui Yan didn't hesitate to pick out the plain cake from her plate and hand it to Qi Linhan: "Yan will share with Linhan brother too."

Qi Linhan chuckled helplessly: "Yan is just giving me the parts she doesn't like."

Little cub insisted firmly: "No! Yan loves eating the bread part under the cake the most."

Qi Linhan couldn't help but laugh: "Then shall I give all this bread to Yan?"

Little cub paused in eating her cake, wordlessly taking her plate back: "No! Linhan brother can't be picky either."

Qi Linhan gave in: "Alright, no more being picky."

Everyone else can't be picky, only Little cub can.

Such a double standard!

"What are you two sneakily doing?"

Ye Anning's sinister voice sounded above Little cub's head.

Sui Yan instinctively turned back: "Elder Sister!"She patted the space next to her, "Elder Sister, come sit here quickly!"

Shen Nian swiftly took the spot: "She can't sit there anymore, this place is mine."

Ye Anning and Shen Nian both turned their gazes towards Qi Linhan, who remained composed under their scrutiny: "Yan, let's go play somewhere else, not with them."

Little cub was a bit conflicted: "Can't everyone play together?"

Ye Anning couldn't stand the sight of Little cub's furrowed brows, so she conceded: "Okay okay, we'll all play together. Then Elder Sister will sit in front of Yan!"

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze heard the commotion in the corner and hurried over: "You're having a secret gathering without us?"

Ye Anning was disgruntled at not getting the spot next to her little sister: "Who told you to not pay attention?"

Little cub looked at everyone with bewilderment, then scooted back: "Everyone gather in a circle!"

Chapter end

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