The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 124

Chapter 124

Sui Yan used her little baby teeth to nibble on her mother's hand: "Hmph!"

Liu Hua pinched the little cub's cheeks with both hands: "Don't cry and make a fuss every day, understood?"

The little cub puffed out her cheeks, rolled over, and lay face down on the sofa with her bottom sticking up.

Liu Man brought over two cups of milk: "Madam, Sui Yan is still young, don't be so strict with her."

Liu Hua glared at the little cub: "It's precisely because she's still young that I need to discipline her. Otherwise, we won't be able to control her in the future. Don't spoil her!"

Liu Man went over and picked up the little cub who was pretending to be dead: "Sui Yan, tell your mother you know you were wrong."

Sui Yan surreptitiously glanced at her mother, then lowered her head and fidgeted with her fingers: "Okay! Sui Yan won't cry anymore."

Liu Hua sighed: "I didn't say you couldn't cry. Sui Yan, you can't act spoiled and throw tantrums just because everyone loves you."Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

The little cub refused to listen and pouted, trying to get out of trouble by cuddling her mother.

But this time, Liu Hua wasn't having it: "Did you hear me?"

Seeing that the situation was getting a little serious, Sui Yan finally nodded reluctantly: "I know!"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes: "Know what?"

The little cub seemed to realize her mistake: "Sui Yan won't make trouble anymore, and won't cry just because she's unhappy."

Liu Hua nodded in satisfaction: "Good, now does Sui Yan want any breakfast?"

Sui Yan slid off the sofa and raised her little paws: "Sui Yan wants very fragrant congee! I'll go brush my teeth now!"

Liu Hua watched the little cub's bobbing back and the two big ears flopping on her hat, and couldn't help but laugh: "This little cub!"

Liu Man also smiled faintly: "Madam, you're the one who spoils Sui Yan the most."

Liu Hua pretended to hit her: "You know too much! Now hurry up and cook the congee!"

Liu Man laughed and scampered into the kitchen.

Just as Liu Man entered the kitchen, Liu Hua's phone rang.

It was a call from Xu Yi.

Sui Yan ran upstairs to quickly brush her teeth and wash her face, then went to knock on Qiao Ze's door.

"Elder Brother Ze! It's so late! Wake up quickly!" The little cub made a huge fuss.

Qiao Ze looked at the time groggily from inside his room and reluctantly got up to open the door. He was a little surprised to see his sister: "Sui Yan, why are you up so early today?"

The little cub looked up at Qiao Ze: "Elder Brother Ze, can you help braid my hair?"

"Why don't you let me braid your hair?" Sui Yu's sleepy voice came from the doorway of the next room.

When Qiao Ze saw it was his sister knocking on the door, he wasn't sleepy anymore. He picked up the little cub: "Sure, I'll braid Sui Yan's hair."

Sui Yan patted her messy little curls and tried to flatten the cowlick on top of her head: "Elder Brother Yu's braids don't look as nice as Elder Brother Ze's."

Sui Yu was a little reluctant: "Then I can learn, and braid the prettiest hairstyle for Sui Yan."

Qiao Ze smiled gently: "Give up, I can braid prettier ones for Sui Yan."

Sui Yan nodded solemnly: "Yes!"

Qiao Ze smiled mysteriously. He never expected that the nimble hands he developed as a doctor in his previous life would have this kind of benefit.

Braiding adorable hairstyles for his little sister gave him an immense sense of accomplishment!

This was the first time Sui Yu had suffered such a blow. He fell silent for a long time: "Well, I guess I'm just not good enough."

Qiao Ze: "...?" He seemed to smell a familiar scent.

Run, run!

Sui Yu watched helplessly as Qiao Ze carried away the confused little cub. He didn't even have a chance to stop them.

It seemed like things were developing weirdly. Shouldn't Sui Yan normally be moved by his smooth talking?

Qiao Ze was indeed a dog!

Actually, Qiao Ze didn't want to braid his sister's hair too elaborately, as he felt it might damage her delicate roots.

So after some contemplation, he just braided two small braids by her ears, leaving the rest of her hair loose.

Although simple, it made the little cub look even more adorable.

Last night, Liu Hua had forgotten to pick out clothes for Sui Yan to wear today, so the little cub ran downstairs in her fluffy pajamas.

"Mom! Look how nice Sui Yan's hair looks!"

"So pretty, our cub is the cutest!" The elderly voice came from nearby.

Sui Yan looked over in bewilderment, then her eyes lit up as she pounced into her grandparents' and great-grandparents' arms: "Grandpa, Grandma, Grandfather, Grandmother!"

Yang Huijun stroked her precious great-granddaughter's hair: "Oh my! Our cub has such a pretty hairstyle today! Who braided it for you?"

The little cub looked proud: "Elder Brother Ze braided it for me! Elder Brother Ze is amazing at braiding hair!"

As the only child in Liu Hua's family who wasn't related by blood, Qiao Ze seemed to occupy an awkward position, especially after Liu Hua was found by the Bai family.

But in fact, everyone cared for him just as much as Sui Yu and Sui Zhi, if not more, perhaps because he had once been an orphan.

Zhou Yuyuan found it quite surprising: "Ze is so talented, he can even braid his sister's hair now."

Sui Yu, who had just come downstairs, paused when he heard this: "Grandma, the hairstyles I braid for Sui Yan look nice too."

Zhou Yuyuan expressed her doubts: "Really? I think the only reason your hairstyles for Sui Yan look nice is because our Sui Yan is so cute. Right, cub?"

The elderly woman couldn't help but start teasing the little one as she spoke.

Sui Yan grabbed one of her little braids: "Grandma, you can't say that! Everyone's braids look nice."

Zhou Yuyuan readily changed her tune: "Yes, they all look nice."

Sui Yu: "..." Was the preferential treatment that obvious?

Liu Hua brought Sui Yan's little bowl out: "Sui Yan, come eat your congee."

The little cub obediently took her special spoon from her mother and sat down on the floor, ready to dig in.


"Our cub is still so little, how can she eat on her own? Come here, cub, Grandma and Grandmother will feed you congee." Zhou Yuyuan and Yang Huijun spoke almost simultaneously.

Liu Hua felt a headache coming on: "Mom, Auntie, don't spoil her like that. You'll end up spoiling Sui Yan rotten."

Yang Huijun's heart trembled every time she heard her daughter call her, and she immediately agreed: "Okay, okay, we'll listen to our little Hua."

Zhou Yuyuan hesitated, but ultimately didn't say anything.

Whatever, since Liu Hua was her daughter too, she might as well spoil her!

Chapter end

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