The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 127

Chapter 127

Xu Yi listened to her words and smiled with pursed lips: "Okay."

After watching Xu Yi walk back into the room, Liu Hua curiously crouched in front of the door to take a look at the little note that Sui Yan had taped there.

"Mom, your zaizai is going to play with Elder Brother Zhi. Mom, take good care and don't get too tired."

The little cub knew quite a few characters compared to her peers, but there were still many she couldn't write.

Liu Hua couldn't help but laugh when she saw it: "Xu Yi, come and see this!"

Xu Yi strode out: "Sui Yu and Sui Ze sent us messages. They said they're going with Mr. Sui to see Zhi."

Liu Hua waved her hand: "I know, I'm talking about the note Sui Yan wrote! Quick, give me your phone so I can take a photo to commemorate this."

Xu Yi was amused when he saw it: "Let's tear off the note and keep it safe. We'll show it to Sui Yan when she grows up."

Unaware of this adorable "dark history", Sui Yan sat on her brother's lap, swinging her little legs: "Dad, how long until we get to Brother's place?"

Sui Jinhong glanced at the navigation: "We're almost there. When we get off the car, Sui Yan needs to put her hat on, it's still a bit chilly outside."

The little cub held a piece of candy given by her sister, and after taking a bite, she said: "Dad, Brother just pulled Sui Yan's hat off."

Sui Jinhong looked seriously at the road ahead, but didn't ignore his daughter's words: "Then Sui Yan should hit him."

Sui Yan turned to look at Sui Yu who was holding her, then clenched her little fist and punched his shoulder under his gaze: "Hmph!"

It really hurt! One punch could knock out five marbles!

Sui Yu feigned being hurt, hugging his shoulder and leaning back: "Ah. Brother won't dare again."Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

His tone was almost flat, but the little cub felt powerful. She snorted arrogantly: "Hmph! That's more like it!"

Qiao Ze guiltily looked out the window, while Ye Anning helplessly held his head, feeling his sister was too gullible.


Sui Zhi sat aside with his eyes closed as someone applied makeup to his face.

"Zhi, you have such a good base, you barely need any makeup. Just a light dusting of powder and you're ready to go on set." The makeup artist standing behind Sui Zhi marveled, barely resisting the urge to touch his face.

Sui Zhi promptly stopped her motion: "Thank you."

They chatted idly when suddenly they sensed some commotion outside the dressing room.

Sui Zhi raised his brow: "What's going on out there? Did someone come?"

The little assistant Xiao Tao assigned to Sui Zhi by Li Shengming scurried in: "There's an extremely adorable little baby out there! I don't know whose child it is."

Sui Zhi instantly lost interest: "Oh."

No child could be cuter than his little sister! What's there to see?

Just as the makeup artist had put down her tools, she became curious: "Really? Let me go take a look."

Xiao Tao reminded her discreetly: "Sis, the director says we need to get ready for filming. You should hurry up."

The pretty makeup artist frowned: "So they moved it up suddenly? Could the visitor be some VIP here for inspection?"

Xiao Tao nodded solemnly: "I think so."

Although Sui Zhi received special treatment, he still shared the dressing room with a few other actors. Upon hearing this, they also looked over curiously, wondering who this so-called VIP was.

Just as they discussed, Sui Zhi suddenly felt that something was amiss.

It was the same feeling he got at home when a certain little cub was hiding in a corner, secretly watching them.

He turned around incredulously, and indeed...

Outside the half-open dressing room door, two little furry ears poked out cautiously. A few seconds later, a pair of round, bright eyes like a little deer also peeked through slowly.

The little cub's dark, piercing eyes met Sui Zhi's gaze for a while before she suddenly yelped and retracted back.

Sui Zhi: "...?" Was that his illusion? Why did that little panda cub look so much like Sui Yan?

His expression twisted a little. Xiao Tao belatedly noticed his odd behavior: "Zhi, what's wrong?"

Sui Zhi struggled for a while before asking: "Does the little baby out there look a bit... dull? Like not very smart?"

"Brother is mean! Sui Yan is not dull! Sui Yan is the smartest!" Hearing her brother insult her intelligence from behind the door, the little cub jumped out angrily to defend herself.

Sui Zhi: "..." To be honest, he was surprised and touched to suddenly see his long-unseen little sister, but he also felt like laughing at her adorable tantrum.

Xiao Tao stared blankly for a second before his eyes lit up: "What a cute little kid!"

The makeup artist had already rushed over, squatting in front of Sui Yan with a smiling face as she took out a candy: "Little one, what's your name? Who is your brother?"

She only had one candy, yet she tried to pinch and poke the little cub from head to toe.

The others in the dressing room also looked over in surprise. Sui Zhi sighed and went to pick Sui Yan up: "Don't give her candies, she's teething recently."

The makeup artist looked puzzled: "How did you know?"

The little cub narrowed her eyes unhappily: "Brother, I'm not dull."

Sui Zhi felt a headache coming. He didn't have time to answer the makeup artist's question not that he needed to answer anyway.

He pinched the little black ears on Sui Yan's head: "Sui Yan, did you come with Dad?"

Sui Yan reached out her little paw and pinched Sui Zhi's face in front of everyone's shocked eyes: "Yeah."

It seems this young man with a severe case of mysophobia is actually a major sister-con!

Sui Zhi pulled Sui Yan's hand away and turned to the makeup artist: "Sorry, I'll go check outside. You can do the makeup for the others first."

The makeup artist nodded dazedly: "...Okay."

After Sui Zhi left, the others in the dressing room erupted into a clamor, unable to stop discussing animatedly.

"See, I told you this kid is no ordinary child, the way the director pampers him so much?"

"Just because his family is rich."

Xiao Tao frowned upon hearing this, wanting to argue but recalling Sui Zhi's reminder. He pursed his lips and strode out.

The makeup artist, on the other hand, couldn't help but scoff at those making snide remarks after hearing just a few sentences: "So what if his family is rich? It's not like they robbed someone! You're all just jealous that as a child, his talent and acting skills are so much better than yours. All you know is to grumble and complain."

The makeup artist also had some connections, and she was here purely for the love of her work. So no one dared argue with her this time.

Chapter end

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