The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 128

Chapter 128

She finished and rolled her eyes, then walked out as well.

Whoever wants to put on makeup can do it, but she wasn't in the mood today.

The few people who were just arguing looked a bit disgruntled, but at least they shut up.

Tang Yilin, the makeup artist, had just stepped out when she noticed a small group of children squatting not far away. Among them, a young boy in a long white robe particularly caught her eye.

However, her gaze only lingered on Sui Zhi for a second before she decisively fixed her attention on the little one wearing a panda outfit.

The little one was grasping a bamboo flute that was almost longer than herself, struggling to lift her arms: "Ha!"

Tang Yilin stealthily approached and snatched the bamboo flute from the little one's hands: "Hey!"

Sui Yan looked around bewildered, slowly waving her paws and belatedly turning her head: "...Big sister?"

Sui Zhi was caught off guard: "Sister Lin? You're out here too?"

Tang Yilin handed the bamboo flute to him, then picked up Sui Yan directly: "What a cute little one!"

Sui Yan scratched her head and smiled foolishly: "Thank you, sister, you're super pretty too!"

Tang Yilin couldn't help but plant a loud kiss on the little one's cheek, then lifted her leg and sat down with the group of children: "Little Zhi, are these your friends?"

Sui Zhi said indifferently: "They're my brother and sister."

Tang Yilin clicked her tongue and shook her head: "Your family genes are quite something."

They might as well directly form a group and debut.

As she was speaking, a woman in red robes came grumbling towards them: "What's with that person? They clumsily knocked over and broke my perfume bottle!"

The somewhat familiar voice left the little one puzzled. She looked towards the woman in confusion, only to see her striding straight towards her.

Han Yun caught sight of the soft and adorable little bundle out of the corner of her eye. She changed her course, walking up to the little one and pinching her cheek: "This child is really cute."

Sui Zhi stood up to greet her: "Sister Han Yun."

The little one heard this name and suddenly reacted. Her eyes lit up: "Sister Han Yun!"

Han Yun looked amused: "Little one, you know me too?"

Sui Yan came out of Tang Yilin's embrace, clutching Han Yun's robes and saying: "Sister Han Yun, I super super like you!"

Ye Anning felt a twinge of jealousy and said in a small voice: "Doesn't Yan just like anyone who looks good?"

Han Yun raised an eyebrow and extended a slender finger to tap Sui Yan's forehead: "You little brat!"

The little one pouted to defend herself: "Yan doesn't! Yan likes many sisters, but likes Sister Han Yun the most!"

Ye Anning: "......" Oh!

Han Yun laughed out loud, forgetting her earlier displeasure: "Really?"

The little one proudly patted her small chest: "Yes, yes!"

Ever since Han Yun had come out, the people on set seemed to subconsciously keep some distance from this area.

After all, this sister wasn't easy to deal with.

But when they saw Han Yun playing quite happily with the little one in the panda outfit, they were a bit surprised.

Tang Yilin tugged on the little ear poking out from the top of the little one's head: "You naughty kid, what about me?"

Han Yun narrowed her eyes: "What about you? Didn't the kid just say she likes me the most?"

Sui Yan's hat was pulled, and she struggled a bit: "Big sister, I like you too!"

Han Yun "kindly" reminded her: "You like her, but not the most, right?"

Tang Yilin: "......" Oh.

In her struggles, Sui Yan suddenly noticed the dejected look on her sister's face. She clenched her tiny fists: "But Yan likes sister and Nian Nian the most!"

Even though this was the first time she had met the little one, for some reason, Han Yun just wanted her to like her the most.

She looked a bit displeased as she followed the little one's gaze...

Only to see a little girl around ten years old sitting quietly in the corner. Her expression was calm, as if she didn't care about anything around her. But the occasional dimness in her beautiful eyes betrayed her true emotions.

Han Yun withdrew her gaze. It was the little one's sister! Then she wouldn't compete anymore.

Ye Anning's eyes flickered, and she opened her arms towards Sui Yan: "Then let Yan give her sister a kiss."

The little one expertly threw herself into her sister's embrace, giving Ye Anning a loud smack on the cheek.


"You guys are having quite a good time here. Little Zhi came out too, huh? I was worried about you all." Sui Jinhong came striding out of a room, but couldn't help laughing when he saw the situation.

Sui Yan waved excitedly at her father: "Daddy, many brothers and sisters gave Yan snacks! They're all so nice."

Sui Jinhong didn't mind the gazes around him at all. He smiled at his daughter: "Then Yan can play here for now. If anything happens, tell your brother to call me, okay? Don't wander off!"

The little one obediently nodded: "Okay!"Th sourc of this content n/o/v/(l)bi((n))

Sui Jinhong watched with a smile for a while, then turned and said jovially to the director nearby: "If you need anything, just let me know, and I'll have someone bring it over. Funding issues or anything, just tell me."

He actually wanted to take this opportunity to train Sui Zhi, but since his precious little daughter might come to play with her brother often, he didn't mind investing a bit more in this production crew.

The director was flattered and knew why Sui Jinhong was doing this. So he just smiled and nodded: "Mr. Sui is magnanimous. If we have any difficulties, we won't hesitate to ask."

After some polite exchanges, the director called for the actors to get into position and prepare to start filming.

As the leading lady, Han Yun stretched lazily, then pinched the cheek of the little one next to her: "Little one, wait here for your sister to come back, okay?"

Sui Yan nodded seriously: "Sister Han Yun, good luck! You're the best!"

Han Yun couldn't help but smile, feeling strangely touched.

It had been so long since she'd heard such sincere words, ever since she became famous...

Yes, quite a long time, it seemed...

Among the young female stars, Han Yun's acting skills were undoubtedly exceptional. Sui Zhi was now observing their state while filming instead of messing around with his sister.

The rest of the Sui family hadn't seen such a scene before either, so they all squeezed together to watch.

Only Tang Yilin was left alone, sulking and drawing circles on the ground.

Sui Yan was passed around and held by everyone, always the most relaxed one.

The little one hugged her brother's neck, her round eyes curiously looking all around. Before she knew it, she had captured a great many crew members' hearts.

Aww! How could there be such an adorable child! Doesn't cry or make a fuss and is so well-behaved!

Chapter end

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