The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 129

Chapter 129

Little Sui Yan had no sense of her own charm at all. She looked around for a while, her whole body lazily sprawled on her brother's shoulder.

Sui Yu gently patted his sister's back and asked softly, "Yan, are you sleepy?"

Sui Yan swung her little paws around, looking a bit bored. "Brother, this place isn't fun."

Sui Yu simply carried the child to a corner to squat, and Ye Anning and Qiao Ze caught sight of the two slipping away and followed them.

"What are you guys doing?" Ye Anning casually plucked a blade of grass and tossed it onto Sui Yan.

The little cub pouted, "Sister, don't throw grass at Yan."

Ye Anning propped her face with one hand and plucked another blade of grass to throw at her, "I'll throw it if I want to."

Sui Yan puffed out her cheeks and yanked a blade of grass to fling towards Ye Anning, "Humph! Smelly sister!"

Ye Anning swiftly cupped the little cub's face and planted a big kiss on her.

The bratty little one tilted her head arrogantly, "Even if sister kisses Yan, she's still a smelly sister."

Ye Anning didn't mind, "Oh."

They fooled around noisily for a while, and Sui Zhi, who had finished filming his scenes for the day, joined in the fun, making the set particularly lively.

In the afternoon, Sui Jinhong came striding over, "Yan!"

The little cub was busy playing a hand-clapping game with Sui Zhi, except that Sui Zhi, under everyone's sharp gaze, had no choice but to let his sister win.

Or perhaps it should be... let the sea win.

Sui Yan seized the opportunity to swiftly slap Sui Zhi's palm, then dashed towards Sui Jinhong, "Daddy!"

Sui Jinhong looked on in alarm, "Yan, don't run so fast!"

The little cub didn't listen at all and kept charging until she crashed into her dad's embrace, "What is it, daddy?"

Sui Jinhong carried Sui Yan over to Sui Yu and the others, frowning as he said, "Let's go home."

Sui Yu was a bit surprised, "Dad, so early?"

Sui Jinhong cleared his throat, "Your grandma sent me a message saying your mom might be pregnant, so she asked me to take you all home."

The information in that sentence was a bit overwhelming, and it took these kids a while to process it.

Sui Zhi looked dazed, "Dad, should I go home too?"

Sui Jinhong hesitated for a moment, but then heard his daughter say, "Daddy, is mommy having a little brother?"

Sui Jinhong patted the little cub's head, "Yes, shall we go home?"

Sui Zhi nodded solemnly, "Okay."

Qiao Ze, Sui Yu, Ye Anning, and the others were both pleasantly surprised and vaguely worried.

Sui Jinhong, however, wasn't too concerned. He was quite happy for Liu Hua. He was just a little worried that with both families having kids, they might neglect Sui Yan.

He sighed and figured he'd just pay extra attention to her on his end.

Sui Yan was the only one who wasn't worried at all, she was a bit excited and kept chattering away.

"Brother, the little brother will be super super cute!"

Sui Yu pinched his sister's little paw, "Cuter than Yan?"

The little cub pondered for a second, holding up two fingers, "The little brother will be just a tiny bit less cute than Yan."

Sui Yu didn't mind, "Oh, another tiny bit."

Sui Yan nodded firmly, "Yes!"

She thought for a moment, then said, "With a little brother, Yan won't be the youngest kid anymore, Yan will be the big sister!"

Ye Anning couldn't help but turn around and ask with a smile, "What does Yan want to do after becoming a big sister?"

Sui Yan answered seriously, "Bully the little brother."

Ye Anning: "..." I didn't expect that.

Everyone else: "..." Indeed unexpected.

Sui Jinhong was amused by the little cub, "Do your brothers and sisters always bully Yan?"

Sui Yan complained with a grumble, "Yes! Brother always messes up my little pigtails."

Sui Jinhong nodded in agreement, "That's too bad of them."

Sui Yan clenched her fists hard, "Yes! Too bad!"

The others: "...Dad, we're right here."

Qiao Ze leaned against the side, laughing uncontrollably, a surge of inexplicable satisfaction welling up in his heart.

When they got home, they saw a circle of people already gathered in the living room.

Sui Yan bounced up and down, cheering, "Mama!"

Liu Hua was being fussed over by everyone and pressed her temples in slight exasperation, startled when she heard her daughter's voice.

She looked towards the entrance, "Yan, come here."

Sui Yan walked over in short steps, but instead of recklessly leaping into her mom's arms like usual, she stood cautiously by her side, "Mommy, are you having a little brother?"

Liu Hua's gaze was gentle as she looked at her daughter for a long while before saying, "Does Yan really want a little brother?"

Sui Yan gently touched her mom's belly, "Yes, yes, the little brother is so cute, many kids at the kindergarten have little brothers."

Liu Hua lowered her eyes, a bit conflicted about whether to keep this child.

Xu Yi felt heartbroken, sitting beside Liu Hua, he said earnestly, "Xiao Hua, I hope you can keep this child. Not just because it's our child... but because I'm more worried about your health. And I can promise you, the thing you're worried about won't happen."

He took a deep breath and continued, "If you're still worried, then I'll respect your decision."

No matter what, he would protect her well from now on and never let something like this happen again.

The elders of the Bai and Sui families couldn't help but persuade Liu Hua, "Xiao Hua, Yan loves the little brother so much, keep the child."

As one of the main protagonists of the incident, Sui Yan seemed a bit at a loss as she scratched her head. She finally reacted, "Mommy, I want a little brother, I want a little brother!"

Liu Hua closed her eyes, gently caressed her belly as if she had made up her mind, and finally said, "Then mommy will have a little brother for Yan, okay?"

The little cub smiled with crinkled eyes, "Okay, Yan knows mommy is the best!"

Xu Yi felt relieved upon hearing this, but he still couldn't help tearing up.

He picked up Sui Yan, "Yan, uncle really has to thank you this time. You can tell uncle anything you want."

The little cub looked disdainful, "No, no, last time uncle said the same thing, but the next second he was telling on Yan to mommy."

Their interactions amused everyone, and the atmosphere immediately livened up.

Liu Hua pinched Xu Yi's arm, "So this happened too? Bullying Yan, huh?"

Sui Yan complained for the umpteenth time, "Yes! Everyone bullies Yan!"

Liu Hua burst out laughing, "You still have the nerve to say that? Don't you always tell on people first before they can get to you?"Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

Sui Yan pretended not to understand what her mom was saying, though she really didn't quite get it, but she sensed danger.

She quietly changed the subject, "Mommy, what does the little brother like to eat? Yan will save all her snacks for the little brother."

Chapter end

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